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Interpreting Hazard Ratios
This video wil help students and clinicians understand how to interpret hazard ratios.
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How to Interpret a Forest Plot
This video will discuss how to interpret the information contained in a typical forest plot.
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How to calculate an odds ratio
odds ratios are the measure of association in a case control study. This video demonstrates the calculation of the OR
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How to calculate relative risk
Video describing how relative risk is calculated from a cohort study. RR is just a ratio of incidence of the outcome in the exposed divided by the incidence of the outcome in the unexposed. It is also used in therapy studies.
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Intention-to-treat analysis: What is it and why is it important?
Intention to treat analysis is explained and its utility is demonstrated in this video
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How To Calculate The Number Needed To Treat
The NNT is the number of patients you need to treat with the experimental therapy to prevent one additional bad outcome. This video will demonstrate how to calculate NNT
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Determining Causality: A Review of the Bradford Hill Criteria
Bradford Hill develops several criteria that you shold consider as you try to determine if an association seen in a study is causal or not
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How to Interpret and Use a Relative Risk and an Odds Ratio
RR and OR are commonly used measures of association in observational studies. In this video I will discuss how to interpret them and how to apply them to patient care
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Power, Type II error, and Sample Size
Video providing an overview of how power is determined and how it relates to sample size.
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How to Calculate Positive Predictive Value
Video describing how to calculate the probability that a patient has disease when they have a positive test
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What is Heterogeneity?
Systematic reviewers have to decide whather or not studies are homogeneous enough to combine. This video will describe what heterogeneity is and some of the tests used to investigate it.
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Cohort Studies: A Brief Overview
Overview of cohort study design and their strengths and limitations.
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What Is Length Time Bias?
Length time bias is one of the biases you need to watch out for when you read a screening study. This video will describe what length time bias is.
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Effect Modification
In this video I describe what effect modification is and describe 2 methods to differentiate an effect modifier from a confounder.
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How to Critically Appraise a Systematic Review: Part 1
Part 1 of a 2 part series on how to critically appraise systematic reviews
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Fixed Effects and Random Effects Models
2 main types of statistical models are used to combine studies in a meta-analysis. This video will give a very basic overview of the principles behind fixed and random effects models.
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Publication Bias
Very general overview of what publication bias is and the use of funnel plots to detect it
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Levels of Prevention
Traditionally prevention is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary. This video will discuss what each of these is.
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How to Calculate a Positive Likelihood Ratio
Video demonstrating how to calculate a positive likelihood ratio
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How to Calculate Specificity
video describing how to calculate the specificity of a test from a diagnostic test study
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How to Calculate Negative Predictive Value
Video describing how to calculate the probability a patient doesnt have disease when they have a negative test
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Statistics Corner: Confidence Intervals
Video describing the role and interpretation of confidence intervals
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What Is Lead Time Bias?
Lead time bias is one of 3 main biases you should always think about when you read a screening study. In this video I will describe lead time bias and how you can detect it.
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Concealed Allocation: What Is It and Why Is It Important?
This video will describe the imporrtance of concealed allocation in a randomized controlled trial. Concealed allocation will be differentiated from blinding.
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What Are Likelihood Ratios and How Are They Used
Video describing the role of likelihood ratios in diagnostic testing
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Case-Control Studies: A Brief Overview
Case-control studies are observational studies that have the greatest risk of bias. I will describe the basic design of case-control studies and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.
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How to Calculate Relative Risk Reduction
This video demonstrates 2 methods to calculate the commonly used measure to report outcomes in RCTs
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How to Critically Appraise a Systematic Review: Part 2
Part 2 of how to critically read a systematic review
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How to Critically Appraise a Therapy Study- Part 1
First of a 2 part series on questions you should ask as you critically appraise a therapy study
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Propensity Scores 101
This video gives a general overview of what propensity scores are and how they are most commonly used in observational studies
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P-values and Type I Error
What does a p-value mean and what cant it tell you. That will be the focus of this video.
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Dr Shaneyfelt's Approach to Reading a Clinical Research Study
Video describing my approach to reading a paper
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How to Calculate Sensitivity
Video describing how to calculate sensitivity from numbers given in a diagnostic test study
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How to Calculate a Negative Likelihood Ratio
video describing the calculation of a negative likelihood ratio
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Relative Risk Reduction Can Be Relatively Misleading
Relying on RRR alone in making clinical decision can be misleading. I will outline why in this video.
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Developing answerable clinical questions
This tutorial discusses background and foreground quesitons and how to convert a clinical scenario in to a PICO foreground question
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Overview of Clinical Practice Guidelines
This video describes what guidelines are and reviews some of the Institute of Medicine's attributes of trustworthy guidelines
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Overview of preoperative cardiac risk assessment
I will review elements of the history and physical exam that should be focused on in the preoperative cardiac assessment. I will also discuss the role of the preoperative ECG.
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Overview of Subgroup Analysis
In this introductory video I describe what a subgroup analysis is and discuss in very general terms some of the problems they are fraught with. This is the first in a series of 4 videos about subgroup analysis.
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Residual Confounding in Observational Studies
Residual confounding is imcompletely controlled confounding. I'll discuss how it happens and how you can detect it in this video
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Statistics Corner: Overview of Regression Analysis
Very basic overview of the different types of regression analysis and why regression analysis is needed. This is not for statisticians but for medical students, residents and clinicians wanting a very basic overview of what regression analysis is.
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Controlling Confounding During the Design Phase of a Study
Confounders can be controlled during the design phase and the analysis phase of a study. This video will discuss several methods available to control confounding during the design phase.
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What Are Clinical Prediction Rules?
Video describing what clinical prediction rules are, how they are developed and how they should be used
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Overview of Review Articles
In this video i will compare and contrast narrative and systematic reviews.
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How to Critically Appraise a Diagnostic Test Study
Video describing the 3 elements that diagnositc test studies must meet to ensure the validity of the estimate of the sensitivity and specificity of the diagnostic test
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2: Dealing with missing data
In this video I describe how to analyze the pattern of your missing data (monotone or arbitrary) and how to use common methods to deal with missing data.
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Summary Measures Used in Systematic Reviews
Studies are combined in a meta-analysis using a common summary outcome measure. In this video I will review the commonly used summary outcome measures.
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Perioperative Diabetes Management: Patients on Insulin
In this video I review perioperative glycemia managment strategies of insulin requiring patients with diabetes.
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Prognostic Study Designs
Overview of study designs used to glean prognostic information.
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Preoperative evaluation of patients with diabetes
In this video I discuss the metabolic effects of surgery on blood glucose and factors to consider as you evaluate a diabetic patient prior to surgery.
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