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This Video Show How to Make VAT e Payment (online Payment), vat.kar.nic.in, ctax.kar.nic.in, Commercial Taxes Department, e-Payment, VAT Related Sites - Commercial Taxes Department, Karnataka VAT | VAT Act | VAT Schedule | VAT Forms | VAT, Kar VAT Nic
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VAT calculations in Excel
This example uses Irish VAT rates (Nov 2012) for a restaurant.
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Tolley's VAT Cases 2012
BOOK REVIEW TOLLEY'S VAT CASES 2012 A COMPREHENSIVE DIGEST OF REPORTED VALUE ADDED TAX DECISIONS RELEVANT TO CURRENT LEGISLATION FROM 1973 TO 1 JANUARY 2012 By Alan Dolton and David Rudling LexisNexis ISBN: 978 0 7545 4241 4 www.lexisnexis.co.uk ATTENTION TAX PRACTITIONERS EMBROILED WITH VAT: THIS IS THE LATEST EDITION OF 'TOLLEY'S VAT CASES' An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers This is the 27th annual edition of this indispensible reference book on VAT cases from LexisNexis -- the companion volume to 'Tolley's Tax Cases 2012'. As you may have noticed, the latter volume covers relevant cases from 1875 to 2012. That's 3,500 cases over a period of more than 125 years. Compare this with the easily observable truth that VAT cases (as opposed to tax cases) date only from 1973, the year VAT was introduced. Yet in the not quite forty years since then, Tolley's definitive reference book has blossomed forth into a volume whose bulk exceeds that of its companion by more or less 400 pages to include entries for more than 4,000 VAT cases. Such has been the impact and the vexatiousness, you might be tempted to say, of VAT. The cases contained in this indispensible work of reference include public court and tribunal decisions which, as pointed out by the publishers, show 'the impact of (this) tax on an increasing range of business and private circumstances.' Bearing in mind the often mind-blowing complexity of VAT, this book will be a boon to all tax practitioners. 'VAT Intelligence' has commented that practitioners 'will find this book far easier to use than the (official) index to the VAT tribunal decisions.' As with 'Tolley's Tax Cases', you can use this volume to look up the cases and/or information you need in basically three ways. First, there is the alphabetized contents list at the front. Then there's the table of statutes and thirdly, the general subject index at the back. The longer chapters have their own contents lists containing both subheadings and main headings. There are over 200 pages of abbreviations and references, tables of statutes, statutory instruments, European community directives and alphabetically listed cases, plus a short glossary of Latin and old French phrases. (You never know when you might need this.) Material new to this edition includes an introductory survey of leading decisions in 2011, together with summaries of important ECJ cases and tribunal decisions in 2011. If you're a law practitioner, or tax specialist, this book, together with its sister volume 'Tolley's Tax Cases' provides an invaluable resource 'Nothing comparable', declares 'Accountancy', while 'The Times' contends that 'no praise can be high enough for this book.' Certainly this volume will be ideal not only for tax practitioners, lawyers and accountants, but business folk in general, as well administrators, company secretaries and anyone professionally involved in this problem-laden area of taxation.
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Tally.ERP 9 in Hindi ( Payment voucher, Receipt voucher) Part 24
Tally ERP 9 Basic Level - https://goo.gl/6x1SYM इस विडियो में आप जानेगें पेमेंट वाउचर, रिसिप्ट वाउचर में की जाने वाली एंट्री In this video you will know about Payment voucher, Receipt vouche
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TallyERP9 | Customer Outstanding Billwise Report in Tally | Advance Level
If you want outstanding report in proper manner such as with Invoice No. & credit period Ageing etc, so this tutorial is for you. You will learn about billwise outstanding report with invoice details. www.faceebok.com/TallyERP9tutorial Tally ERP 9 in Hindi, Tally Tutorials in Hindi, Learn Tally in Hindi
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Indirect Tax
Indirect taxes, predominantly Value Added Tax and excise duties, are now a common subject of civil litigation. Litigation of this kind often involves a department of Government such as Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs making allegations of fraud or dishonesty against legitimate businesses and their directors. The Commercial and Indirect Tax Fraud team at Bark & Co has an excellent reputation for successfully negotiating and litigating a wide range of disputes. We have a large team of specialist Areas of Expertise: The specialisations of the Commercial and Indirect Tax Fraud Team include: • VAT Fraud • MTIC Fraud • Carousel Fraud • Knowledge/Means of Knowledge Input Tax Denial • Invalid Invoice disputes • Assessments of VAT and/or Excise • Excise Diversion Fraud • Seizure of goods upon importation • Repayment Supplement Appeals (delayed authorisation of VAT returns) • Default Surcharge Appeals • Extended Verification of VAT returns • Freezing and Restraint Orders Our team retains litigation expertise in all the relevant forums, particularly in the VAT and Duties Tribunals and the High Court. Current cases include high profile MTIC and Carousel fraud allegations amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds that are set to test both UK and European legislation.
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VATulator - The VAT Calculator - 3.1 Demo
A quick demo of VATulator 3.1 and what it can do. Download in the appstore now.
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IT IUP KU Group1: Calculating vat of the product.
How to calculating vat of the product.
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Do you want a payment plan for Web Design?
http://www.britesidewebdesign.com 720-505-4047 -- Brite Side Web Design is a Professional Web Development, Internet Marketing and Video Marketing company in Denver, Colorado. Subscribe to our FREE Video Newsletter for small businesses wanting to build or update their website entitled "Website Design Top 10 Questions... and What should have been asked too". Issue #4 covers the question: Do you have a payment plan for website development? There are companies that offer financing for web design work. Many times the interest rate you will pay exceeds the interest rate you would pay on a credit card. In addition, most web developers are simply not set up to make payment plans due to the added effort of generating and maintaining regular invoices. Go to http://goo.gl/6er6l to sign up for our Free Video Newsletter. Save a ton of money. Make your new Professional Website Design easier and more profitable.
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Introduction to the Automated Payment Transaction Tax, as concieved by Edgar Feige. Implementation is outlined on the APT website: http://apttax.com This tax proposal is similar to other financial transaction tax proposals. research it and other types of tax proposals and decide for yourself what combination of best practices would benefit the nation as a whole. The video borrows language from Dr. Feige's papers and the website and should not be considered as a primary reference, refer to the site and Dr. Feige's work.
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Outgoing Payment Process in SAP Business One
As part of our learning series webinars, we are implementing tips and tricks and need to know basis for proper training on SAP business one; specifically, covering the outgoing payment process in SAP Business One. A few items to consider during this webinar: •Outgoing Payments •Payment means •Payment Wizard •Checks for Payment •Void Checks for Payment Please join us as we discuss the basic steps to begin implementing or enhancing your company's outgoing payment process. Feel free to Subscribe above and comment below! For more videos go to our website:michellgroup.com Also, don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/michellgroup And Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/michellgroup For more information or help, please feel free to contact us at any time. Michell Consulting Group 8240 NW 52nd Terrace, Suite 410 Doral, Florida 33166-7766 1-800-442-5011 or (305) 592-5433 Michell Consulting Group specializes in ERP software and managed IT services, providing each client with unparalleled service and support. Michell Consulting is a SAP Gold Partner.
Tally.ERP 9 in Hindi ( Purchase voucher ) Part 21
Tally ERP 9 Basic Level - https://goo.gl/6x1SYM इस विडियो में आप जानेगें परचेस वाउचर में की जाने वाली एंट्री | In this video you will know about Purchase voucher.
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receipt voucher or receipt entry in tally& tally erp9
how to enter receipt voucher in tally is explained in this tutorial, receipt voucher in single entry mode and receipt voucher in double entry mode are also mentioned briefly with example. here in this tutorial we used Tally ERP9, The same method is applicable to tally 9 and other older versions. http://tallygame.com/tally-erp-9/accounting-voucher/receipt/receipt-voucher-or-receipt-entry-in-tally/
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What Records Do I Keep As A Self-Employed Person?
An HMRC guide to Keeping Records as a Self Employed Person. Free online help is available from HMRC for businesses. We run live daily one hour help sessions, called Webinars, with time given to let you ask questions. We also have half hour recorded sessions that you can watch ay any time. All you need for access is a name and an email address. Go here to see the times and topics: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/webinars/index.htm Go here to see what topics are in the recorded library: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/webinars/pre-recorded.htm HMRC is the UK’s tax, payments and customs authority. We collect the money that pays for the UK’s public services and help families and individuals with targeted financial support. Why not ask a question or share your experiences on HMRC’s Small Business Forum? You can find it here: https://online.hmrc.gov.uk/webchatprod/community/forums/list.page Follow HMRC on social media: • Twitter: https://twitter.com/HMRCgovuk/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HMRC/ • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hm-revenue-&-customs For help with general queries relating to any of HMRC’s products and services, talk to us on: • Twitter: https://twitter.com/HMRCcustomers/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HMRC/ Sign up for your Personal Tax Account. Join the millions of customers already using their online account to check and update their records and see their state pension details. It takes just 5 minutes at https://www.gov.uk/personal-tax-account
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Down Payment Process in SAP Business One
As part of our training series, Michell Consulting Group will be hosted a webinar on The Down Payment Process in SAP Business One. During this training video, we will have an overview of this process and the features it includes; such as: • Deposits using payment means • Down Payment Documents • Applying Down Payment Documents For more information or help, please feel free to contact us at any time. Michell Consulting Group 8240 NW 52nd Terrace, Suite 410 Doral, Florida 33166-7766 1-800-442-5011 or (305) 592-5433 Michell Consulting Group specializes in ERP software and managed IT services, providing each client with unparalleled service and support. Michell Consulting is a SAP Gold Partner.
TallyERP9 | Manage Voucher Numbering in Tally | Advance Level
In this tutorial you can learn how to Manage Voucher Numbering according to keep them in Document Store with proper numbering. It can be Month wise, Voucher Type wise etc. www.faceook.com/TallyERP9Tutorial www.veertutorial.blogspot.in Tally ERP 9 in Hindi, Tally Tutorials in Hindi, Learn Tally in Hindi
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Sage One Payroll - Getting Started on Sage One Online Accounting Software
http://uk.sageone.com/ie Sage One Payroll is Ireland's first online payroll solution. Since it is hosted on the cloud you can access employee information and process weekly and monthly pay runs at any time and from any location. Sage One Payroll integrates with Sage One Accounts which is also hosted online. Sage One Payroll can be used on a Mac or iPad. This video shows how easy it is to get started with Sage One Payroll.
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The Older Language Learner
Are older people at a disadvantage in language learning? No, it is up to them. Learn a language at: http://www.lingq.com Visit my blog: http://blog.thelinguist.com
Sage Line 50 Petty Cash Payments and Replenish
Making payments from the petty cash account and restoring the balance of the petty cash account
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Reality Check: Fair Coverage Ot The story behind the Ron Paul newsletters
Airing Date Jan.04, 2012, you can also view this at Dailymotion http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xngc2w_reality-check-fair-coverage-ot-the-story-behind-the-ron-paul-newsletters_news i post this to give a proper journalistic news perspective of this issue.under fair use, www fox19 com/story/16449477/reality-check-the-story-behind-the-ron-paul-newsletters The talk of Ron Paul's racist newsletters has been all over the news for the past few weeks and seem to dominate all of the Congressman's interviews. So what about these newsletters is true and what is the rest of the media not telling you? Starting as far back as 1976, Congressman Paul published a newsletter. It has gone by several names. The Ron Paul Political Report, The Ron Paul Investment Letter, etc. That newsletter was largely an investment newsletter, dealing with currency, gold and investments. That was the case from 1976 to 1988. Over the course of those 144 editions, no racist content. To understand this story, you have to look at the timeline. In 1984 Paul gave up his seat in Congress when he made an unsuccessful run for the Senate. In 1985 he went back to Texas to continue to practice medicine full time as an OB-GYN. His return to politics as a Congressman was in 1996. In 2007 when Congressman Paul was last running for president, a newspaper called The New Republic found copies hard copies of the newsletters, and these, they reported, were filled with racist, anti-homosexual and conspiracy oriented content. So lets talk content. In all, the Ron Paul newsletters were released on a monthly basis for 20 years. That means there were no fewer than 240 editions published. There are a total of 20 editions of the Ron Paul newsletters, which have passages or sections of racist, bigoted, or anti homosexual language, as well as conspiracy theories. Since the conspiracy theories, aren't really the issue here, lets stay on focus and talk about the racist passages. The way The New Republic newspaper stacks it, the total number of newsletter editions with racist passages is not 20 but actually 9 newsletters. Lets look at those 9. I told you that Congressman Paul was fully out of Congress at the beginning on 1985. The first racist passage shows up in October 1990. The next month, in November of 1990 a reference to David Duke. The following month, in December, 1990, the author attacks Martin Luther King Jr. Then in February of 1991, another newsletter has passages trashing Dr. King's legacy. So what we have here, racist passages show up from October of 1990 to February of 1991. 4 out of 5 consecutive months. A lapse of about a year goes by, 15 months to be exact. Then, in June 1992, a "Special Edition on Racial Terrorism." focusing on race riots in Los Angeles. One month later, in the very next edition, writing about black rage. The final report where we see racist tones is 6 months later in a passage about the disappearing white majority. So who authored these racist passages? In 2007, the libertarian magazine Reason cited an anonymous source close to the 2008 Paul campaign. That source attributed much of the content from those news letters to Lew Rockwell. Rockwell, whose name appears on the newsletters under the title of Contributing Editor, told The New Republic that he did not write the controversial articles. He said that there were "seven or eight free-lancers involved at various stages" Here is what you need to know. Ron Paul has dis-avowed the letters, says he didn't write them, but also says he accepts responsibility because he should have known, since they were published under his name. He is right about that, he was negligent. But when it comes to the controversy over these newsletters, I am left with one nagging question about the report that first broke this story in 1997. I found, when researching this story that back in 1997 the original author of The New Republic article, James Kirchick, explained that most of the newsletters had no byline. Specifically, none of those racist newsletters had a byline, says Kirchick, except for one. One newsletter that contained the byline of someone else, not Congressman Paul. But Kirchick fails to disclose two very important things: who's name was in that byline, and which article they wrote. He only states that the mystery writer wrote "One special edition" of the Ron Paul Report. The only special edition I can find is the 1992 article, "A Special Report on Racial Terrorism." Why is that important? Because this edition of the newsletter that is most often quoted to prove racism. So does that mean the most racist evidence in these newsletters actually has someone else's name on it? I don't know, but I'd like to find out. I have repeatedly tried for 2 weeks to contact The New Republic and James Kirchick to get an answer as to which special report had another author's byline, I'm still waiting to hear back. And that is Reality Check.
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SAP 50% Down Payment Process
SAP Process Variation
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Practical IFRS - IFRS Software ( ERP / CRM / HRM ) from ECOHADA
OHADA Cloud Entreprise: www.ecohada.com Support: +229 62 59 63 42 Mail: [email protected] Introduction to the Practical IFRS. The Practical IFRS is the first standard compliant ERP system. Based on the Practical IFRS Accounting System, its financials statements are fully compliant with IFRS as issued by the IASB. THE PRACTICAL IFRS is a built-in business package based on the International Financial Reporting Standards. In the setting of this course we will record some operations and analyze the journal entries generated by the software. The operations to be studied are: The sales. The payments of sales. The depreciation of claims. The purchases. The payments of purchase. The transfers and withdrawals. The movements of stocks. The typical balances of management. How to record a sale invoice with THE PRACTICAL IFRS? Click on New customer's invoice. Choose the customer and click on Create invoice. Select the date and click on create draft. Add the products and their respective quantity, select the reduction rate for each product and validate the invoice. THE PRACTICAL IFRS generates an entry in the sale journal. The customer's account is debited by the suitable income account. The account 4011 is used by default for customers. The account 702 for the sales of products and the accounts 706 for the sales of services. The VAT on sale is also accounted. How to record the payment of this invoice. Search for the invoice and click on Do payment; Choose the date, the payment type, the payment amount and click on Save; The treasury account is debited by the credit of the customer account of the received amount. How is treated the bad debts. When a customer's invoice becomes irrecoverable, search for the invoice and click on Classify Abandonned. Specify the reason of the abandonment and validate. THE PRACTICAL IFRS generate an entry in the journal of payable loss The account 6451 is debited by the credit of the account of the customer of the amount remaining to pay. How to record a purchase. Click on New supplier's invoice. Choose the supplier, enter the reference and the date of the invoice. Add the products with their respective quantity then click on validate. THE PRACTICAL IFRS generates an entry in the purchase journal while debiting the account of purchase of product or service by the credit of the supplier's account of the amount of the invoice. The deductible VAT is accounted if need be. How to record the payment of this invoice. Search for the invoice and click on Do payment; Choose the date, the payment type, the amount and click on Save. The account of treasury is credited by the debit of the supplier's account of the paid amount. How is treated the movements of stocks THE PRACTICAL IFRS animates the stocks automatically at the time of the delivery, receipt or cashpoint sales. We are going to study the record of an customer's order and the delivery of the products. To record a customer's order form proceed as follows. Click on New customer's order. Choose the customer, click then on Add order. Add the products and their respective quantities then, then validate the order. At the time of the delivery of the products, click on Ship Product. Fill the issue voucher, enter the quantity to deliver. Print the issue voucher and send a driver to achieve the expedition. HAS his return, record the shipping card delivered by the customer. The management of the suppliers' order is similar to customers'. To place a suplier's order, click on New supplier's order. Choose the supplier, click then on Add order. Add the products and their respective quantities then, then validate the order and pass the order. At the time of your supplier's delivery, choose if the case arises then between a total delivery and a partial delivery click on Receive. Enter the delivered quantity and ventilate the received products in the warehouses. How does THE PRACTICAL IFRS account the movements of stocks. THE PRACTICAL IFRS posts the receipts and exports of stocks in continuous inventory while using the first in, first out method as the standard recommends. So when you receive an order or when you send a product the stocks are corrected in accounting. By default THE PRACTICAL IFRS uses the account 60 76 for all products. When it is about a raw material, you can specify the nature of the product and THE PRACTICAL IFRS will use the account 60 71. For the receipts, THE PRACTICAL IFRS debits the account of the product by the credit of the account of variation of stock of the amount of the purchase cost. For the exports, THE PRACTICAL IFRS debits the account of stock variation by the credit of the account of the product. The amount is determined according to the method of the first in, first out.
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excel to tally data migration tool, excel to tally data integration Tally.ERP 9
Download Demo: http://www.exceltotally.in Download excel to tally features in PDF http://goo.gl/eiKe7 Advance Features: • Book Entries with New reference and against reference. • Auto ledgers creations while posting entries from excel to tally. • Auto stock items creations while booking entries thru Columnar voucher register "entriesreg.xls" • Multiple stock inventory support for single bill • Book entries with cost centers and cost category wise. • Import entries from excel to tally with multiple voucher type. • Import user defined voucher members • You can see VAT Computation report in Tally after importing entries in Tally thru EazyAUTO4.
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Minecraft - Goddess of Decay with Clash Part 1 - Creepin'
Clash - http://www.youtube.com/user/ClashJTM Map - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1083729-35-000-dlsgoddess-of-decay/ Connections TWITTER - https://twitter.com/#!/SSoHPKC Check out and like mine Facebook plox - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Seamus-ODoherty-SSoHPKC/203781079633644 Websites - http://ssohpkc.com/ http://thecreaturehub.com/
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Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant (The Main Event) 1988
Rematch of WrestleMania match for WWF Championship if didn't watch WrestleMania match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JMYfaA59Tg&feature=plcp
Tolley's Property Taxation 2012-2013
BOOK REVIEW TOLLEY'S PROPERTY TAXATION 2012-13 6th Edition Consultant Editor: Patrick Cannon Tolley ISBN: 978 0 7545 4354 1 www.lexisnexis.co.uk AUTHORITATIVE ANSWERS TO ALL RELEVANT TAX CONCERNS IN ONE SINGLE VOLUME An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers If you're a practitioner, whether tax lawyer or accountant charged with offering best advice on tax planning pertaining to property, make sure you buy this year's edition -- the sixth -- of 'Tolley's Property Taxation'. It has been referred to as 'your essential reference book on property taxation in the UK' and so it is. Not only does it cover all relevant taxes, it shows how they interact. This in itself is a major benefit to the tax practitioner bearing in mind that, as consultant editor Patrick Cannon points out, property taxation is the most varied and challenging area of the UK tax system. Certainly the book's detailed table of contents reflects the sheer diversity of UK property taxation, with chapters on everything from investment versus dealing and real estate investment trusts, to agricultural land, woodlands, capital gains tax and VAT and a lot more besides. Finally, there are specialist chapters on Islamic funding structures and property planning in a recession. Patrick Cannon, by the way, who practices at Tax Chambers, Lincoln's Inn, is also the author of two other Tolley's publications and numerous others which can be viewed online. He leads a team here of 20 other leading tax specialist contributors, no less, all of whom have updated their own chapters for this edition. Indeed this new edition provides much new material -- crucial for keeping up to date -- including additional rules on capital allowance changes...changes to the Community Infrastructure Levy... changes in DOTAS and VAT...developments in SDLT -- Stamp Duty Land Tax -- and of course, much more. Within its more than 1,000 pages, the book more than fulfills its stated aim of being 'a comprehensive source of analysis and explanation of UK property taxation'. As you would also expect, there are ample tools for research, including extensive tables of statutes, statutory instruments and European legislation. The detailed index at the back facilitates navigation. Writing in the foreword, Liz Pearce, Chief Executive of the British Property Foundation, refers to this quite indispensable publication as 'the essential tax guide to all those who want to get the best out of their property transactions -- whatever the challenges faced including by the market!' The publication date for this authoritative and dependable volume is stated as at 2012.
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How To Make A Payment Voucher Entry In Tally
Learn to Make a Payment Voucher Entry in Tally, How to Make a Payment Voucher Entry In Tally, Make A Payment Voucher Entry, Making A Payment Voucher Entry, Payment Voucher Entry In Tally, Payment Voucher In Tally, Payment Vouchers In Tally, Payment Vouchers, How-to use Tally, Tally tutor, A to Z training in Tally, Larn Tally in easy steps, Learn Accounting Software in Easy Steps, Tally Trainer, Learn Tally Step by Step, Tally Teacher, A-One Tally Tutor, AOne Tally Tutor, Learning Tally, Tally A to Z Step by Step, Tally Tutorial in Hindi, Hindi Computer Tutor, First Tally Tutorial.
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Tolley's Tax Guide 2012 2013
BOOK REVIEW TOLLEY'S TAX GUIDE 2012-2013 By Claire Hayes, Ruth Newman Consultant Editor: Francesca Lagerberg Tolley LexisNexis Butterworths ISBN: 978 0 7545 4359 6 www.lexisnexis.com THE ESSENTIAL AND PREFERRED TAX GUIDE: NOW IN THE LATEST EDITON FOR 2012-13 WITH 2012-13 TAX RATES AND ALLOWANCES An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers We don't think "The Times" would be annoyed if we quoted their comment on Tolley's Tax Guide in its latest edition for 2012-2013. The book points out the cost of tax ignorance at about £170 per year on average, so Tolley's Tax Guide, "The Times" say, 'could solve the problem', adding that 'people with no financial experience can dip into the guide for clear answers to specific problems.' So, if you're an accountant, or lawyer specializing in tax advice, it would be unthinkable, therefore, not to acquire a copy of this, the 31st edition of Tolley's. And as this is the edition that was published soon after the passing of the Finance Act 2012 -- it's even more unthinkable not to have it to hand for reference, especially as all wise advisers, as well as investors, seek to minimize exposure to tax. Note that the provisions of the Finance Act 2012 are included, together with the HMRC's published guidance and other relevant sources of information. The changes that have taken place since last year's edition are summarized. The aim of the book, as indicated by the sub-title as well as the publishers' introduction, is to provide 'clear, concise guidance on all aspects of UK taxation.' True to its promise, the book delivers in handy hardback format, advice on day-to-day issues that confront advisers as well as personal and business taxpayers on matters of income tax (including self-assessment), capital gains tax, corporation tax, inheritance tax, VAT and stamp taxes. And if you need to know more about council tax, business rates, NI contributions and statutory sick pay, adoption and maternity and paternity pay, this book offers numerous examples of how the provisions of each work in practice. Also, check out the chapter on tax on investments, which covers the main forms of investment generally available, from building societies and banks, to stocks and ordinary shares in listed companies -- also dealt with in more detail in other chapters. How useful, when you may as well know the tax position of an investment before you invest. Note the caveat, however, that the advice therein 'is not intended to replace advice on the investments themselves, not is it offered as guidance on investment strategy', which obviously is available from other sources. In all, the book is distinguished by its practical approach and plain language, alerting you to any number of tax planning opportunities. Easy to navigate when you are in a hurry, it includes -- as well as the table of rates and allowances -- a useful list of abbreviations and a detailed index of over 50 pages at the back. 'The best book of its kind,' says taxationweb.co.uk of this latest Tolley's -- and we cannot help but agree.
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PRSI Refunds in Ireland
How to claim a PRSI Refund in Ireland in 2012. Details of what is required and who is eligible. Download the letter from www.myfinancialwindow.ie/downloads
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Tiley and Collison's UK Tax Guide 2012-2013
BOOK REVIEW TILEY & COLLISON'S UK TAX GUIDE 2012-13 Edited by Keith M Gordon, Ximena Montes Manzano Tolley LexisNexis ISBN: 978 1 4057 7039 2 www.lexisnexis.co.uk ATTENTION TAX LAWYERS AND ACCOUNTANTS! TILEY & COLLISON'S UK TAX GUIDE IS NOW AVAILABLE IN THE LATEST EDITION FOR 2012-13 -- FROM TOLLEY An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers Recently published by LexisNexis, this new Tiley's is the indispensible reference for tax lawyers, or indeed anyone involved in tax planning. In one handy paperback volume of over 3,000 pages, it provides a one-stop reference to the principal taxes, including: income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax, inheritance tax, stamp taxes, national insurance contributions and VAT. Not for nothing has it been referred to as 'the leading UK tax handbook' in British Tax Review. The year up to July 2012 when this edition was published occasioned a number of controversies over tax which certainly came to light rather prominently in the press and as ever, taxation policies were created against a political backdrop which resulted in an ongoing public debate on tax avoidance. The most memorable examples of controversial taxes, as the editor Keith Gordon points out, were 'pasty taxes, (some like 'em hot and if you do, you pay more, or was it less?)... then granny taxes, caravan taxes and so on. It could be said that these and other tax changes could have been presented to the media and therefore the public in a slightly more adroit fashion, thereby avoiding the predictable storm of press criticism. But what really is the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion? Any number of clients ask this and the editors certainly provide an answer in for, example, the chapter on Avoidance -- Judicial Principles.' Tax avoidance is lawful; tax evasion is illegal. 'If a person marries in order to reduce his tax burden, he is practicing tax avoidance,' comments the editor. But if he lies that he is married and he is not, well that's evasion, a prosecutable offence. We mention all this to indicate that this year's edition of Tiley's contains much new material and is therefore an essential purchase for those advising professionally on matters of tax. Areas of special interest in this new edition include changes in the Finance Act 2012... plus new chapters on, for example, the high income child benefit charge... transfers of assets abroad... controlled foreign companies... investment schemes... taxation of overseas trusts... and more besides. Also, as you might expect, there is coverage of all important cases up to end August 2012. One of the many convenient aspects of the Guide is that it functions as a self contained text book and cross-refers to additional information in LexisNexis looseleaf publications. Other avenues for further research include extensive tables of cases and statutes and an index of over 50 pages at the back to aid navigation when you're under pressure. If you are a tax practitioner, this book is assuredly an indispensible resource.
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(ITR 1 Old)How to Fill Income Tax Return Online in India ( Income Tax return filing)
Check my facebook page facebook.com/filingreturnsonline. Also Type in Google "Amlan Dutta Income tax ",with the 100+ video Tutorials results which populate your screen and are on practical real time tax filing cases , you should be able to file your own return without taking any help of CA's and financial experts .If you see the comment section ,you will see queries and to respond to those queries i have made a playlist which replicates their situation and i show how they should be filing their online return .So after having watched the tutorial ,just post a comment and i will replicate your case with dummy data and explain how to file which return for your case in a simple lucid manner in whatever language you want .Also , you will see various links in this video pointing to videos like "Registration at site ", "View 26 AS , upload return , Check status etc ..clicking on the links will take you to this topic video tutorials .....If you go to income tax website , this are the same topics which are stressed implying it can't get more practical than this .Not only that , in the playlist find covered different cases for return filing like engineer filing ITR 1 ,or lawyer filing ITR 4 ,or housewife getting fixed income filing ITR 2 .Not only that ,under a separate playlist called solving audience income tax queries real time , you will see that i am engaging with my audience to solve all their tax queries with real time examples . With everyday new videos added to the revised income tax playlist covering live examples for showing how to file return for various cases of refund to payment of extra tax etc and every day update on latest means to file online tax , you wont need a second reference I have also explained everything one would want to ever know about filing returns online ,going from basics like analsying the sheet ,selection of ITR forms to mastering the super-advanced parts like understanding difference between rectification and revision ,and all with examples . I have in several 1 hour videos shown the entire online filing process live for the applicants whose returns i have filed..Check the ones i have created for 2013 online income tax filing ... .i have also made around 70-75 tutorials ,all practical in nature covering various cases of house loan ,FD refund for housewives ,selection of ITR , registration at Income tax website ,understanding ITR form , relation of sheets , understanding the tax slabs etc all for recent year .....please watch them because they are more practical and i am yet to fill more of such cases as i keep filing returns , we will cases of mutipple form 16 , cases of capital gain and how it can be used for tax redemption etc ...so,please do keep a eye for all those practical tutorials ) Now , you can proceed to read ....... Filing Online E return in india has now become mandatory for people over 5 lakh salary bracket ...This video shows on how to file E return online in stepwise detailed manner ...you just need to login the site ,select the ITR return form applicable to your case ,download the excel macro embedded file and all tabs .Once done press the Generate XML button ...the excel macro utility will generate a XML and save it to the same location as the excel file location .....this XML file then needs to be uploaded at the income tax e portal website ,a reciept of which is generated online (password protected )....the acknowledgement receipt can be opened using password (pannumberdateofbirth)----Note pan number in lower case and then the date of birth .....,then the PDF generated acknowledgement receipt opens a printout needs to be taken ,signed and sent to IT authorithy at bangalore.....once a postal confirmaion is obtained ,there you go !It's done ...it's not easy ,but yup its important ...if anyone appreciates this , a small thank you will help ! Also , it's not about learning , it's about helping others , if you could learn , go ahead spread it , they will go and spread it further , my mission is to make the world a beautiful place whee everyone helps each other and where knowledge is free and kisses you in the cheek as it passes by , if you can also help anyone in anything you know and spread love , you have helped me in some unknown manner , lets please make this world a beautiful place where everyone irrespective of color , skin , race , religion , identity,age etc is loved and cared for ..please spread peace , Stay blessed! Humble regards , Amlan Dutta
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payment voucher entry in tally , tally erp9
how to enter payment voucher in tally is expaline in detail here, we used tally erp9 to explain things. payment voucher in single entry mode and double entry mode are explained with example. http://tallygame.com/tally-erp-9/accounting-voucher/payment-entry/payment-entry-in-tally-or-payment-voucher/
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Sage Line 50 Bank Reconciliation
Sage Line 50 Very simple bank reconciliation showing adding of interest received and bank charges, saving of a reconciliation report
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Tally.ERP 9 in Hindi ( Payment voucher, Sales voucher, Receipt voucher) Part 26
Tally ERP 9 Basic Level - https://goo.gl/6x1SYM इस विडियो में आप जानेगें पेमेंट वाउचर, सेल्स वाउचर, रिसिप्ट वाउचर में की जाने वाली एंट्री In this video you will know about Payment voucher, Sales voucher, Receipt voucher
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QuickBooks Training - Enter Bills - Item and Expense
QuickBooks allows you to enter bills for payment later. If your vendor has given you terms, you should take advantage of that cash flow. This video guides you through the process of entering a Bill in QuickBooks and getting it ready to pay. AQB.com offers OnDemand training videos for Intuit QuickBooks Accounting and QuickBooks Point of Sale solutions. These YouTube videos are a small subset of the hundreds of video tutorials available at http://www.aqb.com/quickbooks-elearning/.
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Social Structure, Tax Culture and the State: Tamil Nadu, India
Professor Barbara Harris-White presents a paper written with Amrita Jairaj. Professor Harris-White, ratifies ‘Tax’ as the compulsory collection of money (and occasionally goods or services) - is a prime source of revenue for the state, and a prime mover of public expenditure. In India, net revenue is 6% of GDP. The political process of taxation is thought to be a fine summary indicator of state legitimacy and governance capacity. However, while in OECD countries this notion is an open social fact and tax is a prominent aspect of electoral politics, elsewhere it disappears - along with scholarship on the subject. Harris-White seeks to go a small way to remedy this neglect. It also contributes to a small school of work in Oxford which is challenging the routine tendency to analyse the state without reference to society, and seeks to explore through field research the ways in which the organisation and practices of the state, the market and institutions of civil society are embedded in social structures of accumulation in which social identity can and usually does play important roles. Professor Barbara Harriss-White is the Director, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University's Department of International Development, Professor of Development Studies and Fellow of Wolfson College. Her disciplinary background is in Agricultural Science, Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Economic Anthropology and Development Studies. She has examined structures and relations of identity as regulators of accumulation and class formation in India's non-state-regulated economy. This video was recorded in the Cairnes Graduate School of Business and Public Policy at the National University of Ireland, Galway during the "Growth and Crisis: Social Structure of Accumulation Theory and Analysis" held in Galway (Ireland) between the 2nd and 4th of November 2006. The academic committee of this conference was composed of Terrence McDonough at NUIG, Michael Reich at the University of California, Berkeley, and David Kotz at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst . Further details are available online on our official blog at http://ssagalway.blogspot.com/ SSA Galway Conference Chair: Terrence McDonough Academic Committee: David M. Kotz Academic Committee: Michael Reich Conference Organizing/ Videos: Maria-Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez
How to fill out an L-8 Labour Impact Net Worth Form?
416-962-2623 / 1-866-760-2623 http://immigroup.com/CanadianImmigration.aspx http://www.gov.pe.ca/forms/pdf/1825.pdf Q: How to fill out an L-8 Labour Impact Net Worth Form? A: When filling out an L-8 Labour Impact Net Worth Form for your Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, you need to provide information on your business ownership, if applicable, and all of your assets and liabilities. You assets can include bank deposits, fixed term deposits, real property, publicly traded stocks and other investments, business you own and pension and other assets. Your liabilities may include real property mortgages and other personal debts. You should also calculate your net worth by subtracting your liabilities from your assets, and provide information on the funds that are available to you for the purposes of settlement in Canada. Re Quality and Feedback email [email protected] (Please reference Research and Development) Did you catch a mistake? Are you looking for answers we don't have? Email us and we'll make a video. Have any feedback to make this even better?
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Sage Timeslips: Basics: Expenses
Sage Timeslips: Basics - How to Create New Expenses
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PCS walkouts against HMRC privatisation
More than 20,000 tax officers are holding lightning walkouts against plans to bring in private companies to do their work. PCS members who work in call centres and enquiry offices across the UK stage a series of short strikes and are planning more for 31 January -- the deadline for self-assessment returns and a key date in HMRC's diary. The Coalition government has appointed two private companies, Sitel and Teleperformance, have been to run call handling trials at HMRC tax credit contact centres in Lillyhall in Cumbria and Bathgate in Scotland.
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Welcome To Leeds Build And Maintain - Need A Builder In Leeds Uk
Click On This Link To Contact Us http://leedsbuildandmaintain.com/ 10 Steps to Finding a Good Builder Welcome To Leeds Build And Maintain We will work with you on all the below, please read on Before the credit crunch, good builders were hard to find and you had to sometimes wait for up to a year before they were free to carry out work on your property. However, now with new homes being built at an all time low, they are easier to find -- but that doesn't mean you don't have to choose your builder with care. Builder Checks 1. The builder is who they say they are! 2. You need to verify their material and labour costs. 3. That they understand the job in hand and exactly what they are responsible for. 4. Ensure they know exactly what quality of work you are expecting. 5. Understand how and when you will pay for materials and their work. Top 10 Steps to Finding a Good Builder! One: Is the builder who they say they are? Some builders claim to be other people when securing references and have even been known to pretend to be the brother -- who WAS a good builder. Unfortunately they were not the brother. Two: References Try to get references or make sure they have been independently verified, for example, Federation of Master Builders, or the OFT's Trademark. Three: Agree in Writing Ask them to quote for the job in writing, ideally signed on company paper. Check whether the work includes VAT. Four: Quotes Ensure all quotes are separated out by job, both for materials and labour costs. Top Tip Five: Responsibilities Agree who is responsible for ensuring the work adheres to any plans passed by the local authority planning office and building regulations AND who pays for any work that has to be re-done to secure the certificates. Six: Start and Finish Dates Agree a start and finish date and penalties if the builder doesn't finish on time, as long of course if it's their own fault, ie you can't penalise them for not being able to work due to bad weather. Seven: Contractors Ask for references of any third party tradespeople the builder employs. Eight: Insurance Check the builder has the right insurance cover, which includes insurance should something go wrong with the job, the builder has an accident and can't continue, cover for materials, any third party labour. Nine: Clean up! Make sure that you agree who cleans up after each day -- and what happens if you don't have use of toilet, bathroom and/or kitchen facilities. Ten: Payment Schedule Agree a payment schedule upfront, what you pay for and when. Always agree to keep 10% of the cost of the job back after the builder has finished the work and left the site just in case there are any problems after the job has finished. Agree who buys the materials, where they are kept and who is responsible for replacing them if they go missing. Our prices are keen and we'll happily hold your hand from start to finish, guiding you through the build process step by step until your work has been completed just as you want it. Whatever you're looking to build or Renovate call us on Calverley Leeds 01274 611649 / Mobile 07445921426
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How to delete entries from Tally multiple?
http://exceltotallyerp.blogspot.in | http://www.exceltotally.in If you want to selected bulk / multiple entries in one shot from Tally, then it is possible with Tally.ERP9. *** For safe side PLEASE Take your Tally company backup / copy Tally data folder to other location to avoid mistakenly deletion of entries.*** Scenarios: • Delete selected entries only. • Delete all Daybook entries. • Delete Specific voucher modes entries from gateway of Tally: Dasplay-- Statements of Accounts -- Statistics DSS Steps to delete selected entries only : Example Delete selected Payment Entries: • Open Tally and Select Company • Go to Daybook Press D-- D. from GatWay of Tally • Enter Date Range to select entries • Press Space bar to select entry for delete • and press Alter+D Or Click on Delete button in Tally in Bottom left. ----------- Steps to delete all daybook entries: • Open Tally and Select Company • Go to Daybook Press D-- D. from GateWay of Tally • Enter Date Range to select entries • Press and HOLD Control Key PRESS Space bar to select all entries to delete • and press Alter+D Or Click on Delete button in Tally in Bottom left. http://exceltotallyerp.blogspot.in | http://www.exceltotally.in
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Self Pre-Assessment Journal Entries
UC EDLD Principal Clinical Internship. Self Pre-Assessment Journal Entries.
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Posting of Transactions in Journal and Ledger
This animation introduces the learner to analyse any financial transaction and post the same in a journal book as well as a ledger. This is a product of Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd., an education innovations company based in Mumbai, India. http://www.mexuseducation.com, http://www.ikenstore.in
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Scots will be better off after independence
A meeting to discuss independence was held in Glasgow on 13th Sept 2012 Partial transcript below: "Will we be better off after independence, economically, socially, politically, culturally? That's what it comes down to. People will make up their minds essentially on that. The country will have more money. Scotland's democratic political left of centre egalitarian, in a spirit of supporting peace, percolate to the top and this can be a country that would be so much better. That's a process still in its embryonic stage cos people are grappling with this just now. People say to me, whether it's the other mums and dads at school or the football team and they say see this independence "where do you stand?" My answer is I'm for it because I think we'll be better off. Scottish working class people will be better off. In my political life I've always learned and cherished a short question merits a short answer. Don't give people a 3 hour history lecture about the Declaration of Arbroath or references to Braveheart or William Wallace, Answer the question concisely and accurately. Working class people will be better off but there's 2 sides to it: it stands to reason for me as a logician as somebody who's involved in politics, I engage my intellect I've got: it stands to reason that if all the wealth generated in Scotland, the oil wealth, the income tax that we pay, VAT, the duty on petrol, whisky, all the taxes revenues levies and wealth that we create in this country stays here instead of being shipped to London, and they in return give us pocket money for a Scottish parliament. Sometimes you can be too complicated in politics but that for me is a truism, a fact. The first thing is related to the same formula why working people will be better off by embracing independence. But lets be clear independence automatically changes nothing. There's no automaticity here. I grew up in Motherwell a steel town, I know a bit about Scottish history what it is to be working class and we get absolutely nothing unless we fight for it. We didn't get the health service handed to us, we didn't get the votes for women, men and working class people handed to us by toffs who studied their Plato and their Aristotle and thought it was a good idea. We didn't get a 5-day week. We didn't get reforms of any kind, welfare state unless we fought for it. The good thing is that in Scotland, that's embedded in our culture. We understand we get nothing for nothing. We don't always win the battles but we have to stand up and we fight for ourselves and when we do fight for ourselves not only do we leave a legacy of understanding that's how you advance in the world today, but we have that as part of our historical tradition. So in Scotland we fought, Scottish people particularly here in Red Clydeside, you would think of the contribution of the Red Clydesiders like John Maclean, think of the contribution of people going back to Burns' day who stood in the way of injustice, who stood in the way of things that were unfair and they said I don't care what the consequences are. I was a member of the Scottish parliament for 4 years and from the corridor you could see outside the building, This is like a debating club. The real world is the real world and that's what we're part of. But from my window there's road that goes up the side of Holyrood Park called the Radical Road named after weavers in the West of Scotland and Glasgow almost 2 centuries ago who were largely self-employed, you did your own weaving and you sold it, they combined together -- the temerity of them -- to establish a nascent trade union, and for their pains, I'm afraid to say, they were banished from this city, "don't want the likes of you trouble makers, all the weavers, will sit at home, do as they're telt, do their weaving and get buttons and that'll carry on" and they said "no" and they got kicked out of Glasgow and ended up in Edinburgh for relief as it was called, welfare, and the great aristocrats of Edinburgh decided we're not having all these Glaswegians hanging about the city doing nothing: "I know what we'll do, we'll get them to build a road up the side of Holyrood Park at the Saltbrae Crags so that the Queen can drive up there on a Sunday afternoon in her carriage to have a nice view of the city" and that's what they did. And it was built by radical weavers from the west of Scotland primarily at that time. That's part of our tradition. We've been campaigning in Edinburgh that there should be a plaque, some description piece of information for tourists but they consider that to be litter. Point is, that's our tradition, part of our culture, and part and parcel of our struggle. As Bill and David and Lindsay have said the struggle for independence is not separate from the class struggle. It's interwoven like those weavers." This is just a partial transcript of the half hour speech.
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Getting Around Sage 50 Accounting
Get started with Sage 50 with an overview of the navigation centers including the Business Status, Customers & Sales, Inventory & Services, Employees & Payroll, Banking, and the System Navigation Centers. Assistance features include the backup feature, tips, Setup Advisor, Sage Advisor and Help. Other resources include the Knowledge Base, Resource Center, Community, and Training. Get PDF reference at http://www.peachtree.com/~/media/Category/Accounting/peachtree/Assets/lp/sageAdvisor/index.htm
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WK125RR from BikingDirect.com 125cc Sports Motorcycle - No Deposit Finance and UK Delivery WK 125 RR
Apply for finance on this motorcycle here! - www.DundeeScooters.co.uk/Motorcycle-Finance Price: £2399* Make: WK Model: 125RR Year: New Size: 125cc Miles: 0,000 Colour: White or Red Owners: 0 Ser-History: Mot: Not for 3 years Tax: 12 months *Note: If this 'WK 125RR' is intended for road use a compulsory £99 'on the road' supplement will be added to the final value fee, if you would like to know more about this and what it covers please click here Description: NOW IN STOCK! The eagerly anticipated WK 125 RR! This 125cc sports faired bike has a liquid cooled single cylinder four stroke engine with 5 speed manual gearbox, and the brakes are twin radially mounted calipers twin wavy disks at the front, and single wavy disk at the rear. Features such as aluminium wheels, sports bubble screen and LCD instruments combined with the smooth engine and braking capicity makes the 125 RR a smooth ride all-round. With its aggressive looks and streamlined fairing, this 125cc Super sport Motorcycle resembles that of the Yamaha YZF R125, or if Ducati manufactured an 125cc Sports Bike -- this is what it would look like! Fantastic looking bike, with all the tech to boot! Specifications: Engine: single cylinder liquid cooled-4 stroke Displacement: 124cc BorexStroke: 56.5×49.5mm Max power: 8.5kW @8500 RPM Torque: 9.5Kw @7000 RPM Transmission: 5 speed manual Starter: electric Front suspension: hydraulic telescopic USD adjustable fork Rear suspension: adjustable hydraulic shock Front brake: twin discs (300mm) Rear brake: disc (230mm) Front tyre: 110/70-17 Rer tyre: 130/60-17 Dry weight: 150kg Dimensions(LxWxH): 1980x710x1110mm Fuel capacity: 16 litres Dimensions: Coming soon Insurance: Get an insurance quote on this WK 125 RR now by calling the insurer or clicking the link below: using our individual BikingDirect.com reference number could get you a much better deal! Model # BikeSure 0800 089 8070 #G3249 Lexham 0845 600 1664 #L2111 Swinton 0800 092 6702 #SW000392 Carol Nash 0800 083 4422 #7867 WK 125 RR Finance: WK 125RR Finance Price £2399 Deposit (£) 1st Payment(1 month after agreement) Monthly Payments of Final Payemt 1 Year £2399 £0.00 £231.12 £231.12 £261.12 2 Years £2399 £0.00 £169.00 £122.17 £152.17 3 Years £2399 £0.00 £169.00 £86.15 £116.15 4 Years £2399 £0.00 £169.00 £68.53 £98.53 5 Years £2399 £0.00 £169.00 £58.07 £88.07 The 'On The Road' suppliment and UK delivery has not been added to the finance but can be done and quoted if requested. OTR £99 Delivery £99 (UK Mainland only) Prices and Quotes are subject to change without notice and Finance shown is just an example and is also likely to change with each individual due to personal circumstances. Working 16 hours a week and over is classed as full time. ID Required. If you have any questions get in touch.
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"Accounting For A Service Business" Need Accounting Tax Service Help For Business?
"Click here: http://www.taxproblem.org/free-irs-advice/ Need accounting IRS service for businesses tax problems? Get valuable free IRS and tax information on our site! Or call Joe Mastriano CPA at 713-774-4467 for professional IRS representation and tax problem solutions." END Accounting Services & Bookkeeping Services | Small Business ...Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping services online Bookkeeping Business - Accounting Book keeping - Universal ... Bookkeeper and Accountant Resources Whether you are considering starting a bookkeeping business or accounting service, or your business is already ... Accounting Software for the Service Oriented Business Accounting Software for Service Companies: Product & application information for hundreds of products & vendors - discover the best software for your business. Small Business Accounting Services Accounting and tax services for individuals and small business. Contains service descriptions, references, and financial tips. Accounting Business Services-- Bel Air, Maryland Accounting Business Services offers a complete range of accounting services, including receivables, payables, and payroll management in the Bel Air, Maryland Accounting Services Information | Business solutions ...The US accounting services industry includes about 100000 firms with combined annual revenue of about $120 billion. Major companies include...Service Industry Accounting MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTING WEB. Service Industry Accounting. Related topics: Accounting For ..., Accounting Practice, Healthcare and Small Business ...Business Accounting Consulting Services - Business Continuity ... accounting providers in the US and knows that proactive accounting is not performed in the past tense. Our accounting and business ...Bookkeeping Services - Accounting Outsourcing - Bookkeeping ... Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services & Accounting Outsourcing at AMAZINGLY Low Rate for American Business. #1 Selling Accounting Outsourcing ... Financial Accounting Services, Online Accounting Services for ... providing financial accounting services and bookkeeping solutions for business firms. San Bernardino Valley, San Diego--Tijuana, San Fernando Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, San Gabriel Valley, San Joaquin Valley, Santa Clara Valley, Santa Clara River Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Shasta Cascade, Sierra Nevada, Silicon Valley, South Bay (LA), South Bay (SF), South Bay (SD), South Coast, Southern California, Southern Border Region, Tri-Valley, Upstate California, Victor Valley, Wine Country, Yosemite, Colleyville, Conroe, Converse, Coppell, Copperas Cove, Corinth, Corpus Christi, Corsicana, Dallas, Deer Park, Del Rio, Denison, Denton, Desoto, Dickinson, Donna, Dumas, Duncanville, Eagle Pass, Edinburg, El Campo, El Paso, Ennis, Euless, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Forest hill, Fort Worth, Freeport, Friendswood, Frisco, Gainsville, Galena Park, Galveston, Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, Kaneohe, Waipahu, Pearl City, Waimalu, Mililani CDP
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Understanding Sales Tax for Residential Personal/Real Property
Understanding the differences between tangible personal property and real property in a residential setting can be difficult. This video will help clarify the difference for contractors doing business in Wisconsin. For more information visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website http://www.revenue.wi.gov Transcript: Understanding the differences between tangible personal property and real property in a residential setting can be difficult. Real property is generally permanent, such as a house, driveway, fence or garage. If you are a contractor and you're working on real property, this means you are the consumer of the materials and you pay sales or use tax when you purchase the materials. When it's real property, you don't charge your customer sales tax. Tangible personal property is property not permanently attached to real property such as furniture, curtains and portable appliances. If you are a contractor and you're working on tangible personal property, you are the retailer. That means you *don't pay* sales or use tax when you purchase the materials but you charge your customer sales tax on the labor and materials. Here are some additional real property items: Land Walls Roof Deck Sidewalk, and Fence Landscaping is a taxable service. That means these items outside the house are treated like tangible personal property and sales tax is charged to the customer: Shrubs Flower beds Trees, and Sod Here are some items inside the house that are real property when installed: Hardwood floors Staircases Ceiling fans, and Built in appliances like dishwashers, furnaces and water heaters are real property when they're installed. Here are some items inside the house that are tangible personal property: Furniture, lamps and curtains Portable appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves. Although real property when installed, these are some items considered tangible personal property when repaired: Furnaces Water heaters and Dishwashers Remember, if you are a contractor performing real property improvements, you are the consumer of the materials and you must pay the sales tax on those purchases. You don't charge your customer sales tax. If you are working on tangible personal property you are the retailer of those materials. You don't pay sales tax on your purchases but you do charge your customer sales tax on labor and materials, unless the customer can claim an exemption. We hope you found this information helpful. This video is meant to be a brief overview of tangible vs. real property for residential purposes. For more detailed information, visit our website, revenue.wi.gov. Search "pub 207" to view sales tax information for contractors. Look for the handy reference chart at the back of this publication for helpful information on tangible and real property. You can also search, "pub 210" for more information on landscaping services. Thank you for watching.
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Drupal 7 / Ubercart Tutorial 6 of 10: Configuring UPS Shipping Quotes, Paypal and Taxes
You can now purchase the entire series to own at http://torontowebsitedeveloper.com/uc-series. In the 6th drupal video tutorial of this 10 part video tutorial series, we continue developing our e-commerce site with drupal and ubercart by configuring shipping quotes with UPS, flat rates, and weight quotes, configuring paypal and we set up conditional taxes. If you have any questions, I encourage you to check out http://www.ubercart.org/forum, http://www.drupal.org/forum

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