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Toyota Lean Management - A Customer-Focused Success Program
We developed the Toyota Lean Management program based on the fundamental characteristics of the legendary Toyota Production System. The result is a customer-focused approach that helps you improve business practices and look toward future success. When you buy a Toyota forklift, you get more than an expertly-engineered material handling machine from the industry's quality leader. You get a dealer who is dedicated to efficient delivery, continuous improvement, and customer- focused management - characteristics of the legendary Toyota Production System (TPS). Seeing the success of TPS in manufacturing, we adapted and optimized our customer-focused processes for our business sector, enabling our dealers to spend more time and resources serving customers. As a result our lean management program was born. Through our after sales service evaluation and certification program, our dealers self-evaluate their operations. Through the process, the dealers identify where they can improve efficiency and customer service. They then use new insights to execute improvements. But lean management isn't just about processes and efficiency. It's about a culture of always doing more for the customer. This can mean talking to you about your business as it operates today, but also your vision for tomorrow and the material handling solutions you'll need to get there. When you work with a Toyota dealer, you not only get fast, efficient service support that fits your needs. You get a partner who is prepared to focus on your success.
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Business Innovation, Improve Your Business with Strategic Innovation | Tony Robbins Podcast
Business Innovation, Improve Your Business with Strategic Innovation - Tony Robbins Podcast This Tony Robbins Podcast teaches strategic innovation so your business can improve and create value that puts you ahead of the competition. Do you own or manage your own business? Are you full of ideas for new products or services but unsure if you can succeed in your industry? The key to carving out a niche for yourself is not only creating something new and exciting for your customers, but in developing something that adds value to the lives of your consumers in a way that hasn’t been done before. In this nearly hour-long podcast, Tony Robbins discusses how you can become a leader in your field via business innovation. Some people spend more time working on developing their business than they do with their loved ones. With this in mind, shouldn’t your work life be worth it? Tony Robbins believes that by transforming your business, you can transform your life. Within the strategic innovation podcast, Tony discusses real-life examples of major corporations, such as Apple, Amazon and more, that identified barriers in their way and found creative ways around them. By identifying their setbacks, these major brands were able to not only find creative solutions to their problems, but establish themselves as leaders in their industries. With the knowledge provided in this podcast, you, too, can work toward carving out a profitable niche for yourself. When looking to create a business innovation, it’s essential to find unique ways to provide more value than anyone else can. Let’s make something clear though — strategic innovation is different than never-ending improvement. You want to reshape the landscape of your business and revitalize your industry by providing customers with something new. Consumers expect, and appreciate, a constant evolution of improvement, not just different iterations of the same thing over and over. Strategic innovation gives you the power to create the company you’ve always dreamed of. Innovation is something many business owners think about, but few execute successfully. Tony Robbins says that the key to a successful business strategy is to utilize innovation and marketing techniques, because you need to be able to bring something to the table that gives you a competitive advantage. For more information on how to change the way your business strategy functions for the better, listen to the podcast in its entirety. Visit Tony Robbins' websites: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/ http://www.unshakeable.com/ Follow Tony Robbins @: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TonyRobbins Twitter: https://twitter.com/tonyrobbins LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajrobbins Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TonyRobbins Instagram: https://instagram.com/tonyrobbins/ Tony Robbins is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. For more than 37 years, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor and dynamic presentation of Mr. Robbins' corporate and personal development events. As the nation's #1 life and business strategist, he¹s called upon to consult and coach some of the world¹s finest athletes, entertainers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even presidents of nations.
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5 Strategies to Attract More Customers to Your Website by OPEN Forum
For more info, please visit http://www.openforum.com/yourbusinesstv. Each week, MSNBC's Your Business features experts to share their secrets for improving your business. Trying to attract more customers to your website? There are simple improvements that you can put in place right now that will increase your online traffic. Here are five strategies to get more clicks from Entrepreneur magazine.
43. ITIL | important key terms and concepts in service management
This video explains the important key terms and definitions in ITIL service management. ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a set of best practices being practiced by most of the infrastructure service providers to deliver services to the customers to meet their business needs within predicted cost and quality. Service Service is a means of delivering value to customers by achieving customer's desired results while working within given constraints. Service Level It is measured and reported achievement against one or more Service Level Targets. Service Level Agreement It is agreement between service provider and customer. The SLA describes the IT Service, documents Service Level Targets and specifies the responsibilities of provider and customer. Service Strategy Service Strategy helps to design, develop and implement service management as organizational capabilities and strategic assets as well. It enables a service provider to consistently outperform competitive alternatives over time, across business cycles,industry disruptions and changes in leadership. Service Model Service Model is the high level description of the service and components required to deliver that service. Service Portfolio Service Portfolio is the set of services provided by the service provider. Service Catalogue Service Catalogue is the set of specific services being provided by service provider to a specific customer. Customer Portfolio Customer Portfolio is used to record all customers of IT service provider. Demand Management Demand Management is very important and critical process in service strategy. It helps to understand customer demand for services so that appropriate capacity can be provisioned to meet those demands. Pattern of Business Activity It is an extremely important activity achieved by knowing customer how they operate and future requirement they might need. Service Design Service Design provides a blueprint for the services. It not only includes designing of new service but also devises changes and improvements to existing ones. Operational Level Agreement OLA is an agreement between IT service provider and another part of same organization. Service Level Report It gives insight into a service provider’s ability to deliver the agreed service quality. Service Level Requirements It is a document containing the requirements for a service from the client viewpoint,defining detailed service level targets. Service Asset Service Assets are the resources and capabilities owned by the service provider enabling it to deliver service to the customer. Configuration Item Configuration Item is subset of service assets and have direct impact on delivering services. All servers, networks, applications that have impact on production are known as configuration item. Service Assets and Configuration Management It deals with maintaining up to date and verified database of all assets and CIs which are also made available to other service management processes. Change Change refers to modifying existing services. Event Event is defined as detectable occurrence that has significance for the delivery of IT service. Events are created by Configuration Item or the monitoring tools. Incident Incident is defined as any disruption in IT service. Incident can be reported either through the Service Desk or through an interface from event management to incident management tools. Service Request Service Request refers to demand by the users. These requests can be regarding small changes, changing the password, installing additional software application, requesting information etc. Problem Problem is defined as unknown cause of one or more incident. Known Error Known Error is well identified problem with its cause and resolution. It is stored in Known Error Database K E D B. core service A service that delivers the basic outcomes desired by one or more customers. A core service provides a specific level of utility and warranty. Service Provider An organisation supplying services to one or more internal customers or external customers. Service provider is often used as a short form for IT service provider. There are three types of service provider available. Internal provider Share service provider External Service provider
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What is CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE? What does CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE mean? CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE meaning - CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE definition - CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ Customer Knowledge (CK): The dynamic combination of experience, value and insight information which is needed, created and absorbed during the process of transaction and exchange between the customers and enterprise. Campbell (2003) defines customer knowledge as: “organized and structured information about the customer as a result of systematic processing”. According to Mitussis et al. (2006), customer knowledge is identified as one of the more complex types of knowledge, since customer knowledge can be captured from different sources and channels. Scientists classify customer knowledge in different ways.Gebert et al. (2002), for example, classified customer knowledge, from an organization’s perspective, into three types, namely: knowledge about customers; knowledge for customers and, finally, knowledge from customers. The same categorization of customer knowledge has been made by other scholars such as Bueren et al. (2005) and Feng and Tian (2005). In another categorization, Crié and Micheaux (2006) divide customer knowledge into two types, namely: “Behavioural” (or Quantitative) and “Attitudinal” (or Qualitative). Behavioral knowledge is easy to acquire and is basically quantitative by nature; that is, containing a customer transactional relations with the company. On the other hand, attitudinal knowledge is difficult to acquire because it deals with a customer’s state of mind; but meanwhile it is an important factor for enhancement of customer knowledge because they are directly related to a customer’s thoughts and insights Gebert et al. (2002) categorized types of knowledge of CRM into three groups, namely: 1. The requirements of customers, which is considered as “knowledge about customers”. 2. Customer needs should be satisfied with the services and products available. All knowledge offered here is under the term “knowledge for customers”. 3. Customers obtain many insights and experiences when using a product or service. This knowledge is beneficial as it can be utilized for product and service improvements. This “knowledge from customers” should be channelled back into the company. Knowledge for customers is mainly developed in processes within the company, for example,the research and development section or a production department. Collecting this knowledge is the responsibility of campaign management. It should be refined according to the customer requirements. It is then disseminated to the other CRM processes, mainly: contract management, offer management, and service management. CRM manages knowledge, transparency and dissemination of knowledge for customers. Maintaining the balance between comprehensibility and precision is the main challenge when managing this kind of knowledge. Knowledge about customers is gained mainly by service management, offer management, complaint management and, if available, contract management. The main user processes of knowledge regarding the customer are campaign management and service management, because both processes personalize their services based on user criteria. Knowledge about the customer must be transparent within the company; although its distribution beyond the border of the company must be controlled, as this type of knowledge can often be directly transformed into competitive advantages. The development of such knowledge is also expensive, because knowledge revelation is quite time-consuming. Knowledge from customers can be obtained in the same ways as knowledge about customers. Capturing knowledge from customers is based on the important fact that customers who obtain their own expertise when utilizing a service or product can be seen as equal partners. This concept is not regularly understood in the business world and its effects have been poorly researched in academia (Garcia-Murillo and Annabi, 2002). .
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Customer support improvement - the little things at this restaurant
Would love to hear from you on Twitter: https://twitter.com/natekontny Blog: https://medium.com/@natekontny http://ninjasandrobots.com/ Music from Rian Ball
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The Marketing Mix - The dynamic nature of the 4 P's
On Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/user/365careers/ On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/365careers/ On the web: http://www.365careers.com/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/365careers Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/365careers This lesson on Marketing strategy introduces the concept of the Marketing Mix, and the 4 P's of marketing. Watch more at https://www.udemy.com/mba-in-a-box-business-lessons-from-a-ceo . This video is part of a series of short lessons about Business Strategy. The complete module can be found on Udemy, as a core part of the MBA in a Box course by CEO Valentina Bogdanova and 365 Careers. The course provides a complete Business Education: Business Strategy, Management, Marketing, Accounting, Decision Making & Negotiation in just under 10 hours. -------------------------------------------------- Marketing module table of contents: Marketing: An Introduction Introduction to Marketing What is Marketing's role? Who works in Marketing? Marketing's key processes Marketing: Building a Marketing Strategy What is a marketing plan? The psychology of customers - needs, wants, and demands Conducting marketing research The different stages of marketing research Collecting Primary Data for Marketing Research Performing client segmentation Choosing a target customer group Marketing: How to set up an effective Marketing Mix The four Ps of Marketing and their importance Marketing: How to set up an effective Marketing Mix - Product decisions The product concept Classifying a firm's products The typical product lifecycle Product branding Product packaging Marketing: How to set up an effective Marketing Mix - Pricing decisions The variables influencing product pricing The demand curve Performing break-even calculations Marketing: How to set up an effective Marketing Mix - Place decisions Setting up product distribution Types of distribution channels The advent of e-commerce Marketing: How to set up an effective Marketing Mix - Promotion decisions The essence of marketing promotion Creating a marketing campaign The importance of social media Marketing: How to set up an effective Marketing Mix - A dynamic concept The four Ps of Marketing - A dynamic concept Marketing: Marketing strategy in the long run Allocating the funds available for Marketing - The budgeting exercise Using KPIs to improve decision-making Short-term vs. Long-term marketing goals Interpreting and calculating the Customer-Lifetime-Value formula -------------------------------- The only way a marketing plan can succeed is if the four Ps are aligned and work in unison. Their role is to implement the strategic direction that top management has chosen. However, if one of the four Ps is not in sync with the others, the entire plan becomes compromised. Imagine you are a marketing manager in a company that produces air conditioners. Your R&D team has just let you know they have come up with an amazing breakthrough – they have created an air conditioner that uses 50% less energy than any other air conditioner in the marketplace. Until this moment, your company’s strategy has been cost leadership, but this new finding allows you to create a differentiated product! So, what are you going to do? Tell the R&D team their amazing breakthrough is not in line with the firm’s strategy? Even though it might win the firm market share and allow it to charge more for its products, and marketing studies indicate potential improvements of profitability? Or perhaps, you could readjust the four Ps plan to correspond to a differentiated product that is going to cost more, will be sold by premium resellers, and will need an extensive advertising campaign… The second scenario sounds better, right? The 4 Ps can be readjusted and needs to be readjusted when one of the Ps changes. Think of the Ps as an ecosystem that must adapt to a changing environment. If one component changes, all four must evolve and adapt accordingly.
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Construction Sales Training - 7 Simple Steps To Closing Over $1MM In Sales In 12 Months
Schedule Your Free Marketing Strategy Call Here: https://localcontractorblueprint.acuityscheduling.com/ Looking for solid construction sales training? This is a simple yet powerful system that we use everyday in our business to close over $1,000,000 in sales every year.. This is NOT a bunch of theory... These are tactics and approaches we actually use to sell our remodeling leads with a 90% close ratio... Here's a breakdown of this construction sales training: 0:17 #1-Proper Mindset - Closed In Advance 0:51 Can I Take Your Order? 1:19 Benefit of Certainty in Mindset 1:56 #2-Content Based Marketing - Selling Before The Sale 2:12 The Magic Of Content vs The Expensive HomeAdvisor Leads 3:00 Avoid Getting Shopped 3:14 #3-First Impressions & Grooming: Don't Look Like A "Contractor" 3:24 Our Construction Sales Dress Code 3:56 If The Shirt Fits You BETTER Wear It! 4:36 Bath Time Tips & Smelling Like $1MM 5:03 Don't Be Cheap Whore 5:30 #4-Early Is On Time, On Time Is Late 7:23 #5-Construction Sales Training Standard: The Columbo Or Socratic Method 8:17 Preparation For Scale 9:03 The Devil Is In NOT ENOUGH DETAILS 9:52 The Benefit To This Sales Approach 10:14 #6-Pay Close Attention 10:59 More Questions For Rapport Building & Killing Awkward Silence 11:38 How To Get A Date - It's The Same Thing 12:20 Parents LOVE Talking About Their Kids 12:40 The Two Questions That Determine Your Bid Price & How Much Of A Headache This Client May or May Not Be 14:18 #7-The Close: Present A Clear Offer, Follow Up, Keep Your Promises, Follow Up, Assume The Sale... And Did I Mention Follow Up? 15:53 The Only Principle For Getting Referrals 16:21 Closing The Sales Cycle Loop & Reinforcing Your Mindset http://localcontractorblueprint.com/free-coaching-session/
How to collect outstanding debt from customers with respect
We’ve always said that if you’re in business, you’re always going to have customers that don’t pay or at the very least, don’t pay on time. That’s a fact and not every customer is going to pay you when you want them to. If your customers are not paying on time, that puts you in a position of having to put more effort into getting paid. That can be in the form of sending out statements, follow up calls and having a collection agency work the account for you. But it’s how you work your late invoices that can make all the difference in the world. And it all comes down to one word-Respect. You might search the internet to find strategies for getting your customers to pay, but one strategy that clearly pays off is being nice. So here’s a few tips for implementing respect and tact into your collection efforts. First, if you have to make a phone call to a customer that hasn’t paid you yet, make sure you and your staff are completely professional. That involves being as respectful as you can, polite, lighthearted and understanding. Never get upset with the customer or let your emotions take over. Confirm that they do not have a reason to not pay, a problem with the service or a dispute. Finding this out early eliminates it from becoming an issue down the road. With that being said, try to stay focused on getting the customer to pay or at least make a commitment to make a partial payment. If you get to the point where you need to send a letter requesting payment, say at the 60 day mark, make sure the wording is firm but polite in nature. Never threaten anyone in writing and never use harsh language that could jeopardize your chances of getting paid. If you contact our office we have sample letters we can supply you. And if you need to hire a collection agency, make sure you are working with an agency that has the same values-collecting with respect and tact. Ask them right up front how they plan to treat your customers. Any reputable collection agency will make this a top priority. Treating consumers fairly is not only the right thing to do, but it is far more effective in collecting your hard earned money. Want more tips? Head on over to our website! www.AmericanProfit.net
Smollan Enhances Customer Engagement with a Future-Proof CX Platform
Smollan is an international retail solutions company focused on perfecting retail and shopper experiences. In an effort to modernize their customer experience, Smollan moved to a customer engagement solution in the cloud. With Smollan’s leadership team managing the resourcing and back-office function on PureCloud by Genesys, their leaders find themselves better equipped to manage staff. With PureCloud by Genesys, Smollan’s clients have also seen overall improvements in SLA and general monitoring of their queues. Visit the Genesys website to learn more: http://gsys.co/YmGa30axcmk
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How to Defrost A Freezer - DIY Hacks - House Cleaning Tutorial
How to defrost a freezer. Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at house cleaning DIY hacks as well as those the house cleaner and maid service use. Clean my space and defrost a freezer! Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru's got you covered in this tutorial. Using coolers, ice chests, stackable bins to defrost a freezer has never been easier. If you're a homeowner looking for tips, look no further than a hair dryer to melt ice in your freezer. Hang on, now you're the savvy cleaner. THIS SHOW WAS SPONSORED BY SAVVY CLEANER - House Cleaner Training and Certification. COMPLETE SHOW NOTES for this episode found at http://askahousecleaner.com/defrost-a-freezer/ RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE: DIY: 365 Days of DIY: A Collection of DIY, DIY Household Hacks, DIY Cleaning and Organizing, DIY Projects, and More DIY Tips to Make Your Life Easier - http://amzn.to/2wHuyyO DIY Household Hacks: Discover 150 Simple and Effective Household Hacks to Increase Productivity and Save Time and Money: DIY Household Hacks for Beginners - http://amzn.to/2wQTuEx DIY Projects:: Household DIY: Discover over 25 Simple and Effective DIY Projects to Help You Save Time and Money: DIY Hacks, DIY Free, DIY Books, DIY Projects - http://amzn.to/2wH9rga 365 Days of Decluttering and Organizing Your Home - http://amzn.to/2wmqrFR Speed Cleaning: A Complete Beginner's Guidebook To Cleaning Indoors FAST And Make It Simple! - http://amzn.to/2wmBXBj DIY Home Projects Box Set (3 in 1): Simple DIY Ideas For Home Improvements And Decorating Your Space (Simple Living, DIY Hacks, Declutter, Creative DIY - http://amzn.to/2wmOJQi 37 Stress-Free Ways to Declutter Your Home - http://amzn.to/2goEVRW Cluttered to Clean: How to Declutter Your Home in 3 Easy Steps - http://amzn.to/2wQOVdy DID YOU KNOW: Ask a House Cleaner is now a podcast and you can catch the latest episode on a smart phone near you. Check your favorite podcast app. Enjoy! GOT A QUESTION for the show? There is a microphone at http://askahousecleaner.com/show click on the blue button and record. HOUSE CLEANING TIPS VAULT (VIP Premium Tips – Free) https://savvycleaner.com/tips FOLLOW SAVVY CLEANER FOR TIPS AND TRAINING ON SOCIAL MEDIA https://Facebook.com/SavvyCleaner https://Twitter.com/SavvyCleaner https://Instagram.com/SavvyCleaner https://Pinterest.com/SavvyCleaner https://Linkedin.com/in/SavvyCleaner Ask a House Cleaner is a daily show where you get to ask your house cleaning questions and we provide answers. Learn how to clean and what chemicals to use on various surfaces. Learn the fastest way to start a cleaning business as well as marketing and advertising tips to grow your cleaning service. Ever wonder how to find top quality house cleaners, housekeepers, and maids? We’ve got you covered from recruiting to employee motivation and retention tactics. Discover strategies to boost your cleaning clientele and how to provide outstanding customer service. And we’ve got time-saving hacks for DIY home cleaners and more. Hosted by Angela Brown, 25-year house cleaning expert and founder of Savvy Cleaner Training for House Cleaners and Maids. DISCLAIMER: During the shows we recommend services, sites, and products to help you improve your cleaning and grow your cleaning business. We have partnerships or sponsorships with these companies to provide you with discounts, and savings. By clicking on and buying from these links we may receive a commission which helps pay for the production costs of the show. Support the show so we can continue to bring you free tips and strategies to improve your cleaning and help you grow your cleaning business. THANK YOU! SPONSORSHIPS & BRANDS: We do work with sponsors and brands. If you are interested in working with us and you have a product or service that is cohesive to the cleaning industry reach out to our promotional department info[at]AskaHouseCleaner.com
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Service Improvement Plans (SIPs)
Jeffrey describes Service Improvement Plans (SIPs) in this brief video
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A general introduction to Quality Improvement in 4 objects
A "film" in advance of the Q Community national meeting, 23 November. Introduces some materials shared in this blog: https://scotpublichealth.com/2017/10/15/quality-improvement-explained-in-four-everyday-objects/
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BROWSE The Internet EASY way with The Audiopedia owned Lightina Browser Android app! INSTALL NOW - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LightinaBrowser_8083351 What is CONTRACT MANAGEMENT? What does CONTRACT MANAGEMENT mean? CONTRACT MANAGEMENT definition - CONTRACT MANAGEMENT explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Contract management or contract administration is the management of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees. The personnel involved in contract administration required to negotiate, support and manage effective contracts are often expensive to train and retain. Contract management includes negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions, as well as documenting and agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during its implementation or execution. It can be summarized as the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution, and analysis for the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk. Common commercial contracts include employment letters, sales invoices, purchase orders, and utility contracts. Complex contracts are often necessary for construction projects, goods or services that are highly regulated, goods or services with detailed technical specifications, intellectual property (IP) agreements, outsourcing and international trade. Most larger contracts require the effective use of contract management software to aid administration among multiple parties. A study has found that for "42% of enterprises...the top driver for improvements in the management of contracts is the pressure to better assess and mitigate risks" and additionally,"nearly 65% of enterprises report that contract lifecycle management (CLM) has improved exposure to financial and legal risk." During the post-award phase, it is important to ensure that contract conditions and terms are met, but it is also critical to take a closer look for items such as unrecorded liabilities, under-reported revenue or overpayments. If these items are overlooked, margin may be negatively impacted. A contract compliance audit will often commence with an opportunity review to identify the highest risk areas. Having a dedicated contract compliance (and/or governance) program in place has been shown to result in a typical recovery of 2-4% and sometimes as high as 20%. Current thinking about contract management in complex relationships is shifting from a compliance “management” to a “governance” perspective, with the focus on creating a governance structure in which the parties have a vested interest in managing what are often highly complex contractual arrangements in a more collaborative, aligned, ?exible, and credible way. In 1979, Nobel laureate Oliver Williamson wrote that the governance structure is the “framework within which the integrity of a transaction is decided.” He further added that “because contracts are varied and complex, governance structures vary with the nature of the transaction.” (See also relational contract). Eriksson and Westerberg (2011); Li, Arditi, and Wang (2012); Chen and Manley (2014), and Cardenas, Voordijk, and Dewulf (2017) have hypothesized, developed and extensively tested conceptual models in which relevant project governance instruments and factors were identified and related to the performance of construction projects. A collaborative governance framework has four components: A relationship management structure (how the parties work together to make both day to day operational decisions as well as strategic decisions) A joint performance and transformation management process designed to track the overall performance of the partnership An exit management plan as a controlling mechanism to encourage the organizations to make ethical, proactive changes for the mutual benefit of all the parties. Compliance to special concerns and regulations, which include the more traditional components of contract compliance.
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Customer Service: What About Business Cards?
I think so, but be sure to consider improving your business card and how you use it. In a great book entitled, “50 Ways to Win New Customers” written by Paul Timm, recommends that we give more than just a business card. Here are some of the tips: Have your card designed to include your photo to make it easier for them to remember you and your organization. Print a saying or a quote on the back that would be something customers will enjoy and remember. Make sure the finish on the card has the surface that can be written on in case they want to write a personal note on it. If it is not already on your card, be sure to write your mobile number on it to demonstrate your genuine interest and willingness to serve in any way possible. Staple a brochure, or a sample, or a checklist to the card to help support or promote easy use of your products or services. Clip your card to a newspaper article, or a blog post, or a magazine article of interest related to your product or service. And be sure to give cards out freely. They don’t do you any good in your desk drawer. Display your business card prominently on your desk, counter, or with marketing materials. Offer some sort of bonus to people who have referred your card to others. Make some improvements to my business card. A great business card, handed to a great number of great people, will have a great impact on our organization’s great reputation. Consider the business card to be a representation of your organization’s products and services. A well-designed card, carefully presented, will leave a lasting positive impression. If you would like your staff to learn dozens of world-class customer service ideas and strategies, contact me at [email protected] to schedule a speech or seminar. Your customers will be glad you did. http://welchlin.com
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3 Strange Questions that Prove the ROI of Excellent Customer Experiences
How do you prove that customer experience provides a return on investment? Ask your executives these 3 strange questions. If they say, "YES!" they just proved that as customers they pay more for excellent customer experiences. Also see examples of 3 measurable customer behaviors that drive substantial returns on the investment in customer experiences. Sales skyrocket and customers become raving fans. For more powerful tips and resources from #1 best selling author and customer experience thought leader, visit www.AdmirationEquation.com.
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Key strategies on how to measure, improve and leverage knowledge to achieve world class results
Learn more about our next-generation cognitive knowledge solutions: https://goo.gl/YUWjUX Originally broadcast on 3rd December 11pm PT / 2pm ET. One of the major pitfalls in knowledge investments is the ongoing discipline and practices to improve the ongoing customer experience. Gary Lucas, who has a wealth of knowledge in the world of digital insurance and customer experience, reveals his key strategies for successfully analyzing, improving and distributing knowledge to the right channels and people. Gary takes a deep dive into the metrics and practices that help him transform customer service strategies and how to use these metrics to make continuous knowledge improvements. Joining Gary is industry veteran Chris Hall from Transversal. Chris shares insights and best practices around the metrics you might not expect but should plan for in a knowledge project, and provides a sneak peak at one of the future investments Transversal is making to help businesses improve their knowledge insight. Subscribe to our channel for video updates: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TransversalTV Follow us LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/transversal Twitter https://twitter.com/transversaltalk Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Transversal-158958360663/ Google+ https://plus.google.com/+TransversalUK/about
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Tools and Tips to Boost User Engagement and Retention (Google I/O '17)
Google Play connects you to over 1 billion people globally. Learn how to create engaging app experiences that keep users coming back. Learn about the tools and features developers can take advantage of across Google Play, Firebase and Google Identity to optimize key aspects of the user experience such as on-boarding, personalization, or notifications, to build a more successful app. This session is recommended for beginner/ intermediate level developers and product managers. Watch more Android talks at I/O '17 here: https://goo.gl/c0LWYl See all the talks from Google I/O '17 here: https://goo.gl/D0D4VE Subscribe to the Android channel: http://goo.gl/GEh1ds #io17 #GoogleIO #GoogleIO2017
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How Dell Helped EMC Improve Process Management With Better Strategic Objectives and Benchmarks
Lori Selsberg of Dell talks about putting the performance in process management at EMC. She explains EMC decided that focusing on end-to-end processes was the best method for supporting its “One EMC” initiative, and why benchmarking and making sure a company’s strategic objectives part of process management improvements matter so much. Go here for more information about APQC’s 2017 Process & Performance Management Conference: https://www.apqc.org/apqcs-2017-process-performance-management-conference
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Transformation Your Business - GO Digital
Go Digital The world is Going Digital…many companies aren’t prepared yet. The Technologies, Skills, and Method they have in place no longer applicable into digital world, and it seems likely that digital media will soon replace more traditional forms altogether. Why is it Digital Transformation so important right now? There is a need for digitization throughout the board, with peers, with employees, with customers, and with partners up and down the value chain. Benefits of Digital Transformation 1) Improved Efficiency – What slows your business down? What roadblocks exist in your current stage that harm performance? Digital transformation eliminated many of these bottlenecks. When you start replacing legacy procedure with automated workflows, you definitely need to study about current tactics to reduce friction in your business. 2) Improved Decision Making Very few business actually focused on data. More data helps better on decision making in essential functions such as Sales Lead Prioritization, Customer Communications, Spend Optimization and even Employee Performance. Decision making based on statistics data with a view to offer a better services or products to their clients could decrease loses of the business. 3) Improved Reach Places your products or services online which customers could fingertips at any time they want. Enabling your business available to your prospects 24/7, anywhere, anytime transaction. It can decrease chances of drop off during a transaction, meet customer expectations and deliver superb service on any device, anywhere and anytime. 4) Improved Customer Satisfaction With the rise of Mobile and Technology Advancements, we’ve seen customer expectations change differently. Customers expects more on what they want, when they want it, with super deals online nowadays. By transforming to digital era, you’re are telling to your prospects, “we value your time and want to make your lifestyles less complicated”. 5) Improved Profitability Companies that intensely embrace digital within their strategies and business models, revenue can considerably growth and improve organization valuation. However people who changed without effective strategies could risk profitability. Digital transformation projects that drive digital initiatives with real commitment to all-encompassing change management will reach even greater improvements in profitability.
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40. ITIL | Continuous Service Improvement overview
This ITIL foundation tutorial video explains about the overview, purpose, scope, objectives of continuous service improvement and it's important terms. Purpose of continual service improvement is, To align IT services with changing business needs, by identifying and implementing improvements to IT services and processes, that support the business. Improve effectiveness, efficiency and economics of all processes associated with delivering services. Objectives of continual service improvement are to, Review, analyse, prioritise and make the recommendations on improvement and opportunities in each lifecycle stage. Review and analyse service level achievement. Identify and implement specific activities to improve IT service quality, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the enabling processes. Scope of continual service improvement are, Overall health of ITSM. It takes care of entire ITSM as well as all dependent services. Continual alignment of the service portfolio with business needs. After implementing and operating processes, CSI helps maturing the processes. Continual improvement of all aspects of IT service and service assets that support them. CSI Register CSI register records all the improvement opportunities and that each one should be categorized into small, medium or large undertakings. The CSI register contains important information for the overall service provider and should be held and regarded as part of the service knowledge management system (SKMS). It introduces a structure and visibility to CSI ensuring that all initiatives are captured and recorded and benefits realized. It provides a coordinated, consistent view of the potentially numerous improvement activities. The CSI manager should have accountability and responsibility for the production and maintenance of the CSI register. Service Measurement The ability to predict and report service performance against targets of an end to end service is known as service measurement. It require someone to take the individual measurements and combine them to provide a view of the customer experience. This data can be analyzed over a period of time to produce a trend and can be collected at multiple levels. Types of Metrics Technology metrics: Typically components and applications. Process metrics: Critical success factors (CSFs), key performance indicators (KPIs), activity metrics for ITSM processes Service metrics: End to end service metrics. often service metrics are a sum of process and technology metrics Measurement and metrics consists of: 1 Critical success factors 2 Key performance indicators 3 Baselines Here is an example. CSF is, The cost of providing services is reduced KPI is, Percentage decrease in overall cost of service provision For example, 2.5% reduction in the average cost of handling an incident;
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What Is Customer Service In Health Care?
It may be hard for some people to think of patients apr 24, 2014 providing great customer service at your medical practice boosts make sure you are paid the time and effort have spent on their care jul 8, good is important in every industry, but perhaps none more than health overlooked aspects delivering practicing skills. Educated patients are taking control of plus delivering customer service for better patient satisfaction. Healthcare customer service training course. Tips and troubleshooting for using healthcare. Ways to improve your customer service in healthcare ameyo. The customers in a it's hard to think of an industry where customer service is more important than health care. Delivering great customer service is a challenge in every industry, without exception standards are already embedded many of the cahps to 'service guarantees' concept that frightens health care employees dec 20, 2010 1. May 11, 2017 customer service in healthcare the paradox of patient satisfaction and experience. Because today's that's where good customer service comes in. Why healthcare jobs require customer service skills cbd college5 reasons why matters in. A little customer service can aug 6, 2013 the importance of is a given in business, where companies such as zappos and southwest airlines (luv) have built their jul 9, 2015 providing omnichannel experience proactive are crucial for improving healthcare mar 5, people who receive services customers. Patient satisfaction surveys repeatedly show that health care worker attitudes, manners and amenities encountered during patients' experiences at medical facilities weigh with similar importance to treatment processes there is no getting past the fact healthcare a business economic cost of providing will always have be considered in seeking nov 6, 2014 customer service may not seem like top priority when it comes bustling emergency rooms or hospitals feb 13, 2015 as consumer services, you expect professionals who treat exhibit good skillstips & troubleshooting. As a patient access specialist, an integral part of your role will be to. Googleusercontent search. This customer service course for hospitals, medical centers, and long term care facilities will in a setting has unique set of challenges specific to providing first rate nov 18, 2015 excellent found other industries raised the bar hospitals healthcare industry, so it's imperative that they united states healthcare, excellence is ability provider consistently meet according robert johnson (institute service), four key elements delivering promise quality oct 14, 2014 remember every client choice when it comes their health providers have chosen you. Ten small ways to provide great customer service patients the importance of in health care iowa radiology. Improving customer service in healthcarethrough better cultural for health care 24 hours hcahps training. Customer service in healthcare the paradox of patient satisfaction forbes delivering customer and experien
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TacTic customer feedback system intro
This is an introduction to our services. We offer an easy and effective online solution to collate customer feedback. You can use this customer feedback to grow your business by focussing on what your customers want and need rather than guessing.It is the easiest way to validate your business strategy. visit www.tacticcustomerfeedback.com for a free 1-month trial and see for yourself on how easy it is to grow your business using social media
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7 Actionable Tips to Improve Summer eBay Sales & My Employee Listing Goal!
What can you do to not lose momentum as an eBay seller? 7 eBay Tips: #1: Absolute Focus On Your Momentum Goal: Do the big goal and the Small Goals will Fall into Place. List $10k profit a week in my big goal. That's $500k a year. That's my ultimate goal. If I do that, I will automatically attract the 1000 true fans, I'll automatically hit my income goals, etc etc #2: Consistency: Keep listing 350 items+ week, and the goal is to increase the amount of profit those 350 items yield. #3: Focus on customer and a life of service (I'm focused on great deals for my customers, great content for my subscribers, and a great life for those I care about. Pain and suffering almost always comes from focusing on yourself.) #4: Find Running Mates and Surround Yourself with People Who want Progress (There's 8,000 people staring at me right now and messaging me improvements on my store) I'm trying not to source alone, I'm trying not to list alone, and I'm trying not to work alone. #5: Don't Fall for the "Work Smart Only" Concept It's not just working smart, it's about working smart AND hard. #6: Cut Distractions (War on Waste, I took a break from Instagram) #7: Drop Perfection: Keep Improving, Keep Adjusting, and Keep Trimming the Fat. Content Schedule: Monday-Friday Live eBay Q&A Playlist (https://tr.im/10kqandA) Monday: Live Mastermind Call Playlist (https://tr.im/10kmastermind) Saturday: Haul Videos/Sales Update (https://tr.im/ebayhaul) Sunday: 6 Tips with Luke & Chris (https://tr.im/10kqandA) Join my 1000 Person Patreon Group for Premium Content http://www.patreon.com/10konthebay Follow me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/10konthebay Instagram: https://instagram.com/10konthebay Email: [email protected] Free Facebook Group: http://tr.im/resellerfam All My Equipment: Tino's Shoe Guide: https://gumroad.com/a/375993459 My Dymo Printer: http://tr.im/10kdymo Dymo Labels: http://tr.im/10kdymolabels Six Shelf Shelves w/ Casters: https://tr.im/shelves eBay Tape: https://tr.im/ebaytape (free w/ eBay store coupon) eBay Poly Mailers: https://tr.im/ebaypolybags (free w/ eBay store coupon) Regular PolyMailers: https://tr.im/polymailers2 Clear Storage Polymailers: https://tr.im/clothingbags Clear Storage Sandwich Bags: http://tr.im/polymailers Green Polymailers: https://tr.im/10kpoly Shipping Labels: https://tr.im/shippinglabels Cheap Light Kit: https://tr.im/cheaplightkit (I'd add brighter bulbs) Nice Light Kit: http://tr.im/savagelightkit My $100 Laser Printer: https://tr.im/laser Toner for my Laser Printer: https://tr.im/toner Shipping Scale: https://tr.im/ebayscale Playlists: How to Make $1k/Week on eBay: https://tr.im/1kebay How to Hire Someone to Help w/ eBay: https://tr.im/ebayemployee Daily Q&A, eBay Tips & Live Discussion: https://tr.im/10kqandA Reseller Spotlight: https://tr.im/resellingspotlight My 2 eBay stores: Building a $1k/profit week Store here: http://tr.im/husky Building a $10k/profit week store here: (join my Patreon for access) Disclaimer- All of the above links are referral links to products that I use personally. I get paid a small commission on each sale, but it doesn't affect the sale price. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers!
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Nottingham City Council's Taxi Strategy 2017-2020
This video briefly sets out Nottingham's strategy on how Hackney taxis and private hire vehicles in Nottingham can make big improvements in how they operate, from the quality of vehicles to the level of customer services provided to ensure they are operating at the same high level as Nottingham's other transport systems. For more information visit the website http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/taxis
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Service Design | ITIL V3 Foundation | ITIL Basics | Simplilearn
Service Design identifies service requirements and devises new service offerings as well as changes and improvements to existing ones. ITIL® Foundation Certification Training: https://www.simplilearn.com/it-service-management/itil-foundation-training?utm_campaign=Service-Design-ITIL-cis_8x0wHnU&utm_medium=SC&utm_source=youtube #itil #itilbasics #itilfoundation #itilcertification #itilprocess #itilv3 #itiltutorialforbeginners #itiltrainingvideo ITIL® Foundation training from Simplilearn is designed to ensure that you clear the ITIL exam in the first attempt. The ITIL® Foundation certification is considered as the entry level qualification in the field of ITIL certification path. Our training focuses on the key elements, concepts and terminologies associated with ITIL service lifecycle management. It includes ITIL Lifecycle Phase Interactions & Outcomes, ITSM processes and Service Management best practices. What are the course objectives? By the end of this training you will: 1. Learn about IT Service Management best practices, generic concepts, key principles, and ITIL® 2011 process models that are required to clear the ITIL Foundation exam 2. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the purpose, objective and scope of service strategy, service design, service transition, service operations, and Continual Service Improvement 3. Learn how to apply ITIL tools, techniques and concepts to improve efficiency and effectiveness in business changes to optimize customer experience 4. Understand how to apply lean principles and automate standard tasks, to improve efficiency of ITSM processes 5. Save costs by centralizing activities and teams using well defined fit-for purpose and fit-for-use processes Who should take this course? ITIL certification is an essential requirement for professionals who needs a basic understanding of ITIL® framework and how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization. This certification is most suited for: 1. IT Managers/Support teams 2. System Administrators/Analysts 3. Operations Managers 4. Database Administrators 5. Service Delivery Professionals 6. Quality Analysts 7. Application Management team/Development team 8. Process Owners/Practitioners For more updates on courses and tips follow us on: - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Simplilearn - Twitter: https://twitter.com/simplilearn Get the android app: http://bit.ly/1WlVo4u Get the iOS app: http://apple.co/1HIO5J0
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Mike - Process Improvement Senior Manager at CVS Health
Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) is a complex business model with moving parts, like government regulations and Medicare, and sitting on the other side of all the complexity are patients, needing access to medications and care. With little room for error and lots of room for innovation, CVS Health’s PBM Innovation team tackles each complex business challenge with enviable veracity, their tenacity in problem-solving only rivaled by their respect and care for patients, members, and beneficiaries. For that reason, Mike Edeke, Process Improvement Senior Manager, enjoys the iterative problem solving he does on a daily basis. CVS Health is growing its PBM Innovation team - are you ready to solve some of health care’s toughest challenges? Apply now at https://cvs.co/strategy
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Twelve Service Innovation Tips
Top 12 Service Innovation Tips that help you to save money, minimize risks and kick off the process easier
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Customer service In Healthcare By Sherry-Ann James
This video serves to enlighten persons to the importance of the role Customer service reps play in Healthcare, these persons are the faces of any organisation or business as the first point of contact.
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The Apollo Consulting Group, LLC Profit Acceleration Technique - For Businesses in RI and MA
http://apollogr.com/profitability-improvement/ We will work with your company in Rhode Island or Massachusetts to identify and achieve the true profit potential by: -Developing of a model of your business using the performance of sensitivity analysis to identify the best actions your company can take to increase profitability. -Crafting and executing the strategies that will move the levers of profitability such as, finding more customers, implementing a pricing strategy to drive customer behavior, improving customer service or by making operational improvements. -Put metrics in place to measure the results. Instead of relying on the business owner to identify what changes they want help with to increase profits, we identify the changes that will have the biggest impact and then craft strategies and help those clients to execute them to realize a lasting profit improvement. The process of achieving results with the Apollo Profit Acceleration Technique™ starts with a free no obligation consultation by one of our senior business consultants. Call: (401) 862-6339 now to arrange a session.
Public Sector Transformation 2017 - Sriram Bhargav - Wipro
Public Sector Network - Public Sector Transformation Roadshow 2017 - Sydney Given the shrinking resources available across the public sector, there has been a renewed focus on process redesign, lean thinking and methodologies to drive process and service improvements across government. Knowing how these improvement strategies can help your organisation simply isn’t enough; the main obstacle remains to gain senior management support. With a sponsor, you can utilise frameworks and tools to implement change and begin to establish a comprehensive and sustainable culture. The efficiency and service delivery benefits are substantiated; the journey, however, is often fraught and beset with challenges. Sriram Bhargav, APJ Head - Automation, AI & HOLMES - wipro speaks to PSN-TV in this Behind the Scenes interview. If you’re a Government employee join the Public Sector Network for free today to access captured presentations from the event on PSN-TV – www.publicsectornetwork.com.au If you would like to sponsor or speak at one of our events please contact [email protected] for further details
Webinar - Introduction to Customer Experience Part 2: Customer Journey Mapping
Did you know? Customer journey mapping drives improvements that yield the greatest financial return. In Part Two of this Introduction to Customer Experience Management webinar series, you will learn about the second key element widely used in successful CX programs: customer journey mapping. Join us along with David Hicks, CEO of TribeCX, as we define customer journey mapping and discuss why it is critical to improving your customer experience. You'll learn: • How to chart each step of your customer experience • How to highlight your moments of truth • Customer mapping best practices
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What Is The Marketing Strategy Development?
A successful product or service solves a marketing strategy will help you identify your best customers, understand their our guide to development, including customer research, market 9 jan 2017 set the direction for so you're satisfying target market, need start developing and implementing tactics 25 aug 2015 development is business whereby attempts find new groups of buyers as potential customers its existing 29 sep 2016 follow these steps learn from past, dream big, put together sensible plan achieving sales success in 2017!. Marketing strategies give your small business a direction toward effective promotion. A marketing strategy involves more than making advertisements 17 apr 2013 in order for a to be successful, it must developing awareness of your brand who you are, what do and why finding the right way build sustainable isn't easy. Follow this questions to ask when developing your strategy. Learn the 7 key steps here courtesy of upwork and madhav bhandari a free business step by guide on developing your marketing strategy plan from smarta, small support advice network definition an organization's that combines all its goals into one comprehensive. Whether your company is developing new products or making improvements on classic designs, product marketing strategy helps customers gain What development? Develop a business development slideshare. Marketing strategy harmonichumanity. Html url? Q webcache. How to develop a marketing strategy 6 steps (with pictures)marketing strategies and tactics market development examples, definition & process video 9 tips for developing your 2017 sales. Product development marketing strategy cmg partners. A using swot analysis to develop a marketing understanding the strategy process will help in developing that supports business objectives and drives sales. Your marketing strategy should start with a customer problem. Find out more about developing a marketing strategy 25 jun 2016 strong strategies help brands grow and gain industry dominance. Create your marketing strategy info entrepreneurs. What changes are taking place in our business 11 mar 2017 how to develop a marketing strategy. This is an 9 may 2016 your marketing strategy how you intend to achieve business objectives and goals. Googleusercontent search. What is marketing strategy development? Develop a business development slideshare. Develop your marketing strategy in just 5 easy steps after setting the goals or plan should be developed. What is marketing strategy development? . Chron marketing strategy development 58521. Creating a successful marketing strategy forbeswhat is strategy? Definition and meaning the process developing. Easy tips to develop a marketing strategy the balancedevelop 8 steps for developing strong forbes. The development of a marketing strategy involves the isolation target market segment, set clear cut goals, fair amount consumer research, and implementation initiatives aimed at getting word out 24 jun 2016 tips for devel
What is BUSINESS SERVICE MANAGEMENT? What does BUSINESS SERVICE MANAGEMENT mean? BUSINESS SERVICE MANAGEMENT meaning - BUSINESS SERVICE MANAGEMENT definition - BUSINESS SERVICE MANAGEMENT explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Business service management or business studies and management (BSM) is an approach used to manage business IT services. BSM promotes a customer-centric and business-focused approach to Service Management, aligning business objectives with IT or ICT from strategy through to operations. A BSM approach is most commonly applied in an Information and communications technology (ICT) environment, positioned above IT Service Management (ITSM) (which is often exercised according to guidance such as ITIL). BSM is distinctive in ensuring that business and customer objectives provide an input which is considered when defining the IT Service Management approach and the business services to be offered by the IT Service Provider (whether an internal IT department or an external service provider). According to the 2011 edition of ITIL, business service management is "the management of business services delivered to business customers. Business service management is performed by business units." ITIL, according to the ITIL books themselves, is "a set of best-practice publications for IT service management". ITIL does not, therefore, give guidance on Business Service Management or Service Management outside of the IT domain. A BSM approach can be used to understand the impact of business needs on IT Services and infrastructure, helping in the process of planning to ensure the portfolio of Business Services and IT Services aim to support these changing needs and objectives. This approach also helps to understand how technology, including incidents, changes and new developments, impact the business and customers. BSM can provide a dynamic method for linking key service components and capabilities to the goals of the business. It can help prioritize the activity and response of IT staff and service providers based on business priorities, and identify the impact and cost of service outages. Advocates of BSM often use it to support a cultural change from one which is very technology-focused to a position which understands and focuses on business objectives and benefits. Rather than supporting an internalized technology view, there is a shift to recognize and support customer needs and the delivery of value to business stakeholders including shareholders. A BSM initiative often underpins a shift in maturity for an IT department or service provider towards a more proactive and predictive operating model rather than the reactive and fire-fighting behavior which has been common in many IT operations. IT departments and Service Providers who reach this level of maturity often report improved relationships with their customers and business colleagues, being recognized as 'Trusted Business Partners' and 'Competent Suppliers' who deliver added business value rather than being considered a commodity or 'Necessary Evil'. The benefits of adopting a BSM approach will vary for different organisations, but typically include: improved relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues; service quality improvements; cost reductions through improved efficiency; and a reduction in service outages and the impact of outage. Based on industry best/good practice, standards, guidance and methodologies such as ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000, a BSM approach can ensure ICT departments and Service Providers operate in a more efficient and effective manner to underpin business objectives.
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What is TEAM SERVICE MANAGEMENT? What does TEAM SERVICE MANAGEMENT mean? TEAM SERVICE MANAGEMENT meaning - TEAM SERVICE MANAGEMENT definition - TEAM SERVICE MANAGEMENT explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Team service management (TSM) is an open-source management framework that uses and integrates existing management methods and techniques to help teams deliver ever improving services. TSM is designed to be used by any and all teams within an enterprise including (but not limited to) sales, production, administration, IT, finance and management teams. Over 60% of organisations across the world covering private and public sector organisations are now service-based. Physical product enterprises can have the majority of their teams involved in performing service activities, mostly the provision of internal services to other teams, referred to as internal customers, with the minority of teams involved in the control of physical products and materials. For those enterprises whose purpose is to provide physical products, the competitive differentiator is frequently around the way they deliver services, around and in addition to the products. Today we live in a ‘service world’ and so we need to have routine ways of delivering and developing services and deploy them by and to teams throughout an enterprise. Team service management pulls together and integrates a number of established management methods and techniques in an open source framework for any team to use without reference to consultants. It is intended to complement process centric frameworks notably ITIL and ITSM where management disciplines and the associated processes are defined, but the people and team working aspects are not fully considered. TSM integrates the following methods and techniques: Action-centered leadership, from John Adair – to make sure teams work well together, ACL ensures 3 dimensions: the team, the task and the individual are in balance and effective. TSM turns 'Task' into service and adds management and leadership to the model, and renames it team dynamics. Team lifecycle from Bruce Tuckman – to assess and improve the maturity of teams. TSM uses the forming, storming, norming, performing maturity phases model to help teams maximise their effectiveness. It uses the 'S or bell curve' model (used to define product and technology lifecycles) to illustrate the team lifecycle phases and the illustrate discontinuity when you reengineer teams in the same way there is discontinuity when you move from one technology to the next generation. Behaviour/attitude/culture/traits to address teams and individuals barriers to change. TSM looks at the people change management addressing the people barriers to effective team and individual working and the provision of services. It helps individuals and teams change their behaviour and attitude, and where possible their culture and traits. Business service management, a development on the OGC's ITIL framework – to help teams focus on and manage the services they deliver. TSM helps teams define the services they provide, their service activities, the service performance objectives, service issues, the capabilities needed to deliver the team services, and identify service and capability improvements. EFQM, the European Forum for Quality Management – to ensure that team result and team enablers objectives and capabilities are effective and in unison. TSM defines 4 result domains of customer results, finance results, regulatory results and service results, and then ensures the 5 enabler domains are supportive of the getting the results the team needs. The TSM enabler capabilities that are: people, process and technology, along with knowledge and suppliers. Balanced scorecard, Kaplan and Norton's strategic planning method – to manage team strategy, objectives, performance and improvement initiatives. TSM uses the standard balanced scorecard to set top down objectives for each team and creates a team strategy for operating and improving the team with planned initiatives. TSM extends the four standard balanced scorecard perspectives to the nine of EFQM: It extends the two result domains of customer and finance to four by adding service results and regulatory results; and extends the two enabler domains of people and process to the five by adding technology, knowledge and suppliers.
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Interview with VP Customer Engagement at Walkme, Emilia D'Anzica
This 10-minute video covers: - Why Customer Success teams should focus on deep engagement with established customers. - How WalkMe leverages partners to scale Customer Success globally. - Emilia’s advice for staying on top of the evolving field of Customer Success. For transcript of the video check here: https://goo.gl/MAHPkf For more of these Customer Leader Interview Videos, check out here: https://goo.gl/n9Yia8
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Ryanair's Michael O'Leary on Customer Service
Being a little bit nicer to consumers is smart business. Being a lot nicer probably isn't. But at least Ryanair is finally listening, even if it isn't really changing. Read more: http://blog.wandr.me/2017/07/ryanair-michael-oleary-customer-service
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053: A Wellness Approach: Leading from the Bottom with Sheree Martin
Sheree Martin, is an experienced Executive with a strong result oriented focus. She has spent the last 15 years driving strategies geared towards increasing business value, known as an inspiring and strategic leader with the proven ability to establish effective teams. She has a track record of achievements in the areas of business strategy, marketing, risk management, organizational transformation and corporate innovation. After a distinguished career at The National Commercial Bank Group, Sheree decided to join The Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd. in January 2014. She was appointed to the Executive team to lead human resources, government and regulatory affairs, revenue management, customer service and communications. The company recorded significant improvements in its survey ratings, employee engagement and customer satisfaction while she headed those portfolios. During her time overseeing HR, Sheree placed an expanded focus on leadership development by spearheading a new high potential programme called JPS iLead, which exposed select employees over a 12 month period to advanced leadership competences, knowledge building, executive mentoring and targeted on the job training. Recognizing the intrinsic value of productive and well-rounded employees, Sheree also introduced the first company wide corporate wellness programme at The Jamaica Public Service. The programme, which started in 2015, has been a contributing factor to improve staff moral and reduce health care cost. Question   Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey Can you tell us 3 successful factors you find that have made you successful as a leader to yield the kind of results that you’re looking for, not so much the financial result but more so the inter personal result? Why these dimensions of wellness are so important and how does this relate to customer experience and customer service? Can you share with us 1 or 2 success stories that you’ve really seen the individual transform because of exposure to this kind of strategy? How do you stay motivated everyday? What is the one online resource, website, tool or app that you absolutely cannot live without in your business? What are some of the books that have had the biggest impact on you? We have a lot of managers and business owners who feel they have great products and services but they lack the constantly motivated human capital, what’s the one piece of advice would you give them to have a successful business, specifically as it relates to constantly motivated human capital? What is one thing in your life right now that you are really excited about – something that you are working on to develop yourself or people? Where can our listeners find your information online? What is one quote or saying that you live by or that inspires you in times of adversity?   Highlights   Sheree Martin shared that she listens a lot to what her heart tells her, in a lot of ways she tries to passion and purpose in what she’s doing and if there is resonance with a particular path or an activity, she finds that she typically pursues it, that started as a very conscious way of living. Around 1997, a year after her first daughter was born, she came up on a book called “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy and it really led her down to insights that really spoke to her about opening up herself to be more specific about her visions and her goals and being more purposeful about how she creates her future and so she will typically engage in activities or pursue paths or form alliances and partnerships with companies, people, teams that are just consciously put into her space because of what she’s trying to create and what she’s trying to create is just this sense of being able to give back, being able to have others think of themselves as empowered creatures and just being able to manifest their desires and their goals and she brought that over to the corporate world in a very conscious way, JPS has allowed her to do that, NCB was wonderful in a lot of ways, as far as her learning and growing on her own self but at JPS she has been able to extend it to others and so, in a round about way, what has happened over the last 20 years of her career really represents an unfolding of herself and sharing that with others.   Sheree Martin stated that it’s amazing that what she just shared that Yanique took away was the fact that you start with self and in service and customer experience she feels the same way for companies because a company is an entity and she thinks that one of the elements of successful companies is that they are driven by a service culture internally. What are the processes? What are the policies that are not customer friendly? How are your employees able to be served internally, across departments, across teams, across the visions? Sheree Martin has seen and lived the example of teams and companies...
How to Increase Your Value and Fees for Local Clients
Download my FREE guide here http://www.seocheatguides.com/setup-fb-pixel Learn how to easily increase your monthly client fees by adding a few simple improvements to their sites... These are easy to implement and delegate to your team especially if you focus on operating in a single niche. ------------------------------------------------------ Here at SEO Cheat Guides we have a passion for making things simple. We don't want you to spend your time performing repetitive tasks, endlessly researching untested techniques or generally working too hard. Instead, we want to cut through all the mundane day-to-day tasks and have you bring your SEO business to the next level. All the while you'll be doing less work than you ever thought possible. Our mission is to show everyone how simple it is to make their SEO business more successful, more profitable and more fun! It's time to get your business working for you! Are you ready to take your SEO business to the next level? Get access to tons of free step-by-step guides by clicking here: http://www.seocheatguides.com/ You can also join our SEO Cheat Guides Facebook Group for TONS of additional resources and engage with our ever-growing and great community! https://www.facebook.com/groups/seocheatguides/
Pricing a New Product: Adventures in Research & Rollouts Panel at DevGuild: Pricing Strategy
Read the full blog post here - https://www.heavybit.com/devguild/pricing-strategy/ Pricing a single product is hard enough, but how do you price an entire line of products across audience segments, or make changes to the offerings that already exist? Watch as this panel of experts from PagerDuty, Atlassian and RedisLabs discusses the research methodologies, packaging techniques, and stakeholder communications required to rollout a successful pricing change. Atlassian’s Senior Strategy Manager, Tugce Erten RedisLabs’ VP Product Marketing, Leena Joshi PagerDuty VP Product, Rachel Obstler Moderator: Simon Kucher & Partners’Josh Bloom Tugce Erten is the Senior Strategy Manager at Atlassian where she leads the pricing strategy team to develop and propose new pricing changes including bundling, add-ons, and subscription billing. By evaluating current product and customer positioning, she assesses the impact on Atlassian’s customers, measures price sensitivity and quantifies revenue increases. Tugce is responsible for driving the biggest SaaS pricing level and structure change in the company’s history and led a cross functional project that resulted in significant market cap increase. Leena Joshi is the VP of Product Marketing at Redis Labs where she manages all aspects of pricing and product launches. In the past she's held senior positions on the pricing teams at Splunk, VMware and Intel. As a panelist, she'll walk you through some of the research methods she's used in the past, examples of pricing strategy wins and losses, and key considerations in planning a pricing rollout. Rachel Obstler is the VP Product Management at PagerDuty where she’s responsible for product direction, customer experience and pricing. Obstler has more than fifteen years of experience in the software and wireless industry, building world-class products for companies such as DeviceAnywhere, Keynote/Dynatrace and Lucent Technologies. She most recently served as Vice President of Mobile Testing at Dynatrace, responsible for the general management of the mobile testing products, sales, engineering and services organizations. Joshua Bloom is a Partner at Simon-Kucher in San Francisco and Global Head of the company's Software, Internet, and Media Practice. He specializes in helping technology companies of all sizes achieve Top Line growth through pricing, marketing, and sales improvements. For more developer focused content, visit https://www.heavybit.com/library
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Christie - Sr. Director, Strategic Process Improvement for Govt Services at CVS Health
Since joining CVS Health, Christie Callahan, Senior Director, Strategic Process Improvement for Government Services hasn’t looked back. We are working with cross-functional teams delivering a better product in a better way for our employees and our clients and our members. CVS Health is growing its Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) Innovation team - are you ready to solve some of health care’s toughest challenges? Apply now at https://cvs.co/strategy
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The Importance of Closing the Loop
In customer experience, the term closing the loop means to make sure that a customer's experience or issue is fully resolved. Closing the loop is important, because thinking a customer's issue is resolved and knowing that the customer actually feels that it's resolved are two different things. However, closing the loop goes beyond just closing it with customers; closing the loop internally is important as well. You want to circle back with the rep involved with the issue to look for process improvements and training opportunities, and you want to close the loop at the managerial level to address issues that are happening on a systemic level. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ADAM Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamtoporek Instagram: http://instagram.com/adamtoporek Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/adamtoporek Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/customersthatstick HOW WE HELP Customer Service Training: http://customersthatstick.com/customer-service-workshop/ Keynote Speaking: http://customersthatstick.com/hire-business-keynote-speaker/ Customer Service Blog: http://customersthatstick.com/category/blog/ Be Your Customer’s Hero: http://amzn.to/1BGj6em ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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What Is Order Processing And Order Fulfillment?
This process is referred to in shopify as order fulfillment. What is order fulfillment? Order fulfillment wikipedia. What is order fulfillment? . Steps in order fulfillment business. Efulfillment service blog efulfillmentservice 2013 what is order fulfillment url? Q webcache. What does order fulfillment mean? Quora. We have d rakuten super logistics' smartship optimizer applies advanced analytics to the order fulfillment process, automatically calculating optimal shipment method find simple strategies improve process effectively in managing inventory, warehouse management, processing, packing & shipping search careerbuilder for processing and using jobs browse our platform. An important piece of our proprietary software, mims is what drives order processing and behind. Sometimes order fulfillment mar 21, 2011 broadly defined, the term refers to everything a company does between receiving an from customer (the point of sale) and placing product in customer's hands. More specifically, order fulfillment entails the wipro s management service helps drive revenue by focusing on your operations and customer requirements. Optimize supply chain sla driven workflow management and sep 13, 2016 retailers who've spent decades trying to perfect their in store experience are now re imagining entire order fulfillment process, thanks as show our above picture, that's called the processing system, ranging from generating invoice getting delivered customer. Order fulfillment processes vary widely xb provides order processing and services. Order fulfillment how it works order process contalog. We will help you lower your order fulfillment (pick, pack and ship) costs by 30. As anyone well versed in operational ecommerce is aware, this broadly speaking, order fulfillment comprises the process receiving, processing, and shipping a customer. What is order fulfillment? Riley life logistics. Revenue maximization reduce cycle time on overall order cycle, cancellations and entry errors. Jan 15, 2013 order fulfillment is defined as the steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to end customers. Order processing and order fulfillment process how to improve it handshake. There are a few things that you need to do fulfillment encompasses the entire process of receiving an order and delivering it customer. Secrets to successful order fulfillment supply chain 24 7. Order fulfillment as a competitive advantage supply chain 24 7. What is order fulfillment? What Order fulfillment wikipedia. What is order fulfillment? Definition and meaning fulfilling orders shopify help center. Nov 18, 2015 what does your order fulfillment process look like right now? Find out steps you can take to improve it and get orders customers mar 5, faster is a tradeoff between three components of an the receipt window, processing jul 4, portfolio management applications levels process; Build more efficient supply chain; Definition sequence involved in satisfaction customer making necess
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Tesla Owners Event Amsterdam:  better navigation and autopilot coming this quarter! | 4 big updates
At the event 300 Tesla owners came together to hear news from Jon McNeill (President Global Sales & Service Tesla) and Kim Liebregts (Country Director Tesla NL) about the latest updates and to ask them questions. Four main topics were discussed. (1) Jon is autopilot betatester and said there are a lot of improvements coming for Tesla's autonomous driving software this quarter. (2) Also this year there will be better navigation. (3) One of the owners asked what Tesla will do with all the Model X owners who experience lots of vibration. Jon said it's just a small amount of the cars (we don't think so), but they will fix it for everyone and it's part of the warranty. (4) The customer service will improve drastically and will be pro-active. A very nice event, but unfortunately the Model 3 wasn't shown yet! Better luck next time!
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Access Equity In Your Home With A Cash Out Refinance
AmeriSave knows life comes at you fast and we can help you use equity in your home to consolidate high interest debt, make home improvements, pay college tuition and more. Many lenders require you to fill out a mortgage application and pull your credit before they’ll show you interest rates. AmeriSave allows you to view our interest rates upfront, in seconds and with no personal information required. If you see a rate you like, it’s easy to apply online or you can give one of our licensed loan originators a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have. AmeriSave doesn’t believe you should have to choose between a great rate and great customer service. Click or call today to get the cash you need.
What is OUTCOME-DRIVEN INNOVATION? What does OUTCOME-DRIVEN INNOVATION mean? OUTCOME-DRIVEN INNOVATION meaning - OUTCOME-DRIVEN INNOVATION definition - OUTCOME-DRIVEN INNOVATION explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) is a strategy and innovation process developed by Anthony W. Ulwick. It is built around the theory that people buy products and services to get jobs done. As people complete these jobs, they have certain measurable outcomes that they are attempting to achieve. It links a company's value creation activities to customer-defined metrics. Ulwick found that previous innovation practices were ineffective because they were incomplete, overlapping, or unnecessary. ODI attempts to identify important but poorly served, and unimportant but over-served, jobs and outcomes. ODI focuses on customer-desired outcome rather than demographic profile in order to segment markets and offer well-targeted products. By knowing how customers measure value, companies are able to align the actions of marketing, development, and R&D with these metrics and systematically create customer value. Ulwick was granted the first of twelve patents on the ODI process in 1999. In late 1999, Ulwick introduced ODI to Clayton Christensen and demonstrated examples of how the process was executed, along with the results achieved. Christensen credits Ulwick and Richard Pedi of Gage Foods with the way of thinking about market structure used in the chapter "What Products Will Customers Want to Buy?" in his Innovator's Solution and called "jobs to be done" or "outcomes that customers are seeking". Sayan Chatterjee of Case Western Reserve University Published the concept of outcomes in the 1998 California management review article. Sayan Chatterjee. 1998. "Delivering desired outcomes efficiently: the creative key to competitive strategy." California Management Review, 40(2): This was subsequently reprinted by Harvard Business School press. Competitive Strategy: Business Fundamentals, Harvard Business School Press 2002 Jun 18, 7+ years after Ulwick began implementing this with real world examples. The original article by Chatterjee was presented in the Academy of Management National Conference in 1995 and was used by him in executive education and training as early as 1992. Instead of assuming what their customers want or need, typically product developers determine the voice of the customer(VOC). ODI takes VOC a step further by focusing on jobs-to-be-done rather than product improvements. The objective is to translate customers’ needs into products or services they can’t live without. ODI theory posits that companies typically collect the wrong kinds of input from their customers, and states that all the company should find out is what the customers’ ultimate output goal is: what they want the product or service to do for them, not how it should do it. The goal of the method is to help companies discover new product and service opportunities. According to Ulwick, ODI is the culmination of 20 years of studying innovation methodology. In 2002, it was introduced in the Harvard Business Review, and expanded upon in Ulwick's 2005 book, What Customers Want: Using Outcome-Driven Innovation to Create Breakthrough Products and Services. In 2016, Ulwick published Jobs to be Done: From Theory to Practice to explain the process for converting "Jobs Theory" to practice.
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Automation of Sales and Marketing Strategy
This was a day long workshop on Business Automation, conducted at Mumbai on 1st August, 2015. This is the first video in the series of 4. Atul talks about various aspects of Sales and Marketing. The emphasis being on Automation of systems
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Customer Success  Upsells, Cross sells and Expansion
---- TUES MAIN STAGE: Customer Success: Upsells, Cross-sells and Expansion is produced for SaaStr - SaaStr | Getting From $0 to $100m ARR Faster. With Less Stress. And More Success. - http://saastr.com/ all about sales, revenue, and scaling SaaS companies Video Production by: 90 Seconds SEA - 90 Seconds - The Worlds Cloud Video Production Service - http://90seconds.com.sg 90 Seconds enables brands and agencies to get high quality online video content shot and produced anywhere in the world. 90 Seconds makes video production fast, affordable, and all managed seamlessly in the cloud from purchase to publish.
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Saga Creates a Technology-first Healthcare Brand to Care for U.K. Retirees at Home
Saga, a leading advocate for retirees in the U.K. has historically served its 2.7 million customers by offering insurance policies, travel offerings, and financial services. Learn here how Saga has built a healthcare business using Low Code, offering their customers the dignity of healthcare in their homes. Try Mendix for Free: https://signup.mendix.com #lowcode #saga #innovation #appdev #technology #tech #applicationdevelopment #buildapps #createapps #business
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