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Introduction to Confirmit
Whether you are a customer experience professional or a market researcher, you need a better way to collect, analyze, and react to customer, market, and employee feedback. Confirmit’s solutions can do all this! We help you listen to customers, markets, and employees. Then we help you analyze insights and facilitate action to drive business growth. Trusted by top organizations and leading Market Research companies alike, Confirmit provides value beyond all others because it is designed to empower you. We empower you to achieve your business goals by providing richer insights. So, you can make smarter decisions and execute faster reactions to the changing needs of employees, customers, and markets. More information: https://www.confirmit.com/
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Action-Oriented Voice of the Customer: The Path to Value
More information: https://www.confirmit.com/
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Confirmit Text and Social Analytics Explainer
Today, many customer’s opinions are hidden in vast amounts of free-form content such as survey comments, call center records, or social media posts. Perhaps you think it is just too difficult to wade through and find meaning in all that unstructured text. Well, now Confirmit has made it a whole lot easier! Confirmit Genius is state-of-the-art software that automates the analysis of free-form text in survey and social feedback to help you uncover valuable insights about your customers, employees, and the wider market. Our method is highly adaptable, adjusting to varying styles of writing and forgiving of poor grammar or spelling to provide you with consistent and highly accurate results. Confirmit Genius is tightly integrated with Confirmit Horizons, our multi-channel Voice of the Customer (VoC), Voice of the Employee, and Market Research platform. Together, Confirmit Horizons and Confirmit Genius merge unstructured and structured data to provide richer insight and context into your employees, customers, and the markets - eliminating the concern that there may be unwelcome surprises lurking in the shadows. With Confirmit Genius, your business can analyze all social feeds, customer comments and employee feedback to produce actionable insights that drive up customer satisfaction and revenues. More information: https://www.confirmit.com/
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Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Confirmit Horizons™
Every business’ VoC nirvana is generating a true and measurable return on investment (ROI) from their VoC program. And, every VoC software and service vendor claims to be the “vendor that provides ROI”. But, which vendor can prove it? Confirmit can prove it! We recently worked with Forrester Consulting to analyze the total economic impact that Confirmit has on its customers and the results were thrilling! Have we piqued your interest? Go ahead, explore the results of this recent study titled The Total Economic Impact™ Of Confirmit Horizons™ and see just how Confirmit positively impacts our customer’s profitability. More information: https://www.confirmit.com/Resources/Voice-of-the-Customer/The-Forrester-Total-Economic-Impact%E2%84%A2-of-Confirmit/
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Confirmit for Market Research Explainer
Confirmit is the Engine of Market Research, powering all aspects of the market research process from multi-mode survey creation and deployment to panel management, data collection, data processing, online reporting, analysis, and alerting. Our technology is easy-to-use, secure and flexible, scaling from the smallest to the largest and most complex research studies, and includes on-platform, integrated text and social analytics. Best of all, Confirmit supports your business growth into new and innovative modes of interaction, into new global regions and markets, and even into broader, more holistic analytics and reporting by integrating with your clients’ internal business systems. Confirmit Horizons boosts your efficiency, allowing you to complete more projects, quickly while improving the quality and accuracy of your results. Confirmit future-proofs your business and provides a truly measurable Return on Investment.
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Confirmit Market Research Overview
Confirmit provides all that Market Research agencies and in-house research teams need to provide an end-to-end service to customers and streamline internal processes for efficiency and cost-savings. Confirmit is the world's leading provider of survey and reporting software for Market Research, meaning you get the most complete and robust platform available. More information: https://www.confirmit.com/What-We-Do/Market-Research/
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Confirmit CRM Connector for Salesforce Explainer
Unless you have a crystal ball, most customer churn is a very unwelcome surprise. Your sales and account management teams rely on CRM data … data that may or may not accurately depict your customers’ readiness to churn. The solution is simple. Enhance your CRM data with voice of the customer data and centralize all the information your team needs to keep a pulse on your customers. Confirmit’s CRM Connector for Salesforce provides access to real-time relationship scores, ongoing satisfaction data, and even analysis of free-text survey comments. Real-time alerts allow your sales and account managers to “close the loop” on dissatisfied customers quickly. And, all this is accessible in-house or on the move via your mobile device. This puts the most valuable customer information in the place where it is most actionable for the people who have a vested interest in reducing customer churn.
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Confirmit ALSIceBucketChallenge - London
Our London office accepted our challenge & stepped up to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Thank you to all our participants. We donated to help fight ALS. Have you? #icebucketchallenge #alsicebucketchallenge #strikeoutals
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Customer Journey Mapping - Breaking Down the Silos
John Dalton and Claire Sporton shared techniques to develop a customer journey map, break down some of the walls that impede delivering on the CX promise and promote an understanding of how everyone plays a role in the journey.
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Confirmit Voice of the Customer Explainer
Every business wants to reduce customer churn, acquire new customers, and improve profitability. And, implementing a Voice of the Customer program can deliver all of that. But not all Voice of the Customer programs are created equal. You need a solution that helps you listen to the voices of all your customers, all your markets, and all your employees. Then aggregates and analyzes all that data to deliver unparalleled insights that really drive business improvements. With Confirmit, you can achieve all of this! Confirmit is proven to deliver rapid ROI by providing business insights to the right people – fast! We work with you to define and design an integrated VoC program based on proven best practices. Then Confirmit’s technology helps you listen, analyze, and act on all of the voices that impact your business. Our technology is able to manage even the most complex business environments through an easy-to-use and flexible software with integrated text and social analytics, and it even helps you “see the future” with built in predictive analytics. Confirmit Voices easily integrates with all of your business systems, like Salesforce, and existing business processes to provide you with unparalleled insights without reinventing the wheel.
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The Key to Customer Strategy Improvement: Customer Listening
Customer attrition is the bane of the insurance industry. Consumers defect for a variety of reasons—better prices offered by a competitor, better customer service, and better reputation. At Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Seth Hall aims to combat such factors and prevent them from occurring. In this interview, Seth Hall chats with Mila D’Antonio about the intricacies of Philadelphia Insurance Companies’ voice of the customer strategy and how Seth’s team uses it to make continuous customer experience improvements.
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Confirmit Mobile
Confirmit is a global software provider supporting Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement and Market Research programs. Our mobile offerings extend beyond traditional mobile phone surveys, taking advantage of the ever changing technology environment and allowing for multiple survey formats on a variety of mobile platforms. Our feedback solution expands our customer's reach and makes it possible to collect data and feedback from their customers and target markets from nearly any location at any time.
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Confirmit for B2B
B2B Organizations need a better way to collect, analyze, and react to customer, market, and employee feedback. Confirmit’s solutions can do all this! We help B2B organizations listen to customers, markets, and employees. Then we help you analyze insights and facilitate action to drive business growth. Trusted by top B2B companies and leading Market Research companies alike, Confirmit provides value beyond all others because it is designed to empower you. We empower you to achieve your business goals by providing richer insights. So, you can make smarter decisions and execute faster reactions to the changing needs of employees, customers, and markets. Confirmit for B2B: https://www.confirmit.com/Industries/B2B/
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Best Practices for Voice of the Customer Analysis
In this video, Confirmit's Sarah Simon will discuss techniques to get the best possible information out of your Voice of the Customer Program. These techniques include key Driver Analysis and a Relationship Health model.
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Confirmit Boomer Hackathon
The Confirmit Boomer Hackathon, filmed in the Confirmit headquarters in Oslo, Norway on 21/22 November 2010. For more details see the Confirmit Blog http://tinyurl.com/33sk83z
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Beyond Engaged: A New Approach to Employee Lifecycle Measurement and Management
On average, roughly 1 in 5 new employees in the US leave their employer within their first year. There is also empirical data that shows how engagement levels tend to dip dramatically when an employee reaches 2-3 years of tenure, just when you would hope for and expect performance to being ramping up. What causes these trends? How can you know what’s happening in your organization? And what tailored strategies can you use to combat these issues before it’s too late? In this webinar, Robert Tate, Managing Director, PwC, and Sean Conry, Director, Voice of the Employee, Confirmit, shared sStrategies for measuring critical milestones throughout the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to exit and key technology considerations that support modern Voice of the Employee programs
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Confirmit Community Conference 2011 at the ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
Confirmit had a huge turnout of representatives from Market Research agencies to leading enterprises. All were eager to learn more about what's happening in the industry, understand how Confirmit can help them harness the power of feedback and research -- and of course, to have a good chance to network with their peers from all over the world. The keynote speakers, customer presenters and Confirmit sessions all scored at least 8.25 out of 10 on the satisfaction index which explains the buzz that surrounded the entire event. Video by Arthur Woo, Richard Collins & Nick Roman
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Dual Screen CAPI demonstration
Dual Screen Confirmit CAPI demonstration by Pat Molloy for one of our Confirmit clients in Asia-Pac.
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Confirmit Voice of the Employee
Confirmit enables you to understand all points within the employee lifecycle so that you can take action at the most critical milestones within an employee’s time with your company. Our solutions are used to run the world’s largest employee engagement studies, and so it is uniquely suited to support large, complex and multi-national organizations.
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Confirmit Integrations and SmartHub Explainer
Confirmit SmartHub helps you get a richer view of customers, employees, and markets by bringing together traditionally disparate data to provide you with richer insights that help you to make smarter decisions, faster. External data, from CRM systems like SalesForce.com, from financial systems like SAP, or from other business systems can easily be brought in to SmartHub using our advanced connectors and APIs. Within SmartHub, external data sources are joined together with survey and social data from your voice-of-the-customer, voice-of-the-employee, and voice-of the-market programs. In this way multiple data sources can be reported on as though they were a single data set. Best of all, SmartHub intelligently maps and models your data and then applies advanced analytics to give you insights into the key drivers for improved performance in your business. And it automatically monitors the health of all data sources in near real-time to ensure you are always accurately measuring the pulse of your business.
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Total Economic Impact : A Study of the Financial Impact of Confirmit Horizons
This on-demand webinar provides you with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of the Horizons platform and Confirmit services on your organization.
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5 Critical Factors in Creating a Successful Customer Experience
5 Critical Factors in Creating a Successful Customer Experience Description: Michel Falcon, Customer and Employee Experience Coach discusses five factors that all companies should take into account when crafting a world-class customer experience
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Overcoming Hurdles to Customer Excellence
The speakers focus on the biggest challenges you face when implementing and running your customer experience programs. Additionally, they share best practices in overcoming the most common VoC program hurdles you’re likely to encounter.
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Opportunities and Challenges of In-The-Moment Feedback Using Location and Beacon Triggering
The use of beacon and location triggering feedback is one of the latest trends and presents a great opportunity for market research organizations. Mobile panel apps using beacon and GPS technology are able to detect the location of a respondent within a few meters and this is a key enabler for the delivery of highly relevant contextual surveys. This on-demand webinar will help you understand beacon and location triggering technologies and how they can be applied by market research organizations to deliver innovative services.
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How to Drive Customer-Centric Actions in Retail
Together, Kathleen Leischen, Leischen Marketing Research and Miguel Ramos, Mobile Practice Lead at Confirmit, will help you understand how effective management of feedback actions can help your organization become more customer-centric and develop a motivated and engaged workforce, providing real-life examples of how this has worked at other leading retail organizations. You will learn how to: • Analyze and prioritize the collected feedback across your retail touchpoints • Empower your store or call center managers to quickly identify at-risk customers • Engage your store manager or call center managers though advanced tools that consolidate activities and alerts them of actions that need to be taken • Involve employees in finding root causes and predict which customers are likely to complain • Identify processes that cause repeated problems and take action to resolve them
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VoC Vision & Design - Setting Yourself up for Success in 2016
As you’re no doubt engaged in planning for 2016, this is a great opportunity to evaluate whether you have the right elements in place to carry out a successful and actionable customer experience program. In this webinar Ian Williams, Customer Experience Management, VoC Specialist at Confirmit and Stefan Kolle, Co-Founder at Futurelab outlined how you can best prepare for a successful VoC program in 2016!
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How to Gain the Edge in Your Research in 2016
The adoption of technology in our personal and professional lives is overtaking traditional ways of communicating and working. With the rise of multiple channels and digital connectivity, it is vital for Market Research to be prepared for a much more mobile audience.
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How to Optimize your VoC Program for Maximum Success
In this webinar, Claire Sporton and Stefan Kolle gave guidance when it comes to running a mature, action-orientated VoC program. Stefan Kolle, Senior Partner at Futurelab and Claire Sporton, VP, Customer Experience Management at Confirmit, explained how to ensure your VoC program is mature and fully embedded within your organization, driving real business change and financial results.
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Harnessing the Power of your VoC Program
Managing a Voice of the Customer Program can be a daunting task. In this video, Stacey Nevel, Director, Customer Experience at Confirmit will share best practice on how you can take charge of your program and generate excitement, drive positive action through timely and insightful knowledge sharing and engage your customers and fellow employees in the journey to customer-centricity.
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Confirmit ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
On behalf of Confirmit, we stepped up to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and donated to help fight the cause. Thank you to our NYC Office participants! #icebucketchallenge #alsicebucketchallenge #strikeoutals
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Harnessing VoC for Customer Driven Transformation
Customer-driven transformation is a key differentiator in the marketplace today. There are many tools and tactics that you can use to harness your Voice of the Customer data for this purpose. In this webinar, our presenters provide insight into both essential practices for designing and developing an effective VoC program, and the technology that can be used to support it.
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Mobile Research Webinar
In this webinar Dave King, Executive Vice President, Mobile Solutions, Confirmit discusses the challenges and pitfalls of implementing a research methodology that relies on mobile solutions and deep insights and findings that can be delivered through a mobile implementation. Stuart Ryder, Senior Vice President, Mobile Research Lead, Ipsos discusses one client's "journey" from dabbling in simple mobile surveys to using mobile research to deepen their consumer insights and their understanding of how consumers perceive, engage with and share their feelings about the company's brand.
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Mobile insights – power of context and reporting
Miguel delivers a comprehensive review of multiple studies which specifically compare quantitative characteristics of app-based research projects.
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In-the-Moment Research: The Past, Present and Future
Roddy Knowles, Director of Mobile Research, Research Now and Sarah Simon, Senior Solutions Consultant, Confirmit, explore the future of in-the-moment research and how technologies like geofencing and beacons have the power to enhance the in-store shopping experience and to drive more meaningful feedback.
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How to Drive Customer Centric Actions in Finance
: In this webinar, our speakers outline key areas you should evaluate and methodically design to revitalize your Voice of the Customer program. They will provide actionable strategies and case studies to help you understand how to implement a highly strategic and action-oriented VoC program that encompasses all aspects of the customer experience from employee engagement to action management.
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Improving the Value of Customer Feedback through Mobile Insights
: Miguel Ramos outlined how mobile insights gathered at the point of experience can add value to multiple departments within any organization. He used a real-life example to illustrate the value of context and in particular the value of richer insights such as GPS, images and videos. He shows how you can speed up and streamline analysis of insights to drive smarter real-time business decisions.
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Confirmit Flex - Surveys via IM
Confirmit Flex makes it much simpler to experiment with new survey applications. One of our developers spent just a few hours coming up with a prototype of surveying on Windows Messenger, and through the survey front-end extension point.
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Emeryville's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Our Emeryville office stepped up to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Thank you to all our participants. We donated to help fight ALS. Have you?
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Mobile Banking Feedback:The Keys to Achieving a Better Customer Experience
In this on-demand webinar, our speakers uncover a deeper understanding of customer behavior though listening to your customers using mobile apps or mobile web
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Confirmit Community 2008
Confirmit's Community Conference, held in London 2010.
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Confirmit Oslo Sales Conference 2010
Confirmit's Sales Conference, held in Oslo in January 2010
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Confirmit Xmas Event 2011
Confirmit Christmas Event 2011 The Museum of the Order of St John, Clerkenwell, London 2nd December 2011
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Voice of the Customer– The next frontier for market research?
In this webinar, our speakers provide an overview of the emerging VoC market and challenges facing market research institutes need to ask yourself the in future solid VoC programs want to build for their clients.
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Confirmit Community Conference 2011
Confirmit Community Conference 2011 To Register visit: http://www.confirmit-community.com/ May 9-11, 2011 Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV Confirmit Community Conference will look 'Beyond the Horizon' to seek out the trends, strategies, and technologies set to shape the Enterprise Feedback and Market Research communities.
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