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Tyrone Whitefield Flying his Bantam microlight Solo
Bantam Solo Time with Tyrone
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Strong crosswind landing in a microlight
I have used this video many times to show the problems arising with landing a microlight in a crosswind.
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b Crosswind landing
Light Flight, Cato Ridge. The wind and thermals can get hectic and trees on the side of the runway can make disaster of a landing if you dont get it right...Come fly with us and we will make you competent to land in these conditions...
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Bumblebee single seat trike
At Light Flight we fly single seat trikes, microlights and Light Sport Aircraft... www.lightflight.co.za MIcrolighting and Light Flight flying...
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A special woman  takes my son flying in the Cessna 172
My son had the privilege to be given a lesson in the Cessna 172.
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Microlight flying in Umkomaas, South Africa
With Videographer, Tanya Jacobs, I had the awesome opportunity to have this promotional video done of my new school and the type of flying available to international clients and locals too. The coastline is amazing. There is much to see from altitudes of your choice. Contact us on www.wowflight.co.za or [email protected]
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Jane enjoys her solo flight in the microlight
World of wings flight school offers training in weight shift microlights and light sport aircraft.
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Binayak Bastola Going solo.
It is such an awesome feeling as an instructor to see your students going solo.
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Bumpy ride from Secunda
Credits to Andre " Budgie" Smith for the editing.
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Pilot caught in cloud whilst on his cell phone
Pilot caught in cloud whilst on his cell phone
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Formation flying with a Microlight
Formation with a trike
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Flying Africa in a Microlight over Game Farms
Come join us at WoW Flight School as we fly you over our reserves with awesome game to see.
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Boobie trap and tear gas dust
This trap can be placed on a door or window. If the pin is pulled from movement then the spring pin disperses the teargas powder.
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Valley of 1000 hills
Coffee on Table Mountain in the Valley of 1000 hills
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Tanzanian African bush pilot, Boniphace, goes Solo.
One of the new Tanzanian Game Trackers, Boniphace Haule goes solo and is on track to helping with the Anti-Poaching in Tanzania. Training done by Noel McDonogh
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Light Flight
We do microlight training on the Aquilla and Light sport aircraft training on A22 Foxbat and Sling2 aircraft.
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Boobie trap
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Boni going Solo
Boni going solo with us
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Oshville Fly In to Himeville
70 Planes gathered to Himeville airfield for breakfast and and hangar talk.
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Flying over the Umkomaas beach. Come join me.
My flying in powered hangliding before the weight shift microlight
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Bad pilot instruction on landing
A student pilot lands the aircraft too fast. He chases on the control yolk and porpoises and breaks the front wheel off.
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Intruder Deterant
Get someone who has a gun license to get shot gun shells. Take the pellets out and just leave the primer in. I have put paintball teargas pellets in and attached the boobie traps to my gates and have 7 of them around the back of my property. I have one indoors on my window that will only hit a teargas pellet with no noise. The idea behind this is to create a noise so it gives you time to get your gun, paintball gun or call the useless police... You have to get into the mode of loading each night and unloading each morning or leave them around your gardens and walls. BE CAREFUL of children and put the boobie traps in places where kids dont get to them. The idea is to make awareness that we as the community that do not want trouble are ready for you useless species that want to hurt us...
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DoubleShot Intruder Deterrant
This will make your intruder wet their pants. As an Intruder walks through the trip wire the pin is pulled and hits a 20mm shotgun shell. I can turn them to shoot the intruder but will cause damage.
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Low level flying from Umgababa to Umkomaas.
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Change the perspective of the place where you live.
Flying at 1000ft over Umkomaas and Scottburgh beaches gives one an awesome perspective of the coastal beauty we have.
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When you catch your domestic sleeping on duty
What do you do when you find your domestic sleeping on duty...
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Lovely sound of a Light Sport Aircraft passing by.
CTLSi light sport aircraft at World of Wings Fligh School
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Snow white and her aeroplane
Flying to Himeville for breakfast after the snow last week...check my video out...
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Spreading his fathers ashes
Emotional Henning Fareria finally had closure over Scottburgh beach firstly at 3000ft then low level. Odin couldn't have given us better weather.
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MIcrolight Missing man formation for Kevin Fuller
Kevin Fuller was tragically taken from us in a car accident and this is what we did for him...
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Flying in Umkomaas today.
Change the perspective of the place where you live. Come dangle your feet for 15 min over the Umkomaas and Scottburgh beach fronts with no restraints other than your seatbelt, reaching for the sky whilst waving at  people far below.
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Last flight with ZU-FBM
Flying in formation with Vic and Muffy into Pietermaritzburg airport and landing inturn.
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5000 ft and biltong...
Eating biltong at 5000ft in a GT450 microlight in South Africa. World of Wings Flight School, Umkomaas.
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Wow Flight School Umkomaas
Flying Light Sport Planes at WoW Flight School in Umkomaas, KZN
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My Student Resne Price goes solo
Come fly in the flight deck with Resne as she does her first solo. More info at [email protected]
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When your cell phone music adds to the flying scene...
Cell phone rings with a ring tone to add to the scene.
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