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How to Get Articles Published in Magazines
http://www.FamousinYourField.com - Learn how to get published in magazines. Small business owners, coaches and consultants know that being published will make them more widely known and boost their credibility, but are hesitant to approach magazine editors. Here's why you should.
Networking Tip from The Charge, by Brendon Burchard
http://www.FamousinYourField.com In Brendon Burchard's book, The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive, he gives great advice to create a stronger, more authentic connection - focus on PRESENCE. This works in business and personal encounters. Creating a strong connection through your presence is important if you want to become famous in your field.
Moxie.Money.Meaning Live Workshop - Ann Arbor - June 14, 2012
MOXIE.MONEY.MEANING Workshop - Live in Ann Arbor, MI June 14, 2012 Join the Moxie revolution to be more, earn more and do more - together! Invest in yourself. Learn to channel your inner moxie, and radiate confidence and power, while you up the ante on your life's purpose. Register at: http://kelligilpin.com/event-registration/ You'll get to network with a savvy group of women -- people who can help you get what you want and what you need. What you'll learn at this workshop: -How to channel your inner moxie, so that you ask for what you want and GET IT. -Simple positioning tricks that have you radiating confidence and power. (Backed up with neuroscience and physiology, baby!) -Our #1 secret to converting self-confidence into cold hard CASH. -How to up the ante on your life's purpose. Living a life of meaning is not a luxury, it's an OBLIGATION.
Publishing business articles: how to be a better writer
http://www.FamousinYourField.com Many business professionals (coaches, consultants and advisors) want to publish articles to share their knowledge with clients and to build credibility as an expert, but they're not confident in their writing. Focus on these two things, and you'll be publishing articles that position you as an expert and make clients seek you out.
How to write articles that rank well on Google
http://www.FamousinYourField.com There's a simple way to create keyword rich articles, that naturally pull potential clients to your content like a magnet. Get inside your customer's head. Focus on the questions they ask about your service, your business and your industry. Then answer those questions! Be sure to use the exact words and phrases that your clients or customers use in your content (article, blog post, video, web page.)
Josh Miles, author of the book Bold Brand
Get more at http://www.famousinyourfield.com. Lori Nash Byron of Famous in Your Field interviews Josh Miles, author of the book Bold Brand: The new rules for differentiating, branding and marketing your professional services firm. Hear Josh talk about Bold Brands, why it matters in professional services and how publishing a book is helping him stand out as an expert. http://www.BoldBrand.com
How should I market my new business.MTS
http://www.FamousinYourField.com - What should you do first to market your new business? With so many demands on your time as a new business owner, you want to focus on the marketing that produces the biggest results.
Publicity: you are not in control
Get more here: http://www.FamousinYourField.com When it comes to publicity, YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL. Scary, right? The media outlet exists to educate, entertain or inform its readers and viewers, not to promote you, your book or your business. When it comes to publicity, you've got to take the good with the bad. But here's the best part - in nearly every case, the good far outweighs the bad. This video illustrates the fact that often, what seems terrible and damaging to you doesn't even matter. As long as the overall impression of you, your business or your book is positive, being featured in the media is not just a good thing, but a GREAT thing.
How to Make More Engaging Video.MTS
http://www.FamousinYourField.com - Learn one easy tip to create more engaging video. Solo professionals, consultants and coaches want to share their message and thought leadership via video, but are worried about how they'll look or sound on video. Make your videos more effective and less stressful to create with this one simple shift.

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