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Microsoft Office 365 Migration
Looking for a high-level overview of a Microsoft Office 365 migration? Data Networks walks you through the fundamentals of an Office 365 migration, including considerations and decisions that need to be made to ensure a smooth transition to the Cloud. Solutions Architect Chuck Kiessling leverages his extensive Data Center Optimization experience to assist you with your strategy for your Office 365 migration. Topics include: Traditional Infrastructure Basics; Standard Challenges; Evaluation of Current Environment Compared to Cloud-Based Solutions Under Consideration; Types of Migration (Remote Move Migration; Staged Migration; Cutover Migration; IMAP Migration); Infrastructure + Migration Data Flow; and Post-Migration Environment. Visit http://www.datanetworks.com to learn how Data Networks can assist you with your environment assessment and help you develop the right approach for your migration.
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Securing the Virtual Data Center with VMware NSX
In this white board session, Solutions Architect Dwayne MacKenzie explains how the distributed firewall functionality in VMware NSX can simplify security in your virtual data center. Topics include: The challenges created by traditional security approaches in the virtual data center; The basics of VMware NSX firewall functionality with examples; "Stateful" security policy; "Microsegmentation"; Software defined data center basics; and more. Visit http://www.datanetworks.com to learn how Data Networks can help you simplify your data center with a broad range of vmware-based virtualization solutions.
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Understanding SharePoint
Need help understanding Microsoft SharePoint? Let Data Networks Practice Manager Colleen Beale walk you through SharePoint 2010 concepts and key capabilities so you can better understand the basics of this powerful platform. Understanding SharePoint provides an overview of Sites, Communities, Content, Search, Insights, and Composites along with practical examples and business applications. Let Data Networks assist you with your SharePoint project or IT needs. Visit us at http://www.datanetworks.com.
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Enhancing VDI with Virtual SAN
Data Networks Solution Architect, Josh Pingel, explains how vSAN from VMware helps simplify management, reduce storage complexity, improve performance, and lower TCO in your virtual desktop environment.
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Backup vs. True Business Continuity
This whiteboard session takes a look at the difference between traditional backup and a true business continuity solution. Everyone understands the need to backup critical data. But when disasters happen, traditional backup approaches have serious shortcomings. What's needed is an intelligent business continuity approach as described here. Visit www.datanetworks.com or call 844-GET-DNET to learn more about our simplified approach to hybrid business continuity.
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Hyper-converged Infrastructure - The Future of IT?
The IT industry is going through a major evolution, from hard-to-manage, discreet hardware and software, to truly integrated systems. A hyper-converged infrastructure integrates compute, networking, storage, and virtualization resources into a single box to create an all-in-one solution.
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Welcome to Data Networks!
Patrick Regan, Data Networks President, provides an introduction to Data Networks and our mission to "Simplify Enterprise IT" for you.
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Office 365 or Google Apps?
Contemplating a move to one of the popular cloud-based productivity suites for email, documents, calendar, and file sharing? As the battle for dominance in the space rages on, it may not be clear which platform is best for your organization. Watch this webcast for a compelling side-by-side platform comparison.
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The NEW Pulse Secure
Get the latest on the new Pulse Secure formed from the acquisition of Junos Pulse and officially launched August 1, 2015. In this brief webcast, Deepinder Singh, Senior Engineer with Pulse Secure and Dwayne MacKenzie, Data Networks Solutions Architect, explain how the transition will impact you if you are an existing Junos Pulse customer or looking to implement this great technology for your organization.
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Simplifying High-Stakes K12 Online Testing
VMware End User Computing solutions are helping K12 organizations across the country deliver online testing securely and reliably. View this webinar, developed specifically for K12 school systems, to learn how VMware Horizon 6 can help you meet Common Core, PARCC, and Smarter Balance online testing demands in your schools.
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Navigating the Education Grants Landscape
Bring innovative IT to your school district by learning how to access and secure your share of the available $600B in grant funding. You've probably heard about all those grants out there. But how do you recognize those capable of actually transforming your district's educational outcomes? More importantly, how do you ensure your grant proposal is as competitive and compelling as possible? For this information-packed webinar, Data Networks has teamed up with the experts at Grants Office to provide you the information and support you need to: 1) overcome the barriers to getting the grants you deserve, and 2) secure grant funding for your upcoming technology projects. This session will cover the grants support program, examples of the tech-friendly grant programs available to you right now, and next steps to get started!
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