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Cutting a dog halo/dog collar to size
See how easy it is to cut a dog halo to size in 5 simple steps. We measure our dogs neck, transfer the measurement to the halo, leaving a little spare just in case we need to trim some back later, cut the halo to length then replace the end stop and finally fit the collar to our dog - quick and easy. This type of bright flashing dog halo can be found at http://www.flashing-dog-collars.com http://youtu.be/3W8De4C9Nqs
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Tandem Bike Ride | 4th Feb 2016 | Valencia
Olga and me on a tandem bike ride along the dry river bed (Rio Turia) in Valencia. We hired a tandem for 3 hours and cycled the full length of the river which is around 6km.
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Jaguar XJS Video
Jaguar XJS | L 1994 | 135,000 miles | £4,750 | Full details here - http://bit.ly/1vgeubC A short video showcasing a wonderful car. See all around the outside and the inside with video and still pictures. The car has been started and is ticking over so you can hear what she sounds like.
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Mascleta | Doctor Lluch | 16th Marzo 2015
Doctor Lluch | Mascleta | 16th Marzo 2015. A video of the Mascleta that took place at Doctor Lluch, Valencia on 16th Marzo 2015. We were on the 4th floor overlooking the ground where the Mascleta took place...a very privileged position.
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Wolves fans on the Thames
Wolves fans chanting on the Thames while on their way to the away game at Fulham on 20th August 2014. Wolves won the game 1-0 with a brilliant display and Sako scoring the winning goal.
Views: 1008 Steve Ford
Flashing Dog Collars | Walking Marne With Her Flashing Dog Collar
A short video from us here at www.flashing-dog-collars.com as we walk our 9 month old puppy jack russell Marne wearing her flashing dog collar. We went through a small park and later on to the beach here in Valencia, Spain. We struggled to see the other dogs playing in the park and running on the beach...see if you can spot any of them? We wouldn't walk Marne at night without putting her flashing dog collar on now as its comforting for us that we can spot her so easily when she runs off to play with other dogs. Take a look at www.flashing-dog-collars.com to see if you can find something to suit you and your dog. http://www.flashing-dog-collars.com
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Marne With Her New Blue Flashing Dog Collar
A short video showing our dog Marne with her new blue flashing dog collar. We walked her at Rio Turia in Valencia during early January 2016 and we met another dog and they played well for about 5 minutes. This video shows how bright the collar is and i've posted a link below direct to the product.
Views: 35 Steve Ford
Mascleta | 040316 | Full Display
The mascleta full display as we saw it live on 4th March 2016. We had a front row position located outside the Valencia CF store....this mascleta was LOUD!
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Making Friends In The River   21st January 2016
Olga, Marne and me went down to the river Turia to get some fresh air and enjoy the morning sunshine. We met a woman and her two dogs (that we had met before) and before too long there was a small crowd of dog owners and their dogs all running and playing with each other. I went off and shot some time lapse video while they all carried on chatting and playing...
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Marne Playing In The Dog Pen 060216
A very short video of Marne chasing her ball in a dog enclosure shot with my GoPro Hero +
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Marne | Chase the ball! 040216
Marne chasing her ball in a dog enclosure at the River Turia, Valencia. This is my first completed GoPro video...after many software crashes. Now i've got the hang of how to use the software i'll look forward to creating many more...
Views: 9 Steve Ford
Lunchtime In Valencia  - 15th Jan 2016
A short film using a time-lapse video technique that I've just learnt about. This video is of Olga and me sitting outside having our lunch in Valencia on Friday 15th January 2016. It was a rainy morning but the clouds cleared leaving a beautiful warm afternoon so we found this little restaurant with tables set up on the plaza on the opposite side of the street.
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Monday Morning   Playing With Marne 18th Jan 2016
A short video shot while i was out walking Marne on Monday 18th January. We had walked as far as the Science park, along the river Turia gardens, and found a patch of grass to throw the ball for a while. The video is x 8 and not x 4 as I've put in the video (i was playing around with the settings and forgot to change the number afterwards...oooops)
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Screen Recording (19-07-2018 11-31-53)
First attempt at using ispring screen recording software looking through trades regarding breaks of trendlines and entering into the trade thereafter....
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Doctor Lluch Apartment | Valencia | November 2014
This is the absolutely ideal apartment we rent as a couple travelling with a small dog. We've now rented this apartment twice and can't fault the location and facilities of the property and the friendliness of our landlady. We rented the apartment for all of November 2014 and are currently here again through February and March 2015 mainly to get away from the English winter and witness Las Fallas. We fully intend to come back again and will certainly stay here if its available.
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Marne On The Beach, Valencia, February 2016
GoPro Hero + Camera filming Marne on Valencia beach. Used GoPro Studio to edit this video but the software kept crashing - it took 2 evenings to complete this 2 minute video...Won't be using the software again.
Views: 78 Steve Ford
Valencia Beach | Sunrise Timelapse | 9th March 2016
A photo taken every 30 seconds compressed down to just 8 seconds of footage showing the sunrise over Valencia beach this morning. Shot using GoPro Hero+ and a simple edit using Windows Movie Maker.
Views: 129 Steve Ford

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