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Microsoft Office 365 what is the cloud?
http://www.messageops.com Microsoft Office 365 tutorial part 2 explaining the benefits of the cloud and how Microsoft Office 365 uses the cloud to enhance your workspace,
Delve Tutorial: First Few Hours of Delve in 7 Minutes
http://www.messageops.com This Delve tutorial will help you familiarize yourself with Microsoft’s newest addition to Office 365
What is Office 365?
http://www.messageops.com What is Office 365? Here is an introduction to Microsoft Office 365. Please watch in full screen HD.
Office 365 Groups - Using Calendars in Groups
http://www.messageops.com Learn how to set a meeting for your entire Office 365 Group and allow others to add the event to their own calendar to receive reminders.
Setting Up Outlook 2013 for the First Time
http://www.messageops.com Learn how to set up your Outlook 2013 for the first time.
Using Section Groups in OneNote 2013
http://www.messageops.com Learn how to use section groups in OneNote 2013. This is a very useful tool since you can create as many sections as you need to separate and/or combine your sections. http://www.messageops.com/resources/onenote-2013/ www.messageops.com
Microsoft Flow
www.messageops.com Create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more.
A Mobile Device Management (MDM) Comparison: Office 365, Intune, and Enterprise Mobility Suite
While the Mobile Device Management (MDM) features of Office 365 may be suitable for your business, many organizations require more than just the basics of the Office 365 MDM offering. Due to regulatory compliance and stiffened security requirements, many could require the more robust features of Microsoft’s Intune offering and perhaps the Enterprise Mobility Suite. We will explore and provide a comparison of the MDM features of Office 365 versus Intune and Exchange ActiveSync
Sharing a Notebook in OneNote 2013
http://www.messageops.com Learn how to share a notebook in OneNote 2013.
How to Add a Disclaimer to Messages in Office 365
http://www.messageops.com This video shows how to add a disclaimer to messages in Office 365
VINE: SharePoint/Office 365 Asset & Contract Management Platform
https://www.messageops.com/vine/ Leverage your Office 365 investment to keep track of equipment warranties, extended hardware maintenance contracts, lease agreements, scheduled preventative maintenance or any other type of contract with VINE from MessageOps.
Sending Email as Another User in Outlook 2013
This video will explain how to send an email as another user in Outlook 2013.
Office365adoption.com Tour
Visit http://www.Office365Adoption.com Today! Take the Office 365 Adoption tour today, to learn step by step how to successfully install Office 365 for your team. A successful Office 365 rollout focuses on driving adoption, and helping everyone in your organization understand the benefits of working in a new way. Office 365 Adoption, powered by MessageOps, delivers a customized website with your company’s branding to help everyone embrace the new Office 365 lifestyle. Your team will be equipped with all of the tools and assets needed to help you successfully drive Office 365 adoption, thereby reducing help desk calls. Let MessageOps serve as your guiding light throughout your launch and rollout planning, and also help secure buy-in across your organization. Visit www.Office365Adoption.com
Microsoft Office 365 review of features
http://www.messageops.com Microsoft Office 365 tutorial part 8 reviewing features of Office 365.
Microsoft Office 365 creating meetings
http://www.messageops.com Microsoft Office 365 tutorial part 6 explaining how to create meetings with Microsoft Lync.
Recovering Deleted Items in Outlook on the Web (OOTW) or OWA
Learn how to recover deleted items in Outlook on the Web (OOTW) or OWA .
Microsoft Office 365 personalizing your workspace
http://www.messageops.com Microsoft Office 365 tutorial part 4 explaining how to personalize your workspace.
Exporting Rules in Outlook 2013
http://www.messageops.com This video will explain the exporting rules in Outlook 2013.
How to Use the Office 365 the Waffle Menu
www.messageops.com | www.office365training.com In this video learn how to use the waffle menu in Office 365.
OneDrive for Business Services from MessageOps
www.messageops.com/onedrive MessageOps has developed a powerful set of OneDrive Services and Solutions that can assist you and your company with getting the most out of your Office 365 investment. This includes training, migrations, and management and consulting.
Let's Explore Clutter for Office 365
http://www.messageops.com In this video we will explore Clutter for Office 365.
Outlook OneDrive by MessageOps Promo
http://www.messageops.com Outlook OneDrive by MessageOps is the easiest way to use OneDrive from Outlook. Brought to you by MessageOps! Learn more about this and our other amazing software titles at http://www.messageops.com/
Office 365 Groups - Creating a Group, Step by Step
www.office365adoption.com | www.messageops.com Learn how to create a group in Office 365 Groups, step by step.
Using Templates in OneNote 2013
http://www.messageops.com http://www.messageops.com/services/migration-services/ Learn how to use templates in OneNote 2013. Learn how to add your personal touch to your OneNote and even use previously established templates at your disposal. www.office365training.com http://www.messageops.com/resources/onenote-2013/ www.messageops.com
New Features of Outlook on the Web (OOTW)
www.messageops.com Take a look at this quick video reviewing the new features of Outlook on the Web, formally known as, Outlook Web App.
CROWN: SharePoint/SharePoint Learning Management System and Gamification
https://www.messageops.com/sharepoint-gamification-learning-management-system/ A SharePoint Learning Management System (LMS) with Gamification. Intelligently built. Intuitively designed. Immediately useful. The CROWN Sharepoint Gamification and LMS system is ready-built, packed with features, easily configurable, and will engage employees quickly. CROWN leverages your Office 365/ SharePoint online investment, so there is no need to acquire a net new platform. Also, CROWN is tied into your Active Directory, so there is no need to remember passwords for different learning systems.
Azure ILM Storage Services
http://www.messageops.com Champion Solutions Group developed Azure ILM Data Services to bring you a turnkey, simple, yet comprehensive storage offering. Champion's Azure ILM Data Services help you assess, deploy, and manage your ever-growing unstructured data needs—saving you both time and money.
How to Quickly Create Rules in Outlook on the Web OotW (OWA)
www.messageops.com | www.office365training.com Learn how to quickly create rules in Outlook on the Web OotW (OWA)
How to Ignore an email Conversation in Outlook on the Web OOTW (OWA)
www.messageops.com | www.office365training.com Learn how to ignore an email conversation in Outlook on the Web OOTW (OWA).
Office 365 Groups - Adding a Logo to Your Group
www.office365adoption.com | www.messageops.com Take a brief tour on how to add a logo to your group.
BRANCH SharePoint Onboarding & Department Workflow Platform by MessageOps
https://www.messageops.com/sharepoint-onboarding-offboarding The BRANCH SharePoint workflow platform is ready-built, packed with features, easily configurable, and will simplify the process of project and employee onboarding / offboarding. BRANCH leverages your Office 365 / SharePoint online investment, so there is no need to acquire a net new platform.
Veeam Cloud Connect Demonstration: Canopy
www.messageops.com An overview of what Canopy is and what it can provide to you.
CSP Boss
www.messageops.com A walk through of the new dashboard for CSP Boss powered by MessageOps. CSP Boss for Office 365 is a simple, yet powerful platform that will enable Microsoft Partners, MSP’s, and VAR’s to leverage their existing investments in Autotask to become a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider)
MessageOps – Top Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for Office 365 and Azure
https://www.messageops.com/office-365-pricing/ By making MessageOps your Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider), you will received unmatched tools and services for free with your Office 365 or Azure subscription. You’ll have access to a responsive, knowledgeable support team and world-class tools to make your experience the best it can be.
Office 365 Business Gamification
www.messageops.com | www.office365adoption.com When clients use Gamification it leads to an increase in Office 365 adoption and consumption. Teammates earn badges for each Office 365 mission they complete and when all of the missions are completed they earn a prize. Not only is the gamification of Office 365 fun, but it drives real world usage.
Using Categories in OWA's Calendar
http://www.messageops.com Learn how to use categories in OWA's calendar.
Configuremos las notificaciones en OWA
http://www.messageops.com Learn about the different notification options in OWA.
Setting the Default Notebook in OneNote 2013
http://www.messageops.com Learn how to set the default notebook in OneNote 2013. www.messageops.com http://www.messageops.com/resources/onenote-2013/
Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint tutorial
http://www.messageops.com Microsoft Office 365 tutorial part 7 explaining how to Sharepoint can serve as a central repository.
Office 365 Adoption Platform Tour
www.office365adoption.com / www.messageops.com Try a free trial of our Office 365 Adoption platform.
Password Protecting a Section in OneNote 2013
http://www.messageops.com Learn how to password protect a section in OneNote 2013.
Office 365 and the Enterprise E5 Offering
www.messageops.com Microsoft recently released their top tier Office 365 plan E5. The E5 suite includes the most comprehensive set of collaboration, productivity, voice and meetings, analytics, security and compliance capabilities in Office 365 to date. Find out how it is price, what the new capabilities are and how it compares to your current plan. Should you upgrade? We break it down for you.
Microsoft Office 365 getting on board
http://www.messageops.com Microsoft Office 365 tutorial part 3 explaining how to get started using Microsoft Office 365.
Crear una firma en OWA
http://www.messageops.com Learn how to create a signature in OWA.
Adding a Signature to Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010
http://www.messageops.com This video will explain how to add a signature to Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010.
CSP Boss by MessageOps Demo
www.cspboss.com www.messageOps.com Watch this video as we walk through the CSP Boss platform created by MessageOps. This simple, yet powerful platform lets Office 365 users manage their own Office 365 licensing orchestration by making changes, adds, and removals.

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