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Customer Service Training Tip - The Cost to Deliver Good Customer Service by Shep Hyken
How much does it cost to deliver good customer service? Shep Hyken, customer service speaker, author and training expert explains how you can make improvements in customer service without too much expense with a quick 2 minute video tip. For more information about The Customer Focus (the customer service training program) go to http://www.TheCustomerFocus.com
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Improve Your  Customer Service-Use an Employee Suggestion Box
Tips on using a suggestion box in your small business. Tom Borg is a business expert who works with small, mid-size and companies profitably improve customer acquisition and retention He helps these businesses achieve these objectives through his use of speaking, consulting, coaching, video and professional writing. He works with the management, team leaders and team members to develop their performance potential. In 1982 Tom founded Tom Borg Consulting, LLC and since then has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Fortune 100 size organizations to companies with fewer than 50 employees. Some of his clients includes organizations such as, Automotive Industry Action Group, Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, Quicken Loans, National Roofing Council, Rofin-Sinar, Evans Distribution Systems, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Eastern Michigan University, Walbridge Aldinger, Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, National Association of Accountants, Pulte Homes and many small businesses and other organizations. Over the span of his speaking career, Tom has trained thousands of his program participants in Canada, Saudi Arabia and throughout the United States. He is author of the books: • Making Service Count • How to Keep a Positive Attitude in a Sometimes Negative World. • The 5 Biggest Customer Service Mistakes Small Business Owners Make He is author of the special reports entitled: • The 13 Fatal Mistakes Small Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them • How to Profitably Attract & Retain More Customers for Your Small Business He is the author and producer of the customer service video training system for 16-24 year old employees entitled: Simple Strategies for Customer Service He has been featured on Murray Feldman’s WWJ 950, appeared on Michigan Entrepreneur TV, the Small Business Association of Michigan radio show and many other local radio and television shows. His articles have been published in 47 countries and have appeared in publications such as Crain’s Detroit Business, the Detroit Free Press, and he has had articles or been featured in national publications such as the Service Edge, Marketing for Success, Customer Service Manager Magazine, Corp Detroit Magazine, Office Line Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Reuters Magazine, Landsculpture Magazine, Green Industry Pros magazine, the Michigan Retailer magazine and the Small Business Association of Michigan’s bimonthly Focus magazine and is a regular contributor to their blog. Tom is a member of the Small Business Association of MI and the National Speakers Association. He has served on the board of directors for the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit and for the Eastern Michigan University’s Alumni Association. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University. You can reach Tom at: 734-404-5909, email him at: [email protected] or visit his website at www.TomBorgConsulting.com tgmborg1 www.tomborgconsulting.com www.tomborgconsulting.com
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Ray Kroc Documentary - McDonald's Success Story
http://www.evancarmichael.com/support/ - SUPPORT ME :) Like this video? Want to see more? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment - Thank you!!! Evan Carmichael discusses how you can find your next big business opportunity like Ray Kroc from McDonald's, one of the most recognized companies in the world. "Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get." -- Ray Kroc Learn more at: http://www.evancarmichael.com/Famous-Entrepreneurs/756/summary.php and http://community.telustalksbusiness.com/blogs/talk_business/2010/07/21/how-to-find-your-next-big-business-opportunity-like-ray-kroc-mcdonalds Raymond "Ray" Albert Kroc (October 5, 1902 -- January 14, 1984) was a Czech American businessman who took over the small-scale McDonald's Corporation franchise in 1954 and built it into the most successful fast food operation in the world. Kroc was included in Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century, and amassed a $500 million fortune during his lifetime. Action Item #1: Always Be On The Lookout For Opportunities Most entrepreneurs don't end up being successful with the product or service that they start with. There are always tweaks and changes that will happen once you start talking to customers and they tell you what they want. Your prospects and customers will lead you to many potential opportunities to grow your business - the key is to jump on those opportunities and take action. In Ray Kroc's own words: "The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it." Kroc started out as a salesman for paper cups and his customers twice brought him to new business opportunities that he acted on. Sometimes this can mean selling a completely different product or service than you were offering before. Look at your current customers - are there hidden business opportunities you can develop with them or improvements to what you currently sell that can bring them more value and put more money in your bank account? If you're always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow your business you will eventually find the one you can hit a home run with. Action Item #2: You're Only As Good As The People You Hire As your business grows beyond yourself you'll realize the importance of having a good team. They are the ones representing your company, making decisions every day, and talking to your customers. Having a good staff will make or break your ability to build a successful company beyond yourself. To make sure he had the best team possible in the early stages of the business, Ray Kroc personally took charge of the entire hiring process. Once he had made the decision to bring someone on board the McDonald's team, Kroc would give each and every one of them a badge with the title of Management Trainee. It didn't matter what their actual job was; Kroc wanted every employee to feel valuable and like an important part of the team. Kroc would then tell his workers to think of a better way to do their job or of any improvements that could be made in customer service, which could then be written down and placed into a Suggestion Box. The Suggestion Box led to countless successes like the Happy Meal, Filet-o-Fish, Big Mac, Hot Apple Pie, and Egg McMuffin. When you hire a new employee make them feel like they are an important part of your team. Encourage their suggestions on how the business could be run better, create opportunities for them to advance, and let them know that you value their contributions. A loyal and hardworking team will reward you with outstanding business results. Action Item #3: Be A Part Of Your Community Ray Kroc launched a number of initiatives to help build the communities around each McDonald's restaurant. First off he insisted that his franchise operators lived in the communities where they worked. He also hired regional advertising agencies so they could work "on the ground" and organize grand openings, birthday parties, and community programs. Finally he believed in community involvement through charities and the company continues to give back to this day as part of its corporate philosophy. You don't have to run a restaurant to be involved in your community. Just think about the people you sell to and where they hang out. Can you get involved in making their lives easier and better? It's a longer term strategy but an extremely profitable one if you can win the hearts and minds of your customers by giving back. Closing Thoughts How are you planning on finding your next big business idea? Have you found it already? As always, I've love to hear your thoughts if you leave a comment below!
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Improving Efficiency:  A Quick Way to Change Your Team's Thinking - Credit Union Strategy
Credit Union industry expert and strategic planning coach Michael Hudson talks about organizational effectiveness in your credit union and specifically about a quick way to change the thinking of everyone in your organization about the subject of efficiency. http://www.CreditUnionStrategy.com If we spend 10 minutes a day in activities that don't produce results, across the course of a year, we've spent more than 40 hours doing that thing. However, people tend to push back when talking about the subject of efficiency because they fear their decision authority, judgment, flexibility, etc. will be taken away. Here's a quick way to help your people change their way of thinking about efficiency and turn their minds away from thinking about what it takes away from them and to instead thinking about what it brings the organization: 1. Pull your team together for 15 minutes 2. Throw out ideas of things that happen every day in your credit union that are inefficient (ex: When too many people are making a decision that should be made directly by the person dealing with the member, a computer system not functioning properly, etc.). 3. Figure out costs involved, estimate the number of times that particular inefficiency occurred in the last year, multiply the two and get a yearly cost estimate of the losses. With this exercise, everyone becomes aware of the power of becoming more efficient. By eliminating the waste, you can improve your credit union's profitability, which means you can offer your members better rates, have a more successful credit union, and are able to grow more for the long term. Take the time to sit down and change your people's thinking about efficiency. Not to how it adversely affects them but how it actually costs the organization money and how much can be changed by making small incremental changes. If you'll do that, you'll see the organizational efficiency of your credit union improve and will be better poised for long term success. For more tips on improving your credit union's organization efficiency, visit http://www.CreditUnionStrategy.com
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Kelly, Customer Service Team Leader at HR & Payroll, shares her career story
Kelly transferred to Capita under TUPE from Southampton City Council. See her first hand experiences of working for Capita, part of our Strategic Partnership with Southampton. For more information, visit http://www.capita.co.uk Follow us on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/capita
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The Five Steps to Loyal Customers - #2 Get Customer Feedback by Kristina Evey
Visit http://kristinaevey.com/op/keep-your-customers/ to get the other four installments of the video series "Five Steps to Loyal Customers" sent directly to you. Do you need more loyal customers doing business with you? Do you want to make more money with your existing customers? This brief video series tells you how.
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gerry brown people 1st discusses the World Host Customer Service programme
Gerry explains that People 1st as a Sector Skills Council, constantly check for skills gaps or areas to improve in the hospitality sector. Gerry highlights that management and leadership are weak in the hospitality sector, there are not enough chefs, customer service in the UK is very low (in fact England and the UK are rated as 17th in the World). To tackle this People 1st have adopted the World Host programme. This programme originates from Canada, who consistently rank top in the World for Customer Service. The programme started in Vancover and the People First team are adapting this to the UK market with the Gold Decade of large sporting events coming to the UK.
Developing a framework for customer engagement
How does a hotelier engage high value customers? Shane Izaks, general manager of information technology for the Peninsula Hotels Group, discusses the role technology takes in ensuring guests leave the hotel with the right experience.
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Mover Alerts from Experian
Experian's Mover Alert's service can give you advanced warning that your customers be moving house. Designed to help you stay in contact with your customers, manage credit risk, avoid fraud and help customer retention, Mover Alerts is key to your credit portfolio management. Find out more about Mover Alerts, go to http://www.experian.co.uk/consumer-information/mover-alerts-information.html.
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Best Practices for Cost-to-Serve Implementation Projects
Quantalyst founder Dean Baker explains the tools and techniques he recommends when implementing systems and changes designed to provide accurate Cost-to-Serve data. o improve profitability, you need to identify your most valuable customers and products while testing the impact that changes in offerings and process improvements have on costs and profitability. Knowing your cost-to-serve is the foundation upon which customer and product portfolio strategies are built. Cost-to-serve is not only externally focused, but plays an important role in the management and understanding of internal share services, such as IT departments. By giving business users insight into the drivers of share services costs, they can take direct actions to manage these costs.
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Fred Reichheld - Leading Authority on Loyalty
Fred Reichheld is a director emeritus of Bain & Company, one of the world's leading strategy consulting firms. He is the founder of Bain's Loyalty Practice, which helps clients achieve superior results through improvements in customer, employee, partner, and investor loyalty. His pioneering work has quantified the linkage between loyalty, profits, and growth. The Economist refers to him as the "high priest" of loyalty. http://www.speakers.ca/reichheld_fred.html This video is brought to you by Speakers' Spotlight - http://www.speakers.ca - North America's leading speakers' bureau. Book Fred Reichheld as a keynote speaker for your next event by contacting: [email protected]
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Winning With Customers:  How Owens Corning Measures Value
Bob Harlan, Director of Business Insights, discusses how Owens Corning measures the value they create for customers to determine if they are capturing their fair share. The methods discussed were developed with Valkre Solutions and are highlighted in their new book Winning with Customers (winningwithcustomers.com)
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Customer Service Tip - How to Ask the Extra Questions by Shep Hyken
Customer service speaker and expert, Shep Hyken, shares useful customer service tips in this "how-to" series. This short video explains how asking the extra questions can give your customers the experience they deserve.
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The Business Case for Process Improvement
NIATx members describe how implementing the NIATx model of process improvement has improved their agency's financial stability.
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Best Practices for Applying Customer Experience Analytics
Customer-centric companies are trying to learn as much as they can from their customers' experiences in order to more effectively meet their needs and maximize business opportunities with them. ClickFox Chief Marketing Officer Anna Convery shares her recommendations on using customer experience analytics to make the most out of each customer interaction. Please sign-up for our FREE eNewletter and get CRM insight delivered right to your inbox. http://www.1to1media.com/registeryoutube.aspx
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Andrew Miller on improving performance for retail organizations.wmv
This short video provides some ways for retail organizations to improve performance
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How the food industry is deceiving you part 4
Terrific Peter Jennings video exploring how billions of dollars are spent to sabotage your health. http://www.herbspecialists.com
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Australian Business Process Improvement Training
http://www.7sim.com.au/?australianbusiness 7SIM Founder Dan Jackson provides a unique micro-approach on how to improve your business in Australia. If you are running a business in Australia and looking to raise the performance level of your staff or your services then 7SIM is the solution that will provide your organisation with the most effective business process improvement training in existence. Every prosperous business has an effective leader and developing those leadership skills is a vital part of every entrepreneurs success plan. If you are looking to setup a new business or better manage the business you have then the 7SIM business improvement process training will be a great asset to your company. "Management training" "Leadership training" "Business management" "Change management" "Professional development" "Quality management" "Continuous improvement" "Business process improvement" "Business process management" "leadership" "leadership skills" "leadership skills training"
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ISOM 249 Presentation
Team 5's presentation about Ryanair.
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Find Cost Effective Ways to Keep Your Business Cool with Xcel Energy
As the summer heats up, so does your energy consumption. Xcel Energy offers rebates for electric business customers who install qualifying energy saving cooling equipment.
Introduction to Cost To Serve Analysis
To improve profitability, firms need to identify your most valuable customers and products, while testing the impact that changes in offerings and process improvements have on costs and profitability. Knowing your cost-to-serve is the foundation upon which customer and product porfolio strategies are built. Cost-to-serve is not only externally focused, but plays an important role in the managment and understanding of internal share services, such as IT departments. By giving the business users insight into the drivers of share services costs, they can take direct actions to manage these costs. With more that 15 years of experience in developing activity-based cost-to-serve models, using both vendor and proprietary software tools, we have the experience and capabilities you require, regardless of your implemenation choice. In this video, Quantalyst founder Dean Baker provides a brief introduction to the key concepts that underly successful cost-to-serve analysis.
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Leveraging Social Networks to Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences
Social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter are opening up new opportunities for companies to learn more about customer preferences and to forge tighter relationships with consumers. Viviana Padilla, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Salesforce.com, shares some recommendations for utilizing social networks to create exceptional customer service. Please sign-up for our FREE eNewletter and get CRM insight delivered right to your inbox. http://www.1to1media.com/registeryoutube.aspx
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Customer Service Tip - Keeping Customer Service Fresh by Shep Hyken
Customer service speaker, author and training expert, Shep Hyken, explains how you can keep customer service fresh over time with a quick 2 minute video tip. For more information about The Customer Focus (the customer service training program) go to http://www.TheCustomerFocus.com
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Maybe, the most inspirational video ever . . .
http://www.facebook.com/JohnVonAchen - In December 2009, I was privileged to speak before a large group of business professionals and entrepreneurs in Russia. My topic was, how to Create Your Best Year Ever in 2010. On that day, I ended by sharing a video my team and I had created to summarize the highlights of what I had taught. The audience was so moved by the video, many asked if they could have a copy. Today . . . I am sharing the video with you. My hope is this video encourages you as well. Share this video with anyone you know who needs a bit of encouragement and inspiration in these challenging times! It might make a difference in their day . . . and maybe, just maybe . . . their whole year!
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Job Search Strategies: Overqualified to Perfectly Qualified
Blog: http://blog.jobfully.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/jobfully Website: http://www.jobfully.com/ Experienced job seekers are sometimes frustrated to be told they are overqualified for a position. In part one of our series on this issue, we learned there are often hidden concerns behind the label "overqualified". Part two focused on how to address these concerns. Today, going beyond addressing concerns, to really turning your qualifications into selling points. The reasons why it would be wise to hire a highly qualified applicant seem obvious: Rapid ramp up Able to do job fully right away Ability to take on more than job requires You should certain bring this out in your materials and interviews. You may say things like "I am very confident I could jump right in and master this job quickly". That sounds very positive, without creating the impression the job would be TOO easy and leave you bored. In addition to the obvious merits, there are many subtle reasons why a highly qualified candidate is a good choice: Teacher and mentor to others Potential to create efficiencies and process improvements Expertise from past jobs to share Mature worker may bring increased stability New point of view in work group Variety in experience and background History of problem solving, getting through tough times Resiliency, experienced in dealing with challenges Self-started, motivated, used to working without close supervision Leadership skills and experience More connections and contacts Craft a number of success stories from your past that bring out the positive qualities of a full qualified worker. Plan to weave these stories in as you answer questions in the interview. Do this proactively. Do not wait for the issue of being overqualified to come up. By proactively bringing out your advantages, you may avoid the overqualified label. Look for ways to bring out these qualities that are humble and non-intimidating. You don't want the interviewer to feel threatened by your background and abilities. Emphasize your ability to do great work from within the parameters of the position. For example, if you've been a manager who is now applying for an individual contributor position you may say something like "I've had success working as part of a team to create efficiencies and improve the quality of the output." Then share a concrete example with quantifiable results. Even if you were in fact the leader in this instance, stress your role as part of the team, downplaying your managerial experience and playing up the team aspect. Going into a job fully qualified can create great value for the hiring manager and the organization. Plan to bring out that value in all your materials and in interviews so the label "overqualified" is not even an issue.
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The Ball Game - A Creative Team Building Exercise
http://buyandtrain.com- For training materials and resources for all your Resource Development needs.
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Forum on Modernizing Government: Transforming Customer Service 1
Tony Miller, Deputy Secretary for the Department of Education, moderates a session on Transforming Customer Service at the White House Forum on Modernizing Government. January 14, 2010.
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BobCAD-CAM V24 Mill Pro New Release
Please be sure to Comment and Subscribe! BobCAD-CAM V24 Mill Pro 2D & 3D CAD-CAM software is easy to use and learn. We've added several new machining strategies to our Mill Pro module to help you get the job done. Some of the new improvements and strategies include Rest Roughing, Flatlands Machining, Equidistant Offset, Pencil Milling and much more. Contact BobCAD-CAM today for more details at 877-262-2231 x123 or International at +1-727-442-3554 x123. Download free whitepapers today! http://bobcad.com/lp/freetechpapers.php/ GET a FREE One-On-One CAD-CAM Demo, customized to what you want to see! http://bobcad.com/lp_new/lp_live-one-on-one-demo.php?source=online-demo&download=V27%203%20Axis Visit us online : https://www.facebook.com/BobCADCAMInc https://twitter.com/bobcad_cam https://instagram.com/bobcadcam http://www.bobcad.com/ BobCAD-CAM Corporate 28200 U.S. Highway 19 N. Suite E Clearwater, FL 33761 Toll Free: 877.262.2231 Intl: 727.442.3554 Customer Service Tel: 727.489.0003 Intl: 727.442.3554 Fax: 727.442.1773 Technical Support Tel: 727.489.0003 US Dealer Locations Florida Local Office 727.288.9777 International Offices Columbia Office +57 (1) 381-9079 Mexico Office +52 (81) 4162-3300 Argentina Office +54 (11) 5258-2194 Other countries +001 (727) 442-3554 X153
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Strategy, Vision, Change (Pt. 2)
Lecture for MGMT 300 - pt. 2 of 4
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Handling objections at the front door
Learn more @ http://www.tonyhoty.com Handling objections at the front door while canvassing. An alternative to Rick Grosso Phil Rea Zig Ziglar Tom Hopkins Tony Ingrassia Chuck Anton Rodney Webb Ron Kahoun canvassing knock Kenny Brooks the original best salesman ever of my wonder cleaner marketing lead generation leads sales training windows roofing siding door doors roof vinyl replacement gutters remodeling home improvement smart circle service magic door-to-door renovations expert quinn street Tony Hoty
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Google Universal Search SEO 2.0
http://JohnScevolaSEO.com John Scevola is an expert in Web Presence Optimization (WPO). Web Presence Optimization encompasses the optimization of “all” a company’s digital assets (“Thinking Outside The Website”) for local, national, and/or international markets. His expertise also includes the vital skills of proactive Online Reputation Management. John Scevola can show your company how to develop and monitor a comprehensive, synergistic, “white hat,” inbound marketing strategy. This will involve effective usage of websites (technical SEO fundamentals), content marketing, blogging, articles, whitepapers, PDFs, eBooks, video marketing, podcasts, powerpoints, slideshows, email marketing, newsletters, press releases, advertising (banner and cost-per-copy), and social media marketing. John Scevola has been highly successful consulting, and executing online reputation management, for hundreds of clients over the last 9 years. His diverse international clients have included individuals, as well as small, medium, and large companies and organizations (including a 1/2 billion dollar telecommunications company). Prior to starting his own SEO consultant company John Scevola innovated, developed, and then simultaneously managed Search Engine Optimization Sales, Strategy, Copywriting, Syndication, and Video Production departments (SEO staff of 25 employees) for one of the world’s largest digital marketing companies (350 total employees). “John Scevola has helped our company in so many ways! John Scevola is remarkable in his SEO abilities and skill at taking a company from wherever they are presently to a whole new level of “Internet Success.” John knows the ins and outs of the search engines and loves what he does. He is able to optimize web sites, videos, press releases, articles — and get terrific rankings, often overnight. I cannot say enough about this man and his skills in this world of Internet — he is in a league of his own — tremendously talented, bright and capable. We refer clients to John Scevola without hesitation and get many thanks for sharing our secret weapon for online communications!” — Anne Archer Butcher, Executive Vice President, Dolphin Media www.DolphinMediaGroup.com
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Where are you seeing the biggest improvements in the EHS of products under bluesign® standard
bluesign® system partner giving their feedback,working with the bluesign® standard: Jill Dumain, Patagonia Inc., Greg Scott, Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), Kevin Myette, Recreational Equipment (REI), Eva and Peter Askulv, Klättermusen, Lennart Ekberg, Haglöfs.
Ecommerce Webinar: Selling Software to Consumers
Ecommerce Software Webinar by Elastic Path Software - To watch this on-demand webinar go to http://www.elasticpath.com/webinars/software-report/ How do current consumer attitudes and behaviors impact customer acquisition and retention strategies for the software industry? Click the following link to view the full webinar & receive a complimentary copy of our latest research report, "Consumer Software Buying Trends 2010" conducted by Vision Critical Research. http://elasticpath.com/webinars/software-report/ Despite the plethora of free applications available, most consumers still want to purchase commercial software. Software companies need to better understand the barriers to purchase in order to discover new ownership models and improve the customer experience. Incremental improvements will help software companies increase valuable customer acquisition and retention rates. For more on-demand ecommerce webinars visit http://www.elasticpath.com/webinars
Cummins Uses Sourcing to Drive Innovation
Value Honors Awards 2010 recognizes Cummins in Run The Business Category for transcending its relationship with HCL ISD — from a traditional vendor-supplier role to a blended team that oversees its IT Infrastructure. Cummins has achieved operational efficiencies through continuous service improvements as the company reviews its status of performance periodically.
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Renewal Sales Training Video
Family Concepts, Ltd. Reneawal Sales Training Video
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BidABuilder.com What's Hot Webisode Service | Become The Expert
Are you a general contractor, interior designer or remodeling expert looking to promote your service? Introducing BidABuilder.com's What's HOT Webisode Service only on BidABuilder TV. When you talk about things you know it makes you the expert in that area. Your webisode will target a huge audience of interested consumers eager to learn about what's hot in home building, remodeling and what makes YOU stand out! So what does this mean to you? It means more sales, more revenue, a larger audience for your services, when they come to BidABuilder they see you as the expert. Why not present yourself in the best light ? Go to bidabuilder.com and and sign up today. If you are already a member call now to learn more 866.393.7788- BidABuilder.com - We Put YOU In Control!
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Patient Opinion_Paul Hodgkin.mov
Do you have stories or experiences related to health care, good or bad? Patient Opinion is a social enterprise that captures stories about health care and takes those stories to the relevant health care authorities so that from the collective wisdom of service users, improvements can be made that will benefit us all. This is a video Be Inspired Films made for them at Oxfordjam in about an hour to showcase what you can learn on the Be Inspired 'create your own videos' courses. See more at http://createvideoforweb.eventbrite.com
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Corporate Collections Success! BRW does B2B.
My name is Robin Kluge and I'm the CEO of Butler, Robbins & White in Fort Lauderdale Florida. We are a B2B corporate collections company and have been in the business for 31 years. We've collected for Fortune 500's and can collect for your business too. Contact us and let us help you collect your company's delinquent receivables. We work on contingency so you don't pay a dime upfront to hire us. For more information visit http://www.brwcollect.com or call us at 1800-749-1968 Sincerely, Robin Kluge CEO of Butler Robbins & White
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Holtzman Home Improvement - Bathroom Remodeling Scottsdale AZ
Call (602) 323-6574 to reach Holtzman Home Improvement. Specializing in Bathroom Remodeling in the Scottsdale and PhoenixArizona area. Holtzman Home Improvement is a high quality five-star rated Bathroom Remod Company. We are considered as one of the highest quality and best price remodeling companies in the Scottsdale Arizona area. You can read the testimonials written by past clients of ours. We offer free estimates and do not charge for travel time. We work closely with many vendors throughout the valley and pass on the discounts we receive, directly to our clients for the best price. You will always be directly connected to one of the owners at any time of the day. From large full scale Kitchen Remodeling and Bath Remodeling to small handyman jobs, we do it all! We are guided by the following principles: Individual approach to the customer, Professionalism, Creativity, Dedication to quality and service, Innovation, Efficient and quick workmanship. We can assist you with any of your home improvement needs. Contact Holtzman Home Improvement to receive a free estimate. Email [email protected] or call at (602) 323-6574.
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Drop Bad Suppliers the Great Ones Will Compete for Your Business
The BUY SMART REVOLUTION is upon us. If suppliers aren't willing to compete then they will go out of business. Watch this video to see how one supplier proclaimed he wouldn't compete but he wasn't finding work
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311 E-Services
Did you know you can now report issues such as graffiti and potholes on your iphone and via the City of Riverside's website? Greg will walk you through the simple steps.
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McAfee || Revenue Integrity Leadership || 2 Opportunities
1) $1 Billion Central Business Office Revenue Integrity Leadership...working with this central business office working with multiple hospitals, multiple clinics and multiple physicians connected to the system to ensure that the Charge Master is working as it should. $75k is "inside the box" compensation. 2) $3 Billion System with a central business office looking for someone with the charge master experience and finance analysis experience to lead a small team ensuring that the charges that should have occurred did and having responsibility for variance analysis, setting benchmarks and various other improvements connected to revenue integrity. $75k compensation is "inside the box". Contact John McAfee at 972-265-5258 or [email protected] for specific details on either opportunity.
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Rebecca O'Malley - Consistency in Quality
WHO Patient Safety Champion Rebecca O'Malley tells compares standards in the food industry and healthcare and asks why it is acceptable to allow such variation in quality in healthcare services. Recorded at the 1000 Lives Plus National Learning Event, Liberty Stadium, Swansea. International patient safety advocate Rebecca O’Malley gave the keynote address at the 1000 Lives Plus National Learning Event. She explains how her life changed following her misdiagnosis with breast cancer, and why she has campaigned since for safer patient care. When mother of three Rebecca O’Malley received the all-clear following an examination on a lump found in her breast, she was delighted to be able to carry on her life as normal. Fourteen months later, she was facing a mastectomy and life saving treatment after discovering she had breast cancer and had been wrongly given the all-clear. Her misdiagnosis and subsequent delay in crucial treatment had led to the cancer silently growing in her breast and spreading to her lymph nodes. At the age of just 40, she was, as she so simply puts it, ‘heading for disaster’. Family impact “It was so hard for myself and my family,” said Rebecca, who told her story to over 300 NHS Wales staff at the 1000 Lives Plus event. “My husband had already lost his mother to breast cancer when he was just nine years old and now he and our three young children were facing the prospect of history repeating itself. “We decided we had to be open with our children, but when the eldest asked me to promise that I wouldn’t die, it was the hardest thing to tell her that I couldn’t make that promise.” Hospital reluctance After persistent questioning of her hospital in Ireland, Rebecca discovered that her previous results had been incorrectly reported. Yet even after finding this out, the hospital staff were reluctant to carry out a thorough investigation into what had gone wrong. She said, “It would have been easier to leave it alone, it wouldn’t change anything but I couldn’t do it, inaction was not appropriate. If this could happen to me, it could happen to anyone and I needed to make sure changes were made.” Rebecca took her case to the highest level of Government, which ensured changes were made to breast cancer services in Ireland. Now, she is continuing her mission to put patients at the centre of care. She is now a World Health Organisation international patient safety advocate. A right to ask At the recent learning session Rebecca championed a culture where patients have the right to ask questions in NHS Wales, and she commended NHS Wales staff for the achievements made in the 1000 Lives Campaign and 1000 Lives Plus. She said, “We all have to recognise that errors are made, that systems do fail and that people will be harmed. “But you have to make sure you are ready for errors, expect them and act on them to make sure it doesn’t happen again. “The work you have already done as part of 1000 Lives is making a huge difference and has spared many families anguish because of improvements made. “Now you have to set your standards even higher. You have to aim for zero hospital falls, zero pressure ulcers, zero thrombosis. “You have thousands of patient voices in your system and each one of them is a quality control officer seven days a week, 24 hours a day – just listen to them.” Equal relationships She said, “Patients need to be partners in their own care, they have to have the opportunity to speak and to challenge consultants. It has to be an equal relationship. “Patients can be a powerful catalyst for change, they need to be involved in the safety agenda and should be at the pinnacle of all thinking. “It is beholden on everybody who works in the health service, whenever something such as this happens, not just to be able to sit back and think, "Well, at least it is not my hospital." “Professional egos must be left at home. We must all look at our own hospital and identify what might be happening there. And once it is identified lets act straight away to put it right.” Rebecca believes that many of the improvements already being delivered in Wales, such as patient safety walkrounds and the surgical safety checklist, are vital to ensuring communication is open and transparent. She said,“I’m very impressed with the work which has been delivered by the 1000 Lives Campaign and now by 1000 Lives Plus. “You have to show by your actions that patient safety is important to you and the new ways of working you have introduced have made a big difference to patient care. “If you look at what the 1000 Lives Campaign achieved, just think about how much difference 1000 Lives Plus can make over five years.” Link to Rebecca's Powerpoint: http://www.1000livesplus.wales.nhs.uk/news/20513
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James Dion: There Just May Be A Silver Bullet
Presentation at the 2010 NRF Big Show in New York City (NYC). With the economy weakened, corporate profits thinner than ever and sales numbers on a roller-coaster, you'd think that retailers would count every customer and make them count for them (i.e., treat them like royalty!), right? Wrong! Most retailers still don't even know how many they are, let alone knowing how to serve them the best way possible. Yet, the technology to count every customer and make them count for you has been around for quite some time. Traffic counting is the 'silver bullet' and it can really make a difference to your business, particularly during this recovery. It is not just simple to use, it is economical (arguably the most economical technology investment out there), and the sales improvements you can achieve by deploying it to maximize your sales opportunities with each and every customer are astounding. Don't take my word for it. Learn from Eric Champagne at Liz Claiborne, Canada, how counting customer traffic has helped improve Liz Claiborne customer service levels and quality, store management and associates' motivation and dramatically increased customer satisfaction and sales.
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Chrome Event - 12/07/2010
Video Footage from the Chrome event on 12/07/10. Sundar Pichai, Product Management Lead for Chrome announces upcoming speed improvements for Chrome, introduces the Chrome Web Store and the Chrome OS pilot program. Learn more at google.com/chrome, chrome.google.com/webstore and google.com/chromeos.
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Operational Excellence in Shared Services with Nimbus Control
Mike Gammage on how Nimbus Control provides the ideal platform for sustainable success in Shared Services. Learn more at: http://www.nimbuspartners.com
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Enterprise Support partner program - Part 1
This recording provides you an overview of the SAP Certification program with Enterprise Support and the integrated support model for partner solutions through SAP Solution Manager. You will discover the benefits of being a SAP certified integrated support partner and the competitive advantage you gain through the strong connection into the service and support infrastructure that enhances efficient support for joint customers. Learn also about the significant improvements including time-to-resolution for superior customer experience and operational support efficiency for partner solutions.
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Job, vacancy, career in i-gaming & e-gambling
http://www.thebettingheadhunter.com - Job, vacancy, career in i-gaming & e-gambling - Develop, drive and deliver a site development plan for (x)bingo.com as part of the Remote Transformation plan including the creation and approval of business cases/CAPEX proposals Work closely with Head of X Bingo and the land-based brand owner(s) to develop a multi-channel strategy for the brand and deliver on initiatives/commitments to develop both the online and offline channels Support all "brand alignment" initiatives to appropriately position the online and land-based brand positions Maintain an active working knowledge of the online bingo market and competitors within it; use that market knowledge to drive regular and material improvements to the site proposition Develop a suite of tools to understand and improve performance of the site (site tracking, usability, market research, accompanied play etc.) Work closely with Brand Marketing and Customer Insight teams to deeply understand who is playing on the site, what their goals and needs are, and develop a "customer plan" to ensure that the site and overall proposition meets key customer needs Work to improve the customer experience on the site across transactional, content, product and other pages through design, development of tools and functionality improvements Produce regular updates on CAPEX spend, agreed and pipelined projects, including forecasts of outcome and realisation of business benefits (PIRs) Update the Remote "Programme Office" on a weekly basis with progress on initiatives, escalation of risks, costs etc. Performance Targets Ownership of CAPEX projects worth £1m-£5m/year Control of OPEX of up to £1m/year Contribute to improvements of £150m turnover and £10m gross win for (x)bingo.com - Job, vacancy, career in i-gaming & e-gambling - http://www.thebettingheadhunter.com
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CityStar Employee Recognition Program - CC
Exceptional customer service by City of Bend employees is the goal of this program.
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