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Bob White Electrix marketing by Digital StoryTelling Collective
For 60 years, Bob White Elecrix that provided Australian industry with large motor and generator service and repairs. What made this company extraordinary was the ingenuity and vision that, until the team from Digital Storytelling Collective became involved, remained an untold story. This video show examples of Bob White Elecrix corporate identity, website, copywriting, sales collateral, video production and print design. This visionary Australian company has now become a member of the ABB group, which is the world's largest engineering company.
John Smith - Managing Director of DST people
John Smith gives a brief insight into the world of DST people. John discusses what differentiates DST people from other organisations in the HR sector and how DST people works with mid size organisations. DST people's range of services includes organisational development & planning, role success profiling, professional sales, skills training, managing performance, high performance leadership training, outplacement support, succession & career planning, conflict management & prevention, effective team development, as well as personality & cognitive assessments.
Craig Harris - Managing Director of Digital StoryTelling Collective
Craig Harris gives a brief insight into the world of the Digital Storytelling Collective. The Digital Storytelling Collective is a new generation inbound marketing company that provides services such as Inbound marketing, marketing strategies, content marketing, search engine optimisation, graphic audits, print management, exhibition design, art direction, animation, video production brand management and identity development.
Philip Boland - Managing Director of DST it
Philip Boland gives a brief insight into the world of DST it. Philip discusses the issues that face the IT sector and touches on some of the services provided by DST it, which include global expansion strategies, software sales & marketing skills, business development improvement, establishing reseller and distribution networks, developing IT strategies, commercialisation of technology & IP, business operational improvement, software evaluation and selection, facilitating sales and acquisitions, as well as leveraging government grants and subsidies.
Brian Kelly - Managing Director of DST retail
Brian Kelly gives a brief insight into the world of DST retail. Brian talks about what drives the company and its people. DST retail specialise in providing advice to businesses in the retail sector on issues related to multi-channel strategies, ecommerce strategies, organisational structure, supply chain improvements, customer service training, organisation & people effectiveness, retail technologies, franchising and licensing, market trend insights, marketing programs and market demographics.
Digital StoryTelling Collective marketing showreel
Outbound marketing (or as it also is referred to content marketing or continuous marketing) relies on a strong narrative to succeed. The role of Digital StoryTelling Collective is to provide this narrative. This video provides a small glimpse of how strong narratives build strong, successful brands.
Testgrid marketing by Digital StoryTelling Collective
Another visionary Australian company, Testgrid is providing the first platform that delivers HR intelligent to enterprise level organisations. Digital Storytelling Collective worked with Testgrid to repackage and relaunch the brand to ASX 200 companies and a new generation of HR professionals. In this video you will see examples of Testgrid's new corporate identity, website, inbound marketing campaign, exhibition design, sales collateral, animation, video production, EDM campaigns, print design and API design.
Dstgroup Video
This video provides a brief insight into the institutional memory that makes the DST group team of business advisors one of the most experienced in the Southern hemisphere. The DST group consists of 5 companies, which includes DST people, DST i.t., DST corporate, DST retail and Digital Storytelling Collective. If you would like to know more about the DST group, visit www.dstgroup.com.au
Barrie Dobson - Managing Director of DST corporate
Barrie Dobson gives a brief insight into the world of DST corporate. Barrie discusses DST corporate's current focus and gives examples of what it does for clients. DST corporate's expertise extends to management buy outs (MBO), exit planning & implementation, company sales, valuations, MNA-- mergers & acquisitions, fund raising, corporate governance, board advisors, turnarounds/workouts, provision of chairman & directors, start-up of high tech, sweat equity (for early stage tech and turnarounds), IP development & commercialisation, owner/operator advisory and participation in complex negotiations.
Air Barrier Commercial
What is the toll of faulty or inadequate air barriers on our cities? This video reveals how without testing for air leaks in existing and new building stocks, we have no real insight into how big the problem of air leaks is. Research has shown that most untested buildings fall we below the standards applied in Europe and the USA. The impact is high-energy costs, poor user comfort and unhealthy buildings. Even the latest green buildings are often failing the most basic evaluations. The good news is that testing and fixing these problems is fast, non-intrusive and in expensive. Fixing air barriers can reduce a buildings carbon footprint, lower maintenance costs and create a more comfortable and healthier living and working environment. This video should serve as a wake up call to all who view it.
Air Barrier Technologies marketing by Digital StoryTelling Collective
Air Barrier is a group of companies that potentially hold the key to fixing the problem that makes Australian homes, commercial and government buildings amongst the most inefficient, uncomfortable and unhealthy buildings in the world. Digital Storytelling Collective have been charged with the role of helping commercialise this technology and build awareness of the issues and opportunities associated with leaky air barriers in buildings. In this video you will see examples of Air Barrier companies' corporate identities, websites, inbound marketing, exhibition design, sales collateral, API design, animation, video production, EDM campaigns and print design.
Vieple marketing by Digital StoryTelling Collective
Vieple is an online video interviewing system that has replaced phone screening for many of Australia's most well-known and respected organisations. In this video you will see applications of what Digital Storytelling Collective have done to helped build brand equity and drive sales. Some of the applications shown include corporate identity, website, content marketing, exhibition design, sales collateral, UI design, dynamic media, video production, EDM campaigns and print design.
Russ Interview
Russ from Lookatme talk's about DAM as solution

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