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EndNote Basic Quick Video
This video will introduce you to some of the features of EndNote Basic.
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Introduction to Industry Analysis
Hal Kirkwood, from Purdue Libraries, will give a short introduction to industry analysis. This video will discuss the difference between an industry and a market, consumer information and industry classifications.
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Getting Started with Factiva
This tutorial will show you: 1. How to do a simple search. 2. How to search for more than one company at a time. 3. How to find news reports about companies.
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Why I Love Purdue Libraries' WALC: Cole Griffin & Anna Magner (1st Place)
An entry by Cole Griffin, a senior industrial engineering major, and Anna Magner, a junior selling and sales management major, won first place in the Why I Love Purdue Libraries' WALC (Wilmeth Active Learning Center) (Fall 2017)
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The Purdue University Research Repository (PURR)
Introducing PURR, http://purr.purdue.edu, the Purdue University Research Repository. PURR is a web-based platform that Purdue researchers can use to share data and collaborate on research online. It provides resources for data management planning, publishing datasets with DataCite DOIs, and archiving data in a secure, reliable, institutional repository. PURR is powered by HUBzero, and it is operated as a university core research facility in collaboration with the Purdue University Libraries, the Office of the Vice President for Research, and Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP).
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Biological Information Literacy: Nancy Pelaez
Professor Nancy Pelaez discusses the nature of knowledge in an inherently "messy" world and how this understanding shapes the way she teaches her first-year biology course. Pelaez is an Associate Professor of Biological Science at Purdue.
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Getting started with Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)
This video will introduce you to the WRDS platform and what databases Purdue Libraries is subscribed to within it.
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Industry and Market Research
Introduction to Market Research Reports and Industry Reports
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Basic Search Strategies for Research Databases: Part 3
Here is a quick tutorial on the basic search strategy of boolean operators.
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Getting Started with Mergent Online
This tutorial will show you how to use the Mergent Online database to find company information.
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"Copyright and Fair Use"
Purdue University Libraries/Information Literacy/Copyright and Fair Use
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Why I Love Purdue Libraries 2016-17: Second Place
Produced by Purdue University student Tré Bennett (senior, computer graphics technology)
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Public and Private Companies: What's the Difference?
Hal Kirkwood from Purdue Libraries explains the differences between public and private companies and how that affects the amount of information you can find on each.
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"Choosing a Database"
Purdue University Libraries/Information Literacy/Choosing a Database
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Introduction to Guide on the Side
Welcome to this tutorial on Guide on the Side. This tutorial will guide the user through the experience of Guide on the Side. We will be going through the Guide on the Side for Mergent, a popular business database. You can find the Guide on the Side tutorial here: http://sites.lib.purdue.edu/guides/tutorial/searching-mergent-online
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Understanding Document Types: Articles in Business & Management
As part of the Management 175 video series Hal Kirkwood from Purdue Libraries will look at six different types of articles to help you gain an understanding to use them effectively.
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Mental Measurements Yearbook Database Tutorial
A two-minute tutorial on how to use the Mental Measurements Yearbook database.
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Setting Up Google Scholar for Purdue's Full Text Journal Articles
This 2 1/2 minute tutorial demonstrates how to change the setting in Google Scholar so you have access to full text articles from Purdue Libraries' subscriptions.
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Endnote Basic Tutorial- Getting Started
A quick tutorial on getting started with Endnote Basic.
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Requesting Materials from Hicks Repository
This short video will teach you how to request books and journals from Hicks Repository.
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Introduction to Mintel
This short tutorial will show you how to use Mintel to find market reports.
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Advanced Search Strategies in Library databases and Google Scholar Part 1
A quick tutorial on the advanced search strategy of subject headings
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Digital Commons Network
A brief introduction on using the Digital Commons Network database provided by Purdue University Libraries.
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Why I Love Purdue Libraries' WALC: Jason Kelly (3rd Place - Tie)
An entry by Jason Kelly, a freshman engineering major at Purdue University, tied for third place in the Why I Love Purdue Libraries' WALC video contest (Fall 2017).
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Parts of a lab report for a chemistry course at Purdue University 1
A Purdue undergraduate student explains what you put in the "Introduction," "Results," and "Discussion" sections of your lab report.
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"Introduction to Primo"
Purdue University Libraries/Information Literacy/Introduction to Primo
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Endnote Basic Tutorial- Endnote and MS Word
A quick tutorial on Endnote Basic and MS Word.
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Why I Love Purdue Libraries' WALC: Jake Heidecker (2nd Place)
An entry by Jake Heidecker, a sophomore finance and supply chain management major at Purdue University, won second place in the Why I Love Purdue Libraries' WALC (Wilmeth Active Learning Center) Video Contest (Fall 2017).
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"Selecting Information"
Purdue University Libraries/Information Literacy/Selecting Information
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Education Search Strategies (Boolean Operators)
12 minute tutorial on using ERIC database from EBSCO. Also covers how to develop keywords and enter them using Boolean AND and OR Operators.
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Endnote Basic Tutorial- Organizing References
A quick tutorial on organizing references in Endnote Basic.
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Why I Love Purdue Libraries' WALC: Matt Schnelker (3rd Place - Tie)
A video entry by Matt Schnelker, senior computer information technology major at Purdue University, tied for third place in the Why I Love Purdue Libraries' WALC (Wilmeth Active Learning Center) (Fall 2017) Video Contest.
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A 5 minute tutorial on why and how to use ERIC from the EBSCO interface using an example search of "mathematics anxiety AND secondary". Illustrates how to use EBSCO Folders and how to get the full text of articles from direct links or from the Find It at Purdue option.
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Endnote Basic Tutorial- Collecting References
A quick tutorial on collecting references in Endnote Basic.
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Basic Search Strategies for Research Databases: Part 1
A quick tutorial on basic search strategies using library databases.
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IMPACT LEARNING: Librarians at the Forefront on Change in Higher Education
Clarence Maybee, Associate Professor of Library Science, and Information Literacy Specialist at Purdue University, discusses his book, "IMPACT Learning: Librarians at the Forefront of Change in Higher Education." He describes how academic libraries can enable the success of higher education students by creating or partnering with teaching and learning initiatives that support meaningful learning through engagement with information. Since the 1970s, the academic library community has been advocating and developing programming for information literacy. This book discusses existing models, extracting lessons from Purdue University Libraries’ partnership with other units to create a campus-wide course development program, Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation (IMPACT), which provides academic libraries with tools and strategies for working with faculty and departments to integrate information literacy into disciplinary courses. For more information, please visit: http://blogs.lib.purdue.edu/infolit/2018/02/21/new-book-impact-learning-librarians-at-the-forefront-of-change-in-higher-education/
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Getting Started with Bizminer
This tutorial will cover 1. Different types of searches in BizMiner 2. How to find the type of information you need about your industry 3. The types of reports you can access through BizMiner
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Getting Started with International Financial Statistics
This tutorial will cover… 1. How to build and refine a data query 2. The scope of data available in the database 3. How to export, chart, and graph your data results
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