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James Pattinson stunned Indian team!
James Pattinson is an excellent bowler, he destroy indians players. I love to see him bowl out some of them, i think he have a good potential talents. Thump up if you think he is good bolwer.
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Gorgeous Lightning
Lightning is alway friendly, nice, compliment to other and show what good she is in events. Tell me, am i right that she is best female gladiator ever?
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Brilliant goal from Manucho! (Watch dis video)
Super goal from Manucho, in African Cup last year. He fired up the ball in the net by his left foot. An awesome player, isn't he?
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Cricket Wickets!
Many great wickets from Pakistan, Australia, etc. But comment, who is best fast bowler? Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar or Shane Bond?
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*BoOm* Shahid Afridi's best sixes *BoOm*
Shahid Afridi is known of hitter sixes in cricket. He is unbelievable and he is number one who hit most sixes in cricket. I upload some super sixes from him, i love him. He is just simple best hitter. Sadly, he is different now but he showed how powerful he is when he was young. I am sorry about music, i dont know what music suitable for this video. Enjoy the video!
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Gorgeous Lightning Montage
Gorgeous Kim Brett, many images from her. U'll know why i call her gorgeous lightning!
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Best Pakistan Wickets!
The best of bowlers in Pakistan team.
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Queen of the Hang Tough - Gorgeous Lightning
Lighthing is the queen of the hang tough, she is just once lost in the hang tough abt 8 years! Amazing! She is the best female gladiator ever!
Views: 2463 Mohakram
T5 - Jack vs King (Excellent match)
Jack vs King, this is very tough match and it is worth to watch match.
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2 super goals in PES 06
2 super goals in pes 06, one is wonderful curl goal and second goal which is fantastic goal ever u see! Comment or rate this video
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Black Op: 39-4 Nuketown (TDM)
I played bad forms recently and i guess my gut to keep telling me to not give up. So, i played brilliant in Nuketown and i think this was best gameplay for me so far. But i still haven't decide which one best gameplay for me. I hope you guys like this one because this video is epic! How can anyone not like Nuketown map, right? I think Nuketown map is crazy war lol.
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Shahid Afridi is dangerous player!
You should watch this video, he is an awesome player. He can hit six many, im not sure if anyone is better than him. Enjoy the video!
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PES 08 - skills, strength and brilliant goal from Adriano
I played Adriano in Inter Milan, pes 08 game. He is strong enuff to pass the players and scored brilliant by his skills. Check it out.
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Black op : 28-7, Beast MP5K!
I used Mp5k in black op, i think this weapon is pretty good and i also used it with rapid fire. I used chopper gunner, love it :D. If you do enjoy then i will upload more video and better gameplay than this video. I will be grateful if you click 'Like' for this great gameplay. Enjoy!
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Black Ops: Spas 12 Flawless 28-0!
I used with spas 12 only for suitable small map gameplay. This map Havana is suitable for spas 12 so you can get lot kills. I hope you enjoy this gameplay. It was my first proper flawless gameplay so i am pleased with this one. Enjoy!
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Black Ops: 30-1 Nuketown! Epic gameplay!
I do like play Nuketown in Black Ops, who else love this map? Whole people who play Black Ops. It was epic gameplay for me, i could have flawless in this game but i am still happy with my result. Enjoy!
Views: 81 Mohakram
Brilliant goal from Ibrahimovic! (must watch)
What an awesome goal from ibrahimovic.
Views: 168 Mohakram
T5 - Jack vs King (You shud watch this match)
Jack vs King, you will see some gud wrestle from King. It is also aggressive match.
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Black Op : FFA 30-2 Nuketown
I played free for all in nuketown, it was very good game. I used chopper gunner in the end. I think it is worth to watch. Click 'Like' if you do enjoy watch this video. Enjoy!
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MW3: 25-4 Underground
I had a bad form recently so I am glad that i done well afterward. I was played wise and more careful, in the end great result for me. I hope you like my video, if you do then please feel free to write comment. Sorry about no music because i am deaf. I dont know what type of music is suitable for this gameplay.
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Black ops : 30-1 TDM
I dont like this map sometime but i did played well so i thought this video is good to watch. I used chopper gunner and dog attacks, i hope you enjoy my video. Feel free to rate or comment this video.
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Best flash hitting stumps!
Best flash wickets of hitting stumps ever u c! So many dangerous players, bowled best yorkers and hitting stumps ever!
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Best slow motion cricket hitting stumps!
Brilliant slow motion cricket stumps coming from awesome bowler players!
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Have you see this goal before?? Amazing from magic Iniesta! (must watch!)
Have you see this goal in pes 10 before??? What a fantastic goal from iniesta, he got magic feets!
Views: 329 Mohakram
T5 - Jack vs Bryan (Dangerous match)
Jack vs Bryan, you should watch it cos it is a very gud match.
Views: 44 Mohakram
Black Op: 30-2, my dogs obey me
I played black op, free for all. I think this match is really good and show what good i am. As you can see my dogs obey me, they kills people for me :D. Enjoy!
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Black Op, One in the chamber. 7-1. Nice gameplay!!
Enjoy, thumb up and click 'Like'. Thanks
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10 best PES 08 goals! (Watch dis video)
10 different brilliant goals from my create team 'KiNgEr' in Master League. Comment or rate dis video.
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Black Ops: My spas 12 montage
I made a montage of spas 12 in Black Ops. I used spas 12 in summit map because that what im good at. Yes, you can get lot deaths by use spas in summit but you have do it by your skills. I chosen all best parts and put it all into one montage. Hope you like it! Wait until you see my best kills, you will like it for sure!
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Is Ibrahimovic too good in PES 10??
Let see wat Ibrahimovic can do, shoot range and how accurate.
Views: 112 Mohakram
What a goal from Ibrahimovic in PES 10!
What a beauty free kick from Ibrahimovic. See how his name is powerful. Let see this video and u will agree :D.
Views: 132 Mohakram
Black Ops, Nuketown. Crazy chopper gunner!
I played Black Ops, u will see how i play well in Nuketown. It's my first time to used chopper gunner in nuketown. Check it out! Thumb up or click Like. Thanks. Enjoy watch the video
Views: 95 Mohakram
Awesome MP5K from black op!
I used MP5K in black op and i really like this weapon. You will see why I like MP5K. Please comment or click 'like' if you do enjoy, thanks!
Views: 42 Mohakram

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